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I should be more pro-active. I apologise to all those still watching me! Thats quite a period of inactivity...

I started a new job a while back as a writer, which is something new for me as I was exclusively in the ol' jpeg business, not the pushing of word limits. Of course I'm no stranger to poetic prose, all those that know me a little more intimately know I'm one heck of a wordy bastard.

But I think its high time I started drawing the things that you like to look at and comment upon again. I think I liked drawing? And the making of moving imagery? Thats what I did right?

As I stare up that saddle, I find myself wondering where I shall ride to this time around. You may all be critical in deciding my destination, as I have many in mind but not the clarity of which to follow... maybe I'll put it to some sort of vote on which project I should pursue. I will create a visual accompliment..
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It's just interesting to note how much things have changed. It'd be nice to see you back and doing the things I watched you for, but if you don't have the drive or the willingness, then you don't have to.