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hello this my frequently asked questions :)


Q. do you like retro laptop and pc?

A. yep i really love vintage start 90s to 2000s


Q. do you school?

A. no yet,nothing matches because matches is job repair computer


Q. whats hobby?

A. game,drawing and computer


Q. do yo like drawing vector?

A. yes i every time drawing vector :D


Q. you like mlp or brony?

A. yep i like both


Q. so whats you favorite mlp and mlp character?

A. favorite is design and color is great than other cartoons and favorite mlp character is rarity and rara :)


Q. what happen if look leakage design model mlp gen 5?

A. hmm... maybe later see it because we don't know i wait official answer :/


Q. whats mean hater say mlp is rabid?

A. no this not mean maybe you not yet watch,so you get bait,i don't like hater do manipulation i hope hater get bring bad luck


Q. what happen if get comment from hater?

A. i never replay anymore just i hidden comment and block because rude red code and i know someone fake


Q. what happen if you don't have friend or lost friend?

A. hmm... this is hard to say i don't know


Q. whats you favorite game?

A. ets2,gmod,tf2,hl,csgo and old game 90s :D


Q. you have favorite other cartoons?

A. hmm... i don't know still secret

more faq coming soon :)

if there is a shortage you may added,so whats you think comment below
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I love old computers.  I like early 90s to early 2000s desktop computers and towers.  I have been too busy playing new games to enjoy my old computers lately though.
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yeah me too i will try modification old pc soon but i try find agp and sound card not eazy and rare