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Leszek Wojnicz-Sianożęcki
I’m the from the sign of Gemini, on everyday basis I’m involved in art, oil painting, clay sculpting, graphics and from time to time various musical and film projects. I cooperated with such bands as: Gladiator, Holy Death, Porta Inferna, Chains Of Fire , Death Frost, Kriegsmachine and recently Deadly Frost. As for the moving pictures. I had pleasure to participate in 3 episodes of Polish crime series W11 and one of ten parts of Archiwum X mini crime series. Music accompanies me as long as I remember and I consider it my most faithful lover. In this field my interests are varying from movie soundtracks (those inspire me a lot and turn on my imagination and will of creation), meditation and ritual music and last but not least my youth love for classic Heavy Metal and since I grew up a bit also Speed, Thrash, Black, Death and generally all sorts of heavy sounds are very close to me, especially when played from noble 12" vinyl I like to experiment with various branches of art. I don’t fear to cross new paths, for example recently I’m experimenting with artistic tattoo and my willing to get into it more seriously in the nearest future. In the art I can find my inner calm and resistance against christian faith which marked our civilization for last few centuries. I live in a fanatically religious country, where all the minorities, especially those connected with the occult and esoteric, presenting ideas contrary to catholic are persecuted . Here is no tolerance. The city where I live, Krakow, is a beautiful piece of classic architecture, full of monumental buildings and statues and of course Wawel, the pearl of the medieval architecture, but I cannot fully enjoy it. Living in this city it is impossible not to be limited by the faith of the cross. I love my little homeland but at the same time I can feel the knot tightening around my neck. On every step I can see the symbols of a universal lie that christianity represent. I can feel the pain and suffering of generations closed in these walls. Places like the famous chakram of Wawel are deliberately isolated, so that people cannot have any contact with the positive energy of any kind and so the balance is broken. That’s why through art and contact with nature I can keep my mind uncontamined by cross and the lie it brings and keep my inner strength in this imperfect world of ours. All the time however I’m disturbed by conciousness how many vital things and strong people belonging to my native culture had to be destroyed in order to build those temples and altars. That’s why I chose the character of His Infernal Majesty as the main theme in my art as the symbol of evil but also very colorful and graceful piece of not only folklore. Paradox is that also because the Horned Divinity the churches cash machine could go on for such a long time. Making the Bringer Of Light, Lucifer, the monster and generally the scary guy in order to make all the rebel souls afraid of the fate of those who oppose the machine (all those visions of hell full of pain, torture and infinite damnation) had the purpose of the psychic terror with which the church kept the people at bay manipulating the poorest and the most limited in intelligence social level. The more and more disgusting depictions of hell, the Devil and his huge family and then instead of scaring it started to fascinate. Not only because the human is curious of the darker side of everything by nature, but rather people started to search for the root of all evil, for which poor Satan was blamed. People started to wonder whether is it him, or the self proclaimed God Of The Small Things (if he exists), the cruel sadist playing with our life. Or maybe it is us, the people that create our own demons, because we are them ourselves? Is Earth not resembling Hell in any way? And the eternal cycle of life and death, isn’t it close to eternal damnation? Maybe we are those angels that once rebelled against the will of our creator? Those reflections I try to express through my art. I try to rip the curtains of blasphemous lies of the servants of the Nazarene in order to free the Light of Lucifer from the darkness of the twisted image that through centuries of repeating that this is the force responsible for all that is evil destroyed our imagination about him. I want to show that those who blame Devil for everything often speaking about love and bearing a cross on the chest do things so gruesome that sometimes I feel ashamed of being a human. To sum it up: I just want to show that the Devil is not as scary as depicted ď I hate the recession and monotony in my life. That’s why go forward like a raging storm, further and further, not forgetting about keeping the inner balance. That what helps me the most is tourism. I love to travel. Searching for new places and meeting new people of course as long as my financial resources let me ď In the spring and summertime I try to run away as far as I can from civilization, jumping on my bike and exploring the forest depths where the silence and calm charge me with positive energy. I like to walk through the forests and when I got more time my choice are the mountain trips. The piece of land that enchanted me the most ere definitely Bieszczady mountains, majestic, calm and full of ancient woods. I’m of course not resistant to the beauty of female kind, so delicate yet intriguing. If your interests are similar to mine, than welcome to the magical world of Luciforus Art. I’d be delighted to meet the people sharing my passions.
For those interested, I can make on commission paintings, sculptures, logos etc. Techniques used are oil, watercolour, charcoal, pencil and ink. I can design & make front covers for bands, zines and so on. Anyone interested should write to


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