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Regular Show OGN3 A Clash Of Consoles Advert

By luckettx
I done did wrote another original Regular Show graphic novel and its out tomorrow (25th May 2016)

You can read a 10-page preview of it here:…

I've done a piece of original poster art for each one of these graphic novels and this marks and third and final one. They've all been based on retro videogame boxart and I do a limited print run of them for the comic-cons we attend.
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InkTheEchidna's avatar
Holy shit, I lost track of you and found you again thanks to one of your pieces in my faves, and you're doing for realsies comics now? That's awesome, dude, congrats! I gotta get a hold of my comic shop and see if they can put this in my box. How many have you done now?
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Yo! Yeah, I just about made it into professional comics! A ways to go still...

I ghost co-wrote the first Regular Show original graphic novel 'Hydration', then I officially co-wrote the second 'Noir Means Noir, Buddy' and third 'A Clash Of Consoles'. You'll probably like the third the most as theres a lot of Sega in there, haha. Not sure what/where I'm going next but will see how far I can get in this whole comics thing.

Oh and I did a self-pub mini-comic called BUMSTORM thats up in my sites shop:

Cheers for checking in!
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Neat, man, You've certainly got your foot in the door at least! I'll definitely be hunting these down and I'll check out your mini-comic, too. :D
GagaMan's avatar
Dat Saturn tank :)
ShawnPikul's avatar
Congrats! I enjoy these characters with my son.