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SM: Shi Anti-Tennou, Sailor Anti-Cosmos and other

By Lucithea
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#anti_senshi #antisenshi
The idea of concept of Аnti-Universe(Anti-Senshi) belongs to me.
I forbid other artists to created with their own anti-versions for other OC.
If you wish Anti-version - DA-note for me and order comission ^_^ Thankee.
PS. but you can drawing those already created by me)))
You will not believe O_o Frankly, I do not believe that I drew this again. *in a shock OMG * I hope you enjoy the sequel. I especially love anti-look: Beryl, Serenity, Selena and Cosmos ^^ Cossmooos *___* Реально, до сих пор в афиге Fox emoji - wow 
Damn, i wath see cosplay for this idea))) and female dark-kingdoom too T_T waaaaaant.... >,< ah, dreams-dreams.... Maybe somebody want create cosplay this universe? Mimimimi Broken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please)
All Anti-Senshi>>>
Another Anti-Senshi and more senshi
Sailor Anti-Star Laijer

background by :iconmercurycode: 140 and 167

Lily's Rainbow Box
Do you like the idea of ​​Anti-Senshi? Do you want to see more Anti-versions? So let's together make the Anti-Universe popular!
Do not hesitate to help me, so that more people will know about this wonderful idea)
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Add my anti-drawings to different groups; Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Draw already created by me anti-versions of yours OC;
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Order to popular artists anti-versions of yours OC or canon created by me earlier; Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! In the end, create cosplay!)
Rainbow Emote Rave
Together we create a unique universe, as interesting and great as the Canon Sailor Moon or the Crystal Anima-Mates Universe or other)
Rainbow Emote Rave
Join now! Thanks to everyone who supports me and this idea, I love you all very much and are grateful for any help La la la la  Thanks a lot to each! :love:
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Prince Endymion looks like Ferdinand Von Aegir

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Whoa, Neherenia looks the best! :D I like dark/tanned skin characters.
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What is the backstory?
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This project was created very spontanios. They haven't backtory. I want created something unique and interesting, thats all, a guess.
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I do like the idea that you presented and design but ugh, Anti-Tuxedo looks like pimp or some Batman character lol (no offence, it just makes me laugh :D)... And why still Mamoru? Since he's blonde, he could be Motoki :P
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To be honest, I thought the movie "The Green Hornet", when I created the Anti-Tuxedo. And Motoki - it Motoki. Maybe someday it will draw him.
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These designs are gorgeous! I really like all the anti-designs. I'm not quite sure what it is, but they have a certain something that makes them appealing.
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thank you so much ^^
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Nehelenia :iconlazydieplz: her redesign is georgous!
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Oh, thank u ^^
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Omg I had an idea for Anti-Sailor Cosmos in my Sailor Moon Miracle project I'm working o. We must be reading each other's minds Although my origins for Anti-Sailor Cosmos are most likely drastically different. I like your design for her, though. She's very pretty. c:
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Thank you) Yes, ideas are different) But i glad to read it) I like her too.
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I love both your Anti Sailor Moon pictures. I hope you continue to do the rest of the Sailor Moon Characters.:D (Big Grin) 
Lucithea's avatar
yes I will)
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The Anti-Beryl!! <3 adorable design. and I like the overall idea of Ati-Senshi :)
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Thank you very much ^^
I hope in the near future I will be able to finish third illustration from anti-cycle.
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good luck! ^^
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