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[COM] Wonderfully Missplaced in Winter by Luckery [COM] Wonderfully Missplaced in Winter :iconluckery:Luckery 25 0 [COM] In the Thundra by Luckery [COM] In the Thundra :iconluckery:Luckery 15 0 [COM] Winter it's not end, yet! by Luckery [COM] Winter it's not end, yet! :iconluckery:Luckery 11 0 [Promo] A pretty hefty Buffet by Luckery [Promo] A pretty hefty Buffet :iconluckery:Luckery 23 0 [Promo] Ink Bomb by Luckery [Promo] Ink Bomb :iconluckery:Luckery 19 2 [Reward] Goblin Druid by Ageaus by Luckery [Reward] Goblin Druid by Ageaus :iconluckery:Luckery 7 0 [COM] Animal Buddies! by Luckery [COM] Animal Buddies! :iconluckery:Luckery 31 1 [COM] The Mighty Silver Spirit by Luckery [COM] The Mighty Silver Spirit :iconluckery:Luckery 32 0 [COM] An Antidote for the Cold by Luckery [COM] An Antidote for the Cold :iconluckery:Luckery 17 0 [COM] Dry deep to the Bones by Luckery [COM] Dry deep to the Bones :iconluckery:Luckery 37 0 [COM] A Lucky Coin by Luckery [COM] A Lucky Coin :iconluckery:Luckery 33 0 [COM] Winter Weight by Luckery [COM] Winter Weight :iconluckery:Luckery 11 0 [COM] An Ice Battle by Luckery [COM] An Ice Battle :iconluckery:Luckery 18 0 Growing Spurt Drink by Luckery Growing Spurt Drink :iconluckery:Luckery 32 1 [Trade] Growing Gummy by Luckery [Trade] Growing Gummy :iconluckery:Luckery 20 0 [Gift] Light the Fatchu by Luckery [Gift] Light the Fatchu :iconluckery:Luckery 21 0


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[COM] Wonderfully Missplaced in Winter
Commission for :iconherbaldrink:

Lucky wasn't in the Shop for Days, his friend started to look for him around the forest fearing for the worst. Thought maybe he sshould have fearing for the crazyness, after he crunched a weird snow glove under his now obese huge flipper paws the world around him started to shift, being taken to a winter wonderland and hs whole body replaced by one of a gentleman Walrus.

But hey, Lucky is here!... Kinda.
[COM] In the Thundra
Three Stage Commission for hg3300

The Compass pointed toward the north, but he was still pretty lost thought the snowstorm, i'm not sure if he felt toward a cursed landscape or he just shifted due his bad luck and sensitive shapehifting...

Doesn't matter much as he will be safe around the Tundra now!
[COM] Winter it's not end, yet!
An Accident have happened with some cursed toys! making some adjustment in me and CorvusAtrox while he have turned into a robotic Reindeer that wish you all a Merry Christmas no matter what date it is, i have turned into a little plushie toy and can't do a thing to save myself! What are we going to do if i can't heal us with this problem!

A fun Winter themed commission for this year! And i can't believe how far it turned from december, but i'm really happy people used the winter theme at it's max!
[Promo] A pretty hefty Buffet
I can't believe how much food we got! But the buffet was pretty delicious, there were something weird in my friend Lodoss-12 that he kept insisting that i should open my Fortune Cookie because inside of it i'd find a wonderful fate. I don't now why he it's acting so suspicious, but after he invited me to that chinnese buffet how i can't say no?

Promotional Picture for my Personal Choice Theme! Offering discount on pig themed commission, don't miss your chance to save 20% off in them!
[Promo] Ink Bomb
I know that, due being Spanish, My accent it's quite funny and sometimes it's hard to understand, but i can't understand why someone would think that spherical ingredient that look like a bomb, it's slosh like if were a bomb and does tick tock sound when touched like a bomb would be a Ball...

:iconweremoose: picked my new invent and activate it! Causing us to get covered in the magical ink and shift into Darkwing Duck Characters.

Great, just great!

Promotional Pictures for my April Commissions! Offering 20% Discount on Themed Drawings based on Cartoons from the 90' to 99' era! Don't miss your chance!

Characters portrayed (r) Disney
Hello there people, long time i don't get the chance to contact you. I hope you guys are having a really good time and that thngs are improving and moving forward. I come here to show update in what things i have being working on;

Last Month, the month i Scheduled the Commission suffered of Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) For two weeks and a half, and when i was recovering from it i catched a stomachal bug that incapacitated me for a couple of days and make me get a Delay of unfinished work then in the middle of July i catched a Bronchitis that make me get een more delay than i expected. Normally the Par months i work on my side-project (TFTuesday Pictures/Gift Commission/Trades) and having those days where i got that delayed, the cold and brnchitis didn't give me a proper time for work on anything properly, just today i managed to work on the final commission from the list, after it gonna do the promote commission for July and then a pair of side-commission i had to work, after it i'll advance on the side projects until the May commission start.

Hence, this Month i wasn't able to advance on my side project and perse i want to apologies for it, i'm sorry.

Now, like other times, i'm going to point the winner of the raffle for commissioner and as well the last Gift commissions than will be given for commission me two Opening in a row, wich will be replaced for more chances of commissioner Raffle, so now...

WInner of the Raffle;

Winner of Gift Commission for Being Good Commissioners:

Now, Life have being, like i mentioned at first. So-So, Busy with different infection or problems of health, now that i got recovered i tried to work hard thought stuff. I have being thought some problems monitary problems that i'm trying to work thought as well trying to deal with a depression related with a negative result with my lawyer and the problem i had with my old work place that were negative toward me, a result that i admit where pretty full with corruption that make me feel depressed, negative and pretty down.

Otherwise, i'm doing my best to trying to move forward and keep working for you.

Greetings and Love, Lucky.


Current Residence: Concepcion, Chile.
Operating System: Window XP


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Midday-Mew Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018   General Artist
Pssst hey, how about becoming your fat Eerie form for October? :3 Imagine all the fun spooky things you could do as one of those Yoshilike ghosts from Super Mario World! ^^
ZeroConfidence Featured By Owner May 6, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
:iconpartycannonplz: Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great one, ha ha! =D :thumbsup: :iconcakeplz:
Sharpe-Fan Featured By Owner May 6, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
Happy Birthday!
RustyRaccoon Featured By Owner May 6, 2018
Happy Birthday :).
Kupochu Featured By Owner May 6, 2018
¡Feliz Cumpleaños!
Luckery Featured By Owner May 6, 2018
Muchas Gracias Kupo!
Wasabi64 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can you do my OC transforming into A Dragonite?
Luckery Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017
Well, right now i'm not open to request, only commission. I'm sorry if it's not the anwer you wanted, my apologies.
Wasabi64 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
K. How much it cost?
Luckery Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017
A Single picture would be 30 USD right now.
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