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Hunter's Kiss

i'm pretty obsessed with drawing pomegranates atm
she has an eyepatch because i was too lazy to draw the other eye
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Can't put my finger on why, but I really like this. Intriguing overall mood in this piece.
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Thank you very much!
NyxBexley's avatar
you are amazing at drawing. i love the proportions and the colors. its amazing
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roses-and-rainclouds's avatar
Very interesting. But I love it.
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Pomegranates - I can take them or leave them; arrows in the back - those I can do without; eyepatches - just can't resist!
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I love it.... period.... Beautiful is the only other word...
murmermaid's avatar
well i'm pretty obsessed with drawing horns so this pretty much rocks....(it rocks anyway)
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She's so pretty! It reminds me of that song from Rasputina o.o It fits it aswell~
LucitaniaMarie's avatar
it's based off that song, i'm glad you noticed! ^_^ thank you!
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i don't think i've ever seen pomegranates used like this in a traditional art piece before, awesome. layout and colours are fantastic.
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thank you very much!
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heiliges evangelium... that looks great! Hell of a pic^^
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Jacab's avatar
aahw, you're welcome^^
manique's avatar
haha great way to make use of the eyepatch! it's quite suitable. :) i love the subtle monochromatic colors you have here... and damn those pomegranates look delicious! awesomeeee
LucitaniaMarie's avatar
thanks! i'm glad you're feeling it ^_-
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The eyepatch works, and the (unusually simple) layout is stoic and wonderful. Pomegranate-vagina symbolism is the icing on the cake.
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haha awesome thanks! ^_^
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