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The Keeper pt2~ Stone
         You smile at the sky, steadily making your way back to your kingdom. The basket of food on your back slowed you down but your didn’t feel tired. Everyday since the ball just felt beautiful to you. You drop your gaze, catching sight of a cloaked figure stumbling ahead. You blink and hurry to their side, leaning over to peer at their face, finding the face of a elderly woman.
          “Are you okay?” You ask in concern.
          “O-Oh… Hello deary, I suppose Im a wee bit tired…” She offers a toothless smile.
           “Then sit down,” You offer a smile, helping her sit in the grass beside the road, pausing and looking back at the sound of rustling leaves from the trees across the way.
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Mature content
Eustass Kid x reader - Captive pt.24 :iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 30 11
Estranged pt.3 - Kid x reader / Killer x reader

Gypsy's POV
You couldn't believe you'd actually found her and now fought alongside her. After witnessing that first hand and her snarky attitude, it was very clear that your captain would want to keep her for himself. You were quite amused by her ability to deny her feelings though she so obviously wore them on her sleeve. Such a stark contrast from your captain who layered everything under his angry facade. 
Now that she'd turned down your first attempt to get her on the ship you'd have to try something else. You hadn't planned this far ahead, not knowing if you'd find her or how she would react to you. 
Maybe if you managed to get her close enough someone on deck would see her? 
No that probably wouldn't work and you were now nearing the jetties on the coastline.
A shiver traversed your spine.
"Something is off," she murmured, "it's too quiet."
You tensed as the silence was broken with the snap of some twigs very nearby.
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 14 0
Mature content
Estranged pt.6 [FINAL] - Kid x rdr / Killer x rdr :iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 17 7
Estranged pt.4 - Kid x reader / Killer x reader

Birdie's POV
«Still causing trouble, navy girl.»
An involuntary smile bent your lips at that ancient nickname.
«F/n!» Booka shouted seeing the crewmate.
He grabbed her arm and pulled her closer, quickly observing her to assess the damage.
«You all in one piece?»
Still rubbing the dust off her eyes, she nodded.
You could see the pirate took a subtle sigh of relief before wearing his gruff scowl back.
«You have really done it this time, girl.» he rumbled «Let me tell ya: the captain’s not happy. Not at all.»
Gun fire, shouts and clangs were all over the deck above you.
«What about you, navy girl? You injured?»
«I’m fine.» you briefly said «Let’s get out of here!»
Before you could do anything, though, a few enemy pirates jumped down from the hole upon your heads, unsheathed sabers pointing your way.
You crouched down, ready to r
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 15 0
Estranged pt.5 - Kid x reader / Killer x reader

Gypsy's POV
Kid walked passed calmly never turning back to watch Y/N vanish in the distance. A heavy melancholy fell over the crew as they followed the captain home. Suddenly you felt very guilty for what you had done. 
You jumped into this not realizing just how much Y/N meant to this crew, never thinking how it would affect them if she opted not to stay. Hell, you only spent a disastrous day with her and it somehow felt like you'd lost a sister. Killer caught your elbow as you stumbled along, vision too blurred with tears to allow you to navigate properly. He scooped you up letting you quietly sob into his shirt. 
When you returned to the ship Kid went straight to his cabin without a word. 
Killer steadied you on your feet, "I'll meet you in my room, I need to make sure shifts are posted for the night." 
You nodded and turned toward Killer's cabin, stopping at Kid's door briefly contemplating knocking to apologize. He pr
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 14 3
Estranged pt.2 - Kid x reader / Killer x reader

Birdie's POV
The baby transponder snail went off again from your pocket.
«Captain [Y/n]?»
«Captain [Y/n] my ass.» you muttered without picking up, still dragging the girl along narrower allies.
Oddly enough, she wasn’t doing anything to stop you. You didn’t sense any bad intention from the beginning, but still.
She came to you like it was nothing.
What. The actual. Fuck.
A moment later, the Den Den Mushi started again and you were forced to reply.
«I’m following a lead. You’ll be fine by yourselves for a while, see ya later.»
«Wait, captain! We just received a communication from the outpost: the Kid Pirates were spotted around the archipelago.»
You finally stopped, letting go of the pirate’s wrist and turning to her, an eyebrow quirked.
«You don’t say.» you mumbled in the receiver.
«Because of your… ah-ehm… incident with them, the
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 16 0
Estranged pt.1 - Kid x reader / Killer x reader



Gypsy's POV
It was a particularly lazy day for the crew. Your chores had been completed along with your lookout shift. Now you sprawled out on a secluded sun soaked part of the deck warming your skin. The weather had been more fall like as of late due to the archipelago you were approaching, but it wasn't quite cool enough to ditch your shorts and t-shirts just yet.
The atmosphere on board had been fairly lax the last few days as your captain had been holed up in his workshop; while Killer remained rather tight lipped about the origin of the captain's unusual behavior. Well, it was normal for Kid to lock himself away to work on random projects especially if he found something particularly interesting, but he just seemed a bit out of sorts. His mood when he was with the crew was shiftier than usual, everyone walked on eggshells. He ignored you more lately which was disap
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 13 5
Eustass Kid x reader - Captive pt.23

Day 16

«’morning.» you yawned, pushing the door of the galley open.
The top ranks of the crew, captain included, were sat around the wooden table, having breakfast.
«Ya know what?» the Mohican said, spitting pieces of bread around «The other men don’t dare to enter before we’re finished. You should show some grade of concern, around us.»
You groggily dragged a stool to a free place beside him.
«Watch me.» you mumbled before jumping on it.
Kid let out an amused laugh, while Wire huffed.
«Difficult, difficult woman.»
 It was the first time you actually got up early enough to have breakfast with them, or you weren’t scared about it.
You grabbed what seemed a clean cup and poured some black coffee inside, bringing it on your lips.
You spat it out immediately after, coughing.
«What the hell is this thing?!»
Heat blinked at you.
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 36 9
Mr. Hot Head | Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
    Bakugou Katsuki wasn’t particularly known for his loving nature, especially not when surrounded by prying eyes. Things were better in just the slightest when it was only the two of you, but even then he wasn’t completely comfortable with his feelings. Anger came all too naturally to him; just not affection. This wasn’t what bothered you, though. This was the man you fell in love with; not someone who expressed their love on the daily.
    No, that’s not what bothered you, but something else did.
    You knew all too well of his aggressiveness before dating him. Despite this, never once did he dare raise his voice (or, god forbid, his hand) at you. He knew better than that, though you appeared to be the one and only exception to his seemingly never-ending stream of anger. He had always been quick to unleash his fury at others, but this only seemed to gro
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Link new Zora tg/tf by undeadpenguin37 Link new Zora tg/tf :iconundeadpenguin37:undeadpenguin37 175 3 A Link Between Genders - Link Repainted TG by CharleyEcho A Link Between Genders - Link Repainted TG :iconcharleyecho:CharleyEcho 442 40 La Regina degli Avvoltoi by L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-A La Regina degli Avvoltoi :iconl-e-n-t-e-s-c-u-r-a:L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-A 621 0 SweetieDash Commission by Ambris SweetieDash Commission :iconambris:Ambris 724 76 Jaeger wallpaper by smerdaleon Jaeger wallpaper :iconsmerdaleon:smerdaleon 5 3
Anti-Super pt6~ The Plan

         He swallows before smiling, “I knew it was you…”
          “.... I'm sorry Kid… I'm so… Sorry.” You murmur, starting to shake and tear up. He swiftly hugs you tightly.
          “Shhh… I understand… Its okay…” He rubs your back warmly. You swallow, relaxing in his embrace.
         “I've missed you, so much.” You whisper.
         “I've missed you too.” He breathes pulling back to cup your cheek. You smile, touching his hand.
         “I love you.” You murmur.
         “I never stopped loving you.” He sm
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