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Serial Killer - Atomic Gas Rampage

Did I say no Giantess content for the Serial Killer? Screw that, I was in the mood to make a Giantess picture with her... And here it is :D
Casually sitting on top of a building, making it crumble down under her weight... And of course using her toxic gas to make sure nobody survives, while casually stomping down on a small building in front of her and destroying police cars that attempted in vain to stop her.

I hope you guys like it!
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JRGTS's avatar
Beautiful, the destruction is insane. How much is 3D and how much is photoshop?
LuciferSynd's avatar
The gas is photoshop, all the remaining is completely render ;)
JRGTS's avatar
Does the building prop let you vary the damage? Seems to have come a long way since I dabbled with poser.
LuciferSynd's avatar
Unfortunately not, the prop is fixed like that and cannot be changed :(
Hrothgaard's avatar
... Oh my... I want this boots!!!...Love 
LuciferSynd's avatar
I think you can find them in some online stores ;)
Denten45's avatar
Wow......loving you so much for this one right now! I need a moment. Would love to see this mega platformed lass wreck more cities. Im wondering how she'd end other structures!
LuciferSynd's avatar
This character is completely based on fart and toilet fetish... therefore you can understand clearly how she would end other structures ;) It's just what she does!
SolBadGuy93's avatar
i love all the details :D
LuciferSynd's avatar
Glad you do mate, I spent quite a bit to make this one :D
SolBadGuy93's avatar
I am pressured to see this, try to follow all your works
LuciferSynd's avatar
Well, I have no idea when this story will actually come out... I have to think about a possible schedule for it without forgetting Astrid and Armageddon. I'll see what I can do :D
SolBadGuy93's avatar
There is no problem about which story you go on, your works are so amazing :D
LatinReya's avatar
Weapon of ASS destruction :D
LuciferSynd's avatar
You just won the internet, sir XD
BauSkinner's avatar
New wallpaper for sure!!!! Nod 
She's divine! I think that my top is changing a little bit...Love 
Soooo many details!! Absolutely love this pic!! I love this kind of atmosphere (:D), like the post-apocaliptic scenario at her feet!!! Clap 
LuciferSynd's avatar
Hehehehe, I love post apocalyptic scenarios as well... I'm quite sure that she will get very high in your top list, my man XD
Perhaps she'll manage even to de-throne Gabriel at a certain point :D

Glad you like it so much, as always...
BauSkinner's avatar
I'm quite sure too XD
Mmmmm no. Nothing and no one in the world will de-throne Gabriel! But probably she can arrive at position number 2 and change the top 5!!! Nod 
I think that this image will be my wallpaper for a loooooooong time!!!! It's really perfect! I even cleaned the screen!! I'm crazy... OMG MOAR POEMS! 
Sexy and cruel
LuciferSynd's avatar
Thank you buddy... That's exactly how I wanted to make her ;)
You are welcome ;)
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