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For school, the topic was book cover. I chose Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden.

I was halfway through the first painting when the file got corrupted and everything was lost, somehow from that frustration I went turbo and redid this new one in about a day.

Anyway the format sorta works as a wallpaper too, so enjoy! :D
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Hi Luciole,

I was looking a geisha-ish background for one of my school assignments and loved this one.. I used part of it in my GUCCI ad. So no commercial use, but let me know if you mind. I can send you the ad created.

I love the colors and items in it, so it was a perfect match. I have not looked at your other art yet, since I am fairly new to deviant and need to find my way here.

Anywayz I just wanted to let you know as I would too if someone used my work.