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My Bio
I'm generally known as Sam, though I've been called Luci and Muse depending on which username people have met me through. Feel free to call me anything you like really. I'm not picky.

I'm a procrastinating son of a bitch but I do try. I've been at college studying art for a year now and am about to start my second. My entire art career consists of me trying very hard, producing a few good things and spending the rest of the time flailing about my lack of talent.

I love to write as well though I am horrendous at finishing things. If you took away the part of me that was creating through words and pictures there would not be a great deal left.

Interested in my obsessions? I advise you to check out my tumblr, which is linked somewhere below. I am always, ALWAYS willing to talk to people even if I'm sometimes slow at answering.

So that's about it for me. I'll keep quiet for now and you can get on with the business of looking at the things that I made for your viewing pleasure.

Favourite Movies
Repo! The Genetic Opera, Queen of the Damned, The Princess Bride, Dogma, Labyrinth
Favourite TV Shows
Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
MCR, Chameleon Circuit, Katy Perry, Lordi, Voltaire, Within Temptation
Favourite Books
Sherlock Holmes, Skulduggery Pleasant, Discworld, The Redemption of Althalus
Favourite Writers
Stephen King, John Green, Arthur Conan Doyle, Derek Landy, Darren Shan, Maria V Snyder
Favourite Games
Dungeon Siege, NeoSteam
Tools of the Trade
pencil and paper and photoshop
Other Interests
The Sherlock Fandom, fanfic, learning guitar, pretending I'm amusing to people other than me
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I've decided. I finally will and I'll use it as a kick in the pants to upload stuff all the time. It's here: SO COME ON OVER. THERE'LL BE WRITING AND CRACK!ART AND FANART AND COLLEGE WORK AND MAYBE EVEN SOME HALF-DECENT PAINTINGS OR SOME SHIT.
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So I just noticed I have nearly four thousand pageviews. Um...YAY! If anyone's interested in catching it and claiming a prize, then be my guest. I'll try and remember to do a thank you picture or something. Huzzah! I'll upload some more Red Riding Hood photo's now. BAIGUYZ ALSO; thoughts on making an anthro persona? I sketched one out last night, and she's dorkily awesome.
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Not that there's really much point in saying it, but I figured I'd put it out there, just in case. I'm pretty much always open for commissions, because no matter how much work I've got I always need another reason to procrastinate. Besides, drawing to specifications would be good practice, since I kinda want to be an illustrator of some kind XD So yeah, commission me! Do I, like, need prices :S See that sketch of Young Max over there? yeah, the featured one. That'll cost you, 3-5 points or an art trade of something similar. I say 3-5, since I don't want to set specific prices. Pick! It's only that much cause it's fully coloured and mostly
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Im gonna post a maximum ride story soon!!! Please read, scared noone will
Good luck with your points donations.
Thank you so much for the points! =D
Youre most welcome.
thanks for the fave! :)