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Annie Design: Blue Poppy Anemone and White Hawk

Ahhhh my first Annie is finished! *_* Still can´t believe I finally have one :D I was so unsure what kind of design I want to make... since my first Annie shoud be something very special ^.^ And since she is a uncommon one, I wanted to give the name Annie justice >//< Well, I hope I was able to do that! At least I love her a lot for sure <333


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Anemone coronaria Blue Poppy circle by Lucina-Waterbell White Hawk 1 2496239182 circle by Lucina-Waterbell

Blessing Name: Blue Poppy Anemone | White Hawk
Scientific Name: Anemone coronaria | Pseudastur albicollis
Blessing Count: 2
Eyes: normal shape
Rarity: Uncommon

blue fabric border b 3 

Name: Chioko
Age: 17
Town: Foirswald

She is a very kind hearted person but prefers to live alone, since she is also very quiet and calm natured. Because of that many people think she is either cold or not interested in others, even though it is absolutly not the case.
Although, the few friends she has, love her for her ability to listen. No matter which problem someone has, she always listen carefully and tries to help them or cheer them up. It is also easy to relax in her environment, since it´s hard to agitate or confuse her. She is also really open minded and has the ability to give them comfort, even in times her friends hate themself. Her words can be heartwarming, but also sharp like claws. If it get´s dangerous, she does anything to keep others save, even if she hurts herself badly in the process.

About her Blessings:
Thanks to the blessing of the white hawk, she has no problem to stay in colder regions. She can also stay lonely for a longer time without feeling sad about it. She has a very fast reaction and good eyessight. In Mythology, Hawks are know for beeing very accurate, brave and for beeing able to accomplishing any goals. They can strike down all evil with their claws and incredibly fast nosedives. Hawks are also a symbol of light. Since she got Wings from this blessing, she is able to fly short distances with them. She still has to learn it properly though. But beside pure flying, her nosedive and landings are already really graceful and save at least. 

Thanks to the blessing of the Blue Poppy Anemone, she can use healing magic and protection spells, doe to the nature or blue Anemones that are known for beeing the protecters against all evil and illness/diseases. Thanks to photosynthesis, she can stay up a little longer if she worked a lot outside on a sunny day. The crystalls on her clothing and headdress helps her to store magic in order to heal larger wounds or strong diseases. It still comes with a price though. If she is overdoing it, she loses consciousness and falls asleep for a few days or even weeks until her Core recovered or her crystals stored enough energy again.

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wow these details!!! I love the hair shading and the gorgeous wings gosh!! ic an't help but admire your lining for everything!!

Lucina-Waterbell's avatar

OMG thank you so much >//< I´m really honoured to hear this from you! (〃▽〃) But I´m really happy you like my baby T^T I just love to design new characters and I was putting a lot of love into it <3 So many many thanks again ^-^

periifuu's avatar

Absolutely gorgeous design! Love the crystals and flowers all around her and how she looks like angel.. It's sooo aesthetic pleasing~ Love it! La love

Lucina-Waterbell's avatar

Wow many thanks! <3 I indeed had an Angel in mind while designing her ^.^ So I appreciate your nice comment a lot <333

Tachibana-Mizuko's avatar

Wah, she is such an innocent looking angel! So child-like with her oversized flowers and bright accents, but she also seems very regal with that amazing crown and all the gems detailing her dress! She looks really nice~

Lucina-Waterbell's avatar

Hgn... thanks a lot >//< The design took me a while because a Annie is always special and it was hard to decide how I want her to look like ^-^''' So thanks for your kind words <3

Tachibana-Mizuko's avatar

You're welcome! Your time wasn't wasted, she's beautiful~

AJRoanoke's avatar

I love the shading you did in this annie! her crown is really amazing and i adore all of the jewelry!

Lucina-Waterbell's avatar

OMG thanks a lot! I´m happy to hear that... even though it was a more simpler colouring >//< Many many thanks! :D

KaraKleos82's avatar

beautiful design, I love the headpiece. so detailed ^v^

Lucina-Waterbell's avatar

Whaaa thank you! I really love to design juwelry and detailed pieces! So this means a alot <3

KaraKleos82's avatar

Your welcome, your really good at it 🥰 keep up the good work 🥳

Milavana's avatar

Waah she is super adorable! <3 I love her headpiece and her wings!

Such a royal baby <3

Lucina-Waterbell's avatar

OMG thanks a lot dear! I´m so happy to hear that! <333 She sure is my royal baby now :D

KittyDaUnicorn's avatar

ahhh congrats on your first annie!! you did an absolutely stellar job on this design, i love her majestic design with the headpiece and veils~! <33

Lucina-Waterbell's avatar

Whaaaa thanks dear! <3 I´m so happy to hear that! She is my Baby >//< So I wanted to make something special <3

EPH-SAN1634's avatar

So pretty and regal!

Lucina-Waterbell's avatar
SCCRLM2's avatar

Love her! So adorable! QAQ

Lucina-Waterbell's avatar

Aww thanks dear! Happy you like her too! :D

Erelynna's avatar

Wooow * ---- * she's so gorgeous ♥♥ you did an amazing job designing her! I also love her blessings!

Lucina-Waterbell's avatar

Ahhhh thank you so much dear! <33 I´m so happy to hear that! >//< I did my best with her :D

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