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Well, once again it's been a long while.
But It was a very productive "long while" for my drawing skills. I'm still not very used to writing stuff here, or on tumblr. But I  would like to communicate with people who  visit my page and enjoy my art.

I welcome everyone  who's new to watching  me.
I'm a very busy guy, but I'll try to improve and answer to comments more often.
I do love them, as everyone does.


I gotta go update my info here, and stuff. I guess I'll try to make this place more habitable.
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Real life got me in a whirl. Been working hell of a lot, then got  a flu and spent two weeks in bed.
I hope to be back here soon with new  deviations. I've got some fresh ideas boiling in my restless mind.
Thanks everyone who  still watches me, and whos that they care.

I'm alive and kicking! Just very busy.
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I was away for a rather long time. Real life  took it's hold on me. I've been writing a big inception fanfic (295 pages long) for almost 9 months, I also   worked in theater, made some acting and singing couching job around the country, and of course I traveled a lot.
Now I'm back with new ideas, pictures and photos.
I've missed this place.
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I was away for the summer, blown away by travelling around, meeting with friends, working and all that great stuff the summer's are made for.
Now I'm back. And I've got some great news.
I bought myself a graphic tablet   - intuos3 wacom A5.
And, damn I'll be, if I'm not going to give it all the credit it deserves, which means I'm going to return my attention to drawing.

I'm not in any way giving up photography and modelling, but from now on, there will be  some new stuff drawn  by me in this gallery.

I hope everybody who watches me had a great summer.

I'm sorry for not being two fast and frequent with answering, but I'm reading all of the comments I recieve and I do appreciate them very much!

Thanks for staying with me!

Janosh. (a.k.a. LucioCrescent)
(b.t.w. that is my real name)
It's been a long time since I haven't posted anything in this journal. Since I don't really have time for drawing, this deviantARt page turned to be the place where I post my photos and more likely it will go on like that.
I'm grateful to everyone who watches me and leaves all those nice and friendly comments on my work. I really appreciate that.
I plan on updating quite often with some new photo-projects of mine. So stay with me and enjoy!
Today was a big photo-day.
Me and my friend Tess went into the center of Moscow, to famous Patriarshie, where I overindulged in making photographs of her astonishing beauty. I'e had this idea  along time ago: the old city, vintage looking lady, resembling of Audry Hepburn, speia shots, delicate features and otherwordly looks...
Well, we made it.
I love the results.
I was away or a very long time, being busy with my boyfirend and my music, and other urgent affairs. Now i'm back with new ideas, and with photos, which I make with a new a great camera , my boyfriend gave me.
And with some new original art which I'm going to upload soon.
No  newHP fanart will be published here, so far, since I'm no longer in the fandom, but more interesting work is up to come.
I spent 6 hours making this new Snape portrait. This was rather hard to pic the rights colours and to make look like an old parchment or a piece of an alchemic work. The most difficult thing for me was to draw all these alchemic symbols, and of course to make the coat look solid..
Somehow people, who know me in reallife say that my Harry Potter portrait looks more like a self-portrait. Well, I won'targue. even though it wasn't my aim to make it look like one.
I'm planning to make Snape's portait. Also with acryllic paint on canvas. I already have an idea how it must look like.
At first I felt a little cinfused with managing my deviations, because I  uploaded both  originals and  small versions of the pictures, and all my deviations turned out to be  too smal to view. Now I think I  found out how to  submit them so they would be in full size.
I decided to join this artistic community. Even though I've been registered here for almost a year, I only used my account to view other's work. Now, I decided to exhibit my own.