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By luckettx
Every now and then someone slips me a "oh god when is the 3rd episode of Waffle X" message on youtube or somewhere, and while it gives me a fuzzy glow inside, as do all the DA +fav's, I'm not sure if I've ever explicitly laid out my current stance on the thing and its current status. So I probably should and this is going to be a long journal entry folks, FOR GODS SAKE STRAP YOURSELVES IN!

Waffle X as a project started while I was still in school and it must have been around the year 2000 or so. It initially began as an awful auto-biographical webcomic with heavy fictional elements such as the potato waffle's celestial existence and inclusion. The comic changed forms, became more of a sci-fi epic adventure, I flirted with Multimedia Fusion videogame concepts constantly, engines and demos (made with lots of various people over time and it never progressed into full long-term project status) and my art improved a hell of a lot. I seem to remember I got really high in the Keenspace "Top Comics" votey thing, enough to be accused of cheating infact (these you have them in Sour Flavour, sir?), but ultimately the webcomic ended/died in 2003.

It ended for 2 reasons. One was that I put a great deal of effort and hopes into a printed 2003 Keenspace Free Comic Book Day comicbook featuring a 1 and a half page 'saga so far' ad for the Waffle X webcomic, with the intention of driving loads more traffic and interest to the site. As always, my luck had other intentions with this my first printed comic work, and I seem to remember either like half of the printed copies got water-damaged/destroyed and the rest didnt arrive on time and got to comicshops 2 months late. I dont think I ever heard from anyone that actually found the thing in the wild. Normally a setback like this wouldnt have caused me to drop everything and give up, but as fate would have it 2003 was actually the worst year of my life.

My grandad died in the spring and back then my mother and I cared for my father who had dementia. He went into a Respite Care Home for about a week or two while we sorted everything out for the funeral. He was neglected there to the point of dehydration, and the day after my Grandad's funeral we got a phonecall saying he'd been rushed to A&E. He remained in hospital, with us visiting him pretty much every day until he passed away in the summer. Of course during this period, updating a webcomic was impossible, and so it all came to a natural end. At the time I resolved to bring it all back revived and in a new form when I wasn't so fucked up, and I kept good on that promise.

Near the end of that year, I left home for my University course in Hull. Throughout my 3 years there (probably the most fun period of my life), I used Waffle X in my various projects from short game demos to the final year major project; an interactive fully animated frame-by-frame cartoon. Animating was new and fun back then, but good lord is it intensive mind-numbing stuff on your own. But Episode One got really good feedback and seemed to be something that was going somewhere. After leaving Uni, I wanted to make another episode to complete a full 'pilot' episode's length of content. It took me long enough, but I did just that. Episode Two however, despite me feeling it was the best thing I'd ever produced quality wise, failed to make even half the impact and critical acclaim the first did. Even worse, the fully compiled 10 minute 'Pilot Episode' put onto video upload sites attracted even less attention. After countless sleepless nights staring at a billion individual Flash timeline entries, its hard to find that drive to continue when the response is "oh, cool?".

I appreciate all the positive comments from back then, but I am someone who requires that external motivation of a loud, reasonably-sized audience demanding "MOAR" to blast through personal projects. So its been on hiatus really since back then. I'd flirt with ideas of continuing it as a webcomic again, trying a new easier animation style with it, but when I took stock that it was a project I'd given a lot of time and energy to for the better part of 7 years, sometimes you just have to chalk a concept up as a loss and move onto something new. Maybe there is this large amount of unheard voices out there that would give anything for Waffle X to be an ongoing project again, I don't know. Obviously every now and then as I said I get these messages asking about it and so this is my honest answer to all those. If there was this universal swell of demand for it to come back in some form easier for me to create, I'd probably feel obligated to return to it, but unlikely events aside, I hope you all look forward to my future projects instead! The current forerunner is a comic about people farting on each other, so how can you not be excited about that and in awe of my thematically mature output 9 years later?!?!?
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i think i can help with the Waffle X Storyline
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Thank you for the offer, but I won't be requiring assistance in storytelling.
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all right

i have to admit Waffle X gave me inspiration of making an action series when i was a kid

i have to thanking for making waffle X (even those it's been 2 episodes)

as for the webcomic

can i see it?
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I remember always being pretty envious of your dedication to Waffle X back in the day. I never really had the attention span to commit myself so wholly to something like that, but I did enjoy seeing someone else being able to do so. I also quite vividly remember the various Waffle X games that were worked on, mainly the MMF ones over at SFGHQ. Your entire creation remains weirdly nostalgic.

Anyway, I think it makes perfect sense for you to move on to something new. Whilst I loved the animated stuff, it seemed that constantly reinventing Waffle X in new formats was becoming a bit problematic rather than creatively satisfying. On that note, I look forward to seeing what you come up with next, mate.
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My post didn't show up before? In any case I feel you man, real life stuff can mess you up like that, hell it has with me for sure just don't totally give up on everything because I can see you've worked too hard for that
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I am now to assume you really knew people named Minonia and Cassette.

Luckett I miss your things you should do more things.
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well it started out with just school people then I got bored of that and wanted to write about robots and anime batgirl tits so in come the made up characters...

I have just realised that Cassette was the exact same character as Knives Chau from Scott Pilgrim. This is all infinitely quite depressing. I should have made Waffle X some shit love story, clearly...

I will make more things. Did you know that drawing the first page of a new comic 4 times over is perfectly natural and not a deep window into my tortured insecure soul?
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Well, I don't know how much it means to say it now, after you've pretty much decided on what you're going to do with the series, I just thought I'd let you know, no matter how little attention it received or how bad off you thought Waffle X to be, I can honestly say that it was a huge inspiration for me back in the day, when I was simply starting out as a fledgling artist. In fact, it quite possibly could be the number one contributing inspiration for myself, or at the very least in my top 5. I often find myself wanting to watch the shows over every now and then, even though I must have seen them 10 times over. It's just one of those things I can never get bored of, I couldn't help but find the quirky personalities of the characters charming, and the comedy of it all very well done. It's something that rivals even Scott Pilgrim in my opinion. Though, it's truly a shame to see it end, and I'll always remember it in fond memory, kinda wish I could get one of those comic books though...

Yes, I'm that much of a nerd. :B

But anyway, hears to Bumstorm being something great! :w00t!:
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It means a lot dude. I feel bad that there were people that genuinely did really like Waffle X a whole lot, but theyre such a minority. Nothing has indicated this more clearly than 1 comment being left here total. So you can put "R@RE" up on yourself at an ebay auction.

Its funny that you mentioned Scott Pilgrim, as during this current SP Over-exposure madness, genetically it shares a hell of a lot with Waffle X. Thats probably another reason why continuing it would be even more of an uphill struggle since SP has "been there, done that, got the hollywood movie and videogame".
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I always had the assumption that Waffle X stood on it's own as a more story-driven, action piece with laughs to break it up, ( At least relating to the animation I'm not sure about the comic never got the chance to read it ) rather than Scott Pilgrim which seemed more to rely on comedy and on the fan base being absolute nerds, not that Waffle X didn't have that charm, with over-the-top action sequences thrown in for good measure. Waffle X seemed have the potential to have a deeper story than SP.
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I do have to agree, and you already know this, but it's nice to have it somewhere in writing.

Like Cornelious-Raidon above, I was stupidly influenced by Waffle-X given the fact I knew you at the time you were working on it and the many many games you made, wherever it was posted it always shone brighter than the rest of the things it was around. I mean back when the old SAGE thing was only Sonic games you managed to get your not very Sonic game on there in it's own section, because it just looked that good.

While I never talked to you all that much at the start, I always saw you as like a rival, the chap who's one step ahead and always doing better than me, and that drove me to try and beat you, still haven't managed it, as all my projects have that same "no one cares why am I even doing this" lack of motivation hanging over it.

So yeah, same boat, lack of paddles, shit creek, etc.

But god damn it we'll get it right eventually.

Oh and you still have to give me a copy of the old comic, which last I checked wasn't online anymore? I have lost most of them, but I still have a bunch and a few of your old sketches poking around my computer~
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Agreed, I wanna get that comic. XD
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we certainly will get it right. But yeah, it takes a long time to sort of come to terms with the "this didnt catch on so...have to bin it" frame of thinking, especially when you put a good portion of a decade into your "best shot" and especially when things of entirely similar concept and execution win the internet "people noticed this" lottery.
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