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I should be more pro-active. I apologise to all those still watching me! Thats quite a period of inactivity...

I started a new job a while back as a writer, which is something new for me as I was exclusively in the ol' jpeg business, not the pushing of word limits. Of course I'm no stranger to poetic prose, all those that know me a little more intimately know I'm one heck of a wordy bastard.

But I think its high time I started drawing the things that you like to look at and comment upon again. I think I liked drawing? And the making of moving imagery? Thats what I did right?

As I stare up that saddle, I find myself wondering where I shall ride to this time around. You may all be critical in deciding my destination, as I have many in mind but not the clarity of which to follow... maybe I'll put it to some sort of vote on which project I should pursue. I will create a visual accompliment..
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Deviantart version iterations of slightly changing the background colour of pages from one pale green to the next has the annoying effect of making old backgroundless images in my gallery of not having the correct shade of green to blend in! If the gallery previews didn't display transparent PNG's with that hideous default black background I'd use them, but oh well!

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Crash against me and be broken!

I yet live, so I will draw and make the things, and you will look at the things and perhaps comment on the things and that is the way we will continue to operate.

Here come some things!
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..jonesin for a fix of an updated journal mix.

Lets bullet point this shit!

- I just cleansed my computer for the first time in 3 years due to a tidal wave of trojans, worms and other nasty things flooding in. Its quite liberating.

- Just attended one of my best mate's wedding in Cornwall.

- I should probably do more pictures and things?
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Decided to compile the SAGA SO FAR into a full video pilot episode, which I am infecting the internet with step by step. And part of this step requires your aid, loyal DA watchers! It even has "added new bits in"!!!

Keep your pimp hand strong by advertising the hell out of the widely available Waffle X Pilot!



Post about it to your friends, on forums you visit, blog about it until your hands disintegrate, indoctrinate your family, evolve your pets to have opposable thumbs capable of slamming the highest voting scores over and over, COVER THE INTERNET WITH YOUR LOVE FOR WAFFLE X. Quick, go go go go go!
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By the beard of Brian Blessed that is a lot of messages I spy lurking in my deev inbox O____O

Saw that I got a Daily Deviation for Waffle X: EPISODE TWO just before I left for the weekend as it was my birthday and thought "cor thats nice!!" and now i get back and oooooooooooh sea of comments and +fav's. Delicious!

Thank you everyone, getting feedback is always great ^____^
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oh boy a DA journal update? Well it serves you right if you hang onto these little tidbits and don't frequent my island paradise in the sky; Luckettopia doesn't it! DOESN'T IT O____O

But anyway, I felt that I should at least get rid of a post from the ancient age with this new sparkling one of mystery and wonder~! Right, well this year I really need to satisfy my ego's yearning for mass recognition and adulation! I feel like a creature of mist and shadow, but now I must break into this dimension and demand your full attentions by tugging at your sleeves constantly.

I don't know why Waffle X Episode Two has been taking so long, I think I've mistakenly been putting it onto an insane pedestal of quality since when combined with Episode One, it will form the full 'pilot episode' I'd always intended to make and shop around and try and get made into a full series somehow. Obviously that will be out some time this year, sooner rather than later!

Right, so this year I want to get back a sense of focus I havent had in years. And if youre not with me, or behind me, I will crush you!
it is a gradu-arse.

Got back from my final trip to Hull (bless, I will miss it dearly), for my Graduation Ceremony. Ceremony was pomp+wank, but it was good seeing everyone and thats closure to the whole University thing I guess! I have now got a BA (Hons) 2:1 in Games Design. I was 3 points off getting a first, but haha oh well! My friends said they would have disowned me as my effort->achievement ratio is already absurd.

Woop! So yeah, what now? I certainly have no idea. I'm not a student anymore, and I am supposed to be doing things with my life, but... that isn't happening right now! I'm pretty sure I need "money" or something, but that seems quite hard to find. People dont seem to bury treasure for me to find like they did in the olden days!

I've been doing some work on comic stuff recently, but I keep switching ideas, character designs and just general indecisiveness. I was going to enter it into some competition so I'm not supposed to show any of it publicly, but I'm pretty sure I've left it too late now to get done in time. I am a dislikeable dickbag.

abduct and inject me with motivation and bubbling energy please.

My shiny new site is finally out there, a magical floating island above the internet world, where you will find all kinds of Luckett-ey goodness. Mr Masaki/Dr Sexton helped do all the intense coding for it, so I am not to be praised for that, but all the special graphics and design ideas, theyre all Luckett!

Anyway purpose of this site is to open myself up for hiring/employment/commissions, as well as a showcase for all my work and a frequently updated blog site. It really is everything I will be doing now.

So yes, go and have a visit and bookmark it and become a regular Luckettopian!

Meanwhile I have several projects on the go at once. Waffle X Episode 2, for which the script is done, but the animation work is hefty, so that'll be in August I imagine (will keep you all updated not like other "RAARHGRHGH STOP ASKING I HATE YOUR ENQUIRIES!" places), some T-shirt designs I will enter whatever good "ENTER YOUR DESIGNS AND WIN MONIES!" sites there are around (threadless is big, but... also harder to win!), and a few other small comic and animation projects.

But anyway, I am now available to hire as a creative mercenary! Pay me monies, and I will make you things!

I got all my Uni work done as you might be able to see from a few of my recent submissions (Luckettopia display stand), and that means its pretty much all over for me here up in Hull. Been trying to make the most of the time I have left with my friends (sounds like I'm going to die eh!) by going out most nights, visiting new cities and just having fun.

Its been 3 years and it all feels pretty unreal that its all coming to an end. Hasn't quite fully hit me yet, but i imagine when I start boxing my stuff up to head back to Essex, I'm gonna be feeling a smidgen emotional. I've been a lazy sonnuvabitch work wise for the past 3 years, but I've more than enjoyed my time up here.

So what does the future hold for Mr Luckett? Well, I'm going to put my heart and soul on the line and go at this creative business full pelt. I'm going to see how far I can make it on my own steam, and try and make it big. That means opening myself up to comissions and freelance jobs to make money to survive on. This will all be done from my portolio site, Luckettopia ( which will be going live in July. It will be a home to everything I do creatively, bits and bobs and all things Luckett.

The first episode of Waffle X will be released on July 6th (my birthday) and subsequent episodes after that. The pilot episode has been completed since the 8th May, but since I'm a perfectionist twat I dont feel satisfied with it enough yet for public release. I also wanted to get a buffer of work done on the following episodes, so people wont have to wait a lot longer between them!

I also plan to get back to some old non-Waffle X projects, as just doing that could make it stale. Gus3 from the 'All For The Love Of ... ' series because I have much love of him.

Still, not to sound clichéd, but it really is the end of an era for me. I'm leaving a house full of friends to go back to my old way of life, and its pretty depressing. Nevertheless, look out all of you. If I don't make it big soon, I'll have to have my soul slowly eroded by normal 9-5 jobs and you wouldnt want that for your friendly neighbourhood Luckett-Man, would you?!
its the day before deadline (i got an extension which i probably didnt deserve but what the hell eh), and it feels like i've been wrestling with Flash MX for thousands of years falling through a bottomless pit while bears with eye-lasers shoot at me.

I don't even like my own work at the moment, and thanks to the 'perfectionist' genetics i've inherited I pour ages of time into single frames of animation that the human eye may not even fucking well pick up on! I don't even like my own work at this stage :|

Tomorrow i enter my self-destruct mode where I cannot sleep without thinking I've lost a moment i could spend on touching something up somewhere. Its normally when you'll get the least sense out of me as I start babbling hysterical madness.

Sitting next to me is a 30 can pack of Coca-Cola, and on top of that a 4x pack of Sprite3G. I am caffeine now! MY EYES SWIRL.

I will see you on the other side comrades. Perhaps I will evolve after this and learn to actually manage my time better!

ps. I really really really want a fucking wacom cintiq.…
so I've done a silly thing and left a lot of university animation work to a month til deadline.

i also spy that i have finally tripped over the precipice to 10,000 hits. normally I'd do an animation to celebrate but haha, no. I am doing enough animating right now!

considering taking my msn address off the top there due to the number of barely literate internet idiots adding me because "i sawz u drnk inthose fatpies vids, u r reet awesome". where are you really expecting to go from that? am i expected to offer down my hand of eternal internet friendship? I normally give you all a 10 line chance, wherein if youre not a genuinely interesting person with anything to actually say to me, block and delete happens.

incidentally, I am utterly broke, so I can be bribed very easily right now. i have a block of Caloriemate left for when all food runs out. you... have no idea how depressing that is, even if Jack Bauer and Snake endorse it...
that logo is vomit inducing! If there is a National Shitstain Day, would DA turn the logo into a browned-up-bad logo mess in honour of it? would they! WOULD THEY. ffffffff!

I saw a greeting card of "Happy Valentines from the dog!" when in town the other day. Now poor speechless pets are being dragged into this commercial charade?! RISE UP CANINE BROTHERS, BITE YOUR VALENTINE GIVING MASTERS!
Oh shits! Been a while since I updated this box with things and words. So heres a quick run down of stuff while I keep my eyes open:

- Japan was awesome, and I bought a ton of stuff over there like an otaku loser! TGS was...heaven.

- Am back at Uni in Hull, in my final year. Got loads of work to do but keep putting it off (Waffle X Interactive Anime, new site Luckettopia)

- Yes, I am ... Crazy Drunk Rob. Thanks to David Firth uploading the videos of my hideous drunken ego (my bankai form when absurd quantities of alcohol have been consumed?), a vast majority of you have found your way here.

- Its... 3:18am. Why am I typing into this box?! It doesnt make sense! Surely I should teleport under my covers now and fall unconscious and not get up tomorrow until like 1pm, all the while grinning that "haha, i am like totally warm and invincible here in bed" grin.

*teleports to bed*
Oh shits! I am typing this as I hurriedly pack all my shit up into my holdall, as tomorrow is THE FATED LUCKETT JAPAN TRIP 2005. Going there for 9 days of madness, including the Tokyo Game Show and all that shiznits.

Sorry I havent been about on DA, so mad propz to all you people commenting and fav'ing me, but I havent had the internet for a month. Drove me a bit stir crazy!

Anyway, its an 18 hour flight tomorrow, so I'd best recharge my spirit power!
Have just been on a very delayed 7 hour long hellish train journey, and I haven't eaten all day.

If I do not eat soon, there is a chance my organs will all dive out of my mouth and start looking for nutrition on their own.

During this train journey a child decided to see if he could scream for 2 hours. straight. He could. IF YOU ARE A PARENT, HIT YOUR FUCKING CHILD HARD WHEN THEY ARE BEING LITTLE WANKERS! Also the 'playa' sitting next to me was setting up a drug deal over the phone, and seemed to be getting quite 'irate' that his 'bruv' didn't understand some of the made-up language terms he was using for said drugs.

Also, I moved into my new house this weekend up in Hull, and it is fucking ace. Will be living there from Mid-august-June 2006.

That is all.
So wow, I have been goofing off for like a solid month. Just arsing away my time watching anime, playing games and mucking about. Also nipped down to Newquay (Cornwall beaches) with a couple of friends for a week. Weather was shit, but haha, such is the way of Luckett.

Been on a massive gaming binge of late:
Devil May Cry 3, Katamari Damacy, Gitaroo Man, Klonoa 2, Cave Story (excellent freeware game) and others. Really re-affirmed my faith in being/becoming a games designer. Its easy to get disallusioned with the gaming industry with the torrents of shit it splorges out, like Mario Party 293847, Shadow The Hedgehogs Got A Motherfuckin' AK47, WorldWar 2 Renactment: The Revenge 2 etc. But the games I've been playing just were fun and great to play. There are still developers in the industry that still understand how to make good games!

Anyway, as usual, mad shout outs to all you peeps adding me to your watch list, faves and commenting on my work! I am a completely lazy piece of shit so I reply once in a blue moon, but just want to let you know I read all your comments!

I think I need to get into doing some serious creative work, so I dont spend another month arsing about!
- To actually try updating more once in a while!
- To win the Rising Stars Of Manga UK contest, and blow the prize money on games.
-To never turn this DA account into a Pregnant Belly Fetish Fanart hell.

That is all.
You. Yes you, that pathetic little weasel that swivels about in his chair, snorting at binary code humour and stuffing your malformed face with cheese related carbohydrate snacks! I am going to crush you and throw you into the wind!

If you haven't been instrumental in the forming of a computer virus, than the above threat does not apply. If you have however, you will rue the day your name and location becomes available to me.

So, if you haven't guessed I got virus'd. Pretty gay, swallowed up 60% of all the programs I use by infecting the .exe's. So having to download all the tools I've become accustomed to

Have been very lazy and busy with Uni deadlines recently. Hope to find a nice burst of energy to actually start 'making things again' and bringing them to this massive Internet Show And Tell community...
Yo diggidy, intarnets. I am back, and playing an absurd amount of Yoshi's Island on the SNES!

Woo yeah, got the internet in my new house, (pics of which are available at my site: ) and now I even have red hair!

So anyway, I've got a lot of Uni work this semester, but expect to see a fair ton of Waffle X stuff churn out soon enough, and of course always the odd brain-wrong of a random pic such as my current oekaki offering.


I wish I could eat my enemies and turn them into eggs and rebound them off of walls to collect red coins...