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[CMS] Cursed Mistletoe 3 by Luckery
Mature content
[CMS] Cursed Mistletoe 3 :iconluckery:Luckery 20 0
[CMS] Cursed Mistletoe 2 by Luckery
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[CMS] Cursed Mistletoe 2 :iconluckery:Luckery 17 0
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[CMS] Cursed Mistletoe 3
Hearing a loudly thud, followeed by a femenine voice from the room where the Uncursed items where help me discover what happened with the Mistletoe items that i was unable to find...

Well, seems that analternateguy234 found it first...

Welp, time to go herb collecting! *close the hut and run away*
[CMS] Cursed Mistletoe 2
I'm angry when things get missed... Sometimes it's dangerouns when things don't end where they shouldn't be, i think i remember i left a cursed mistletoe Bear in a box here and now i can't find the box... What it was gonna do if someone touch it? Well it hold the spirit of a bear-man that it's eager to have a family and share the love from the mistle toe...

I hope i didn't put it on the box that... analternateguy234 carried away and...

oh no.
[CMS] Cursed Mistletoe 1
I asked analternateguy234 to help me organize the archive at the Alchemist hut, the archevist it's a place where i hold cursed and uncursed Items. I'm proud to keep storague the cursed items away to the ones who were cleansed sucesfully from their curse thought Alchemist ways.

I'm not proud that i rarely had some organizing accident and sometimes cursed items end in the uncurse area... and well... Shifts happen!
[CMS] Blowback make the Land Tremble!
Commission for CorvusAtrox.

When putting the special mask he discover a special power inside him! He have turned into the Powerful Blowback! the Rampardos it's now ready to chew gum and Kick ass on the wrestler mach! Will him powerful enough to defeat the powerful thunderous?
A Feline Payback
The Exploration didn't ended like he expected, Dugun have being cursed to became a Tiger! Will he able to succed and escape the temple of the cats? Will he able to pass the door he was able to do easily as a human now that he is a big tiger? The Lack of fingers would make things hard to his end.

He never expected that the temple of felines was cursed!

Dugun (r) :iconageaus:
Hello there people, long time i don't get the chance to contact you. I hope you guys are having a really good time and that thngs are improving and moving forward. I come here to show update in what things i have being working on;

Last Month, the month i Scheduled the Commission suffered of Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) For two weeks and a half, and when i was recovering from it i catched a stomachal bug that incapacitated me for a couple of days and make me get a Delay of unfinished work then in the middle of July i catched a Bronchitis that make me get een more delay than i expected. Normally the Par months i work on my side-project (TFTuesday Pictures/Gift Commission/Trades) and having those days where i got that delayed, the cold and brnchitis didn't give me a proper time for work on anything properly, just today i managed to work on the final commission from the list, after it gonna do the promote commission for July and then a pair of side-commission i had to work, after it i'll advance on the side projects until the May commission start.

Hence, this Month i wasn't able to advance on my side project and perse i want to apologies for it, i'm sorry.

Now, like other times, i'm going to point the winner of the raffle for commissioner and as well the last Gift commissions than will be given for commission me two Opening in a row, wich will be replaced for more chances of commissioner Raffle, so now...

WInner of the Raffle;

Winner of Gift Commission for Being Good Commissioners:

Now, Life have being, like i mentioned at first. So-So, Busy with different infection or problems of health, now that i got recovered i tried to work hard thought stuff. I have being thought some problems monitary problems that i'm trying to work thought as well trying to deal with a depression related with a negative result with my lawyer and the problem i had with my old work place that were negative toward me, a result that i admit where pretty full with corruption that make me feel depressed, negative and pretty down.

Otherwise, i'm doing my best to trying to move forward and keep working for you.

Greetings and Love, Lucky.


Current Residence: Concepcion, Chile.
Operating System: Window XP


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Midday-Mew Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018   General Artist
Pssst hey, how about becoming your fat Eerie form for October? :3 Imagine all the fun spooky things you could do as one of those Yoshilike ghosts from Super Mario World! ^^
ZeroConfidence Featured By Owner May 6, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
:iconpartycannonplz: Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great one, ha ha! =D :thumbsup: :iconcakeplz:
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday :).
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Luckery Featured By Owner May 6, 2018
Muchas Gracias Kupo!
Wasabi64 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can you do my OC transforming into A Dragonite?
Luckery Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017
Well, right now i'm not open to request, only commission. I'm sorry if it's not the anwer you wanted, my apologies.
Wasabi64 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
K. How much it cost?
Luckery Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017
A Single picture would be 30 USD right now.
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