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Rarity (blink eye) plz


found mlp season 5 Episode 3 Castle Sweet Castle

with Emoticons

have fun 
:) (Smile) and Thanks for the Favourite Star 

rarity MLP:FIM©hasbro and lauren faust
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Rarity (blink eye) plz :Sweetie Belle?
Sweetie Belle nervous smile :Ye-Yes Rarity?
Rarity encantada :Do YOU think he like's me?
 :iconsweetiebelleconspiringplz: :-giggles-What? No way he likes you...You are too fancy for him to like you...
Angry Rarity icon :WHAT DID YOU JUST SAID?!
:iconsweetiebelleconspiringplz: :Oh Nothing I said he likes you very much that he fell into a hole.
Angry Rarity icon :STOP IT SWEETIE BELLE! 
:iconsweetiebelleconspiringplz: :Why? Didn't he fell into a hole?
Angry Rarity icon :YOU LITTLE! Rage 
:iconsweetiebelleconspiringplz: :Nah ah Rarity...Didn't mother told you to never fight your little sis?
Twilight Sparkle (wow) plz :Umm Rarity?
Rarity (Getting Crazy) mlp season 6 :WHAT DOOO YOUUUU WANTTTT TWILIGHT?!
Princess Twilight Sparkle Scared Emoticon. :Uh I need you to stitch my broken gala dress...
Rarity (laugh) plz :-giggles- Oh no worries i'll fix it in no time Twilight now GO!

                                   -T (Alphabets) H (Alphabets) E (Alphabets)          E (Alphabets) N Alphabets (Words) D (Alphabets) - of Rarity and Sweetie Belle conversation ( oh and Twlight Sparkle as well- 
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Rarity (blink eye) plz : Why hello there, darling!
Uh pls : ...Uh, Mike...I need an adult...
Run for your life : Okay, but first, let me get the camera... Chica likes what she sees 
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Could I use her as an avatar?
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She got that smooth sultry gaze that makes the dragon boys float. B-)
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Gotta admit, that's pretty smooth.
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She's way too cute ^^
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