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Lineart: Putrid Blood-stenched Ogre

Hi everybody !
So from now on I will do something that is not pokemon-related after every pokemon line. 

Here is a Bloodborne related picture. 
This is the lineart so I will only get more invested in describtion later. 

This is my first landscape and it is by far the hardest thing for me right now. 

Here you can see a hunter (equipped with Butcher knife and attire), and its ally a member of the Moonlit Brigade that he summoned to fight a giant pig beast. 
This beast is the boss of the market place of Yarnham. 
If you want info on the Butcher knife weapon, go there:…
If you want info on the Trick Claymore weapon, go there:…
Members of the Moonlit Brigade prefer not to corrupt their blood. As such they don't use gun but a bucklet shield instead. 
The butcher hunter is using a sharpener in his left hand. This uses one silver bullet to give the weapon better damage for a short time by covering it with quicksilver.

Where is this area you ask ? Well, it is an area I created. 
Remember the bridge where you fought the Cleric Beast ? Yes ? Remember the closed door that you cannot open at all in the game ? 
Well on the other side of the bridge there is a similar door. This leads you to the market place. 
A NPC (that I will speak of later) will give you a key that open both doors. 

In the market place, you see a giant silouette moving far away. You make a detour, open an fence that was closed befor. This shortcut opened, you find a blood trail. 
Seems like something huge has been dragged by something even bigger. 
You follow the trail and arrive at the butcher shop/mansion.
Its inside is covered in pure white tiles on the shop side of it. Bodies are hung all over the place.
Its interior is luxuous on the mansion side. 
In between is the inner yard, where the former chief butcher is decapitating its preys of the day. It is getting ready to eat. 
You need to go from the shop to the mansion to get the key that open the inner yard. 
Then you can fight this boss. 

Bloodborne belongs to From Software
But everything in this picture belongs to me. 
Ask before using. 
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Superbz1212's avatar
...those heels tho.

Another nice concept, and the Butcher-Hunter is somewhat official, in the form of the Madaras Twins.

Boy, would I love to fight this Pig-Butcher-Beast thing, it will be like a more up and personal style Smough.
Lucky-Trident's avatar
Yeah ! Pigs are awesome to butcher in Bloodborne. 

Well, history wise, high heels were created for butchers so as not to stain their pants with their bloody floor.
So make sense.
Superbz1212's avatar
Oh, alright! It indeed makes sense. Thanks for notifying me about that fact.
Lucky-Trident's avatar
Well, that's what my researches told me. 
I found the fact interesting enough to put it into a armor set. 
MrKrookodile's avatar
Oh my god! You are so talented!!!
Lucky-Trident's avatar
You make me blush every time you comment one of my piece. 

Taiga Aisaka (Melt) [V1] 
("blushing Taiga is the cutest" team)

Wait for the the coloring. Not really sure how I will do that though... Never done a full-color pic. 
MrKrookodile's avatar
You´re welcome!

haha well I will keep them up ;)
Oh, cool! it will be cool to see that! I´m sure it will look great, you are awesome!
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