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So, I haven't been back here for a few months, for reasons that should be obvious. I guess the biggest news is the cancellation of the strips "After Life" and "The Chimney" (although a full-length origin issue of The Chimney is currently in the works). I decided that I don't really have the fan base to continue those, so I figured I'd concentrate on the strip that makes me most happy creatively, and that's the original, "Lucifer for Congress."

It's been over a year since the publication of LUCIFER FOR CONGRESS ANTHOLOGY #1, and perhaps predictably, sales are in the toilet. Seriously, I held a widely promoted book signing at a local comics shoppe, and I sold exactly 2 copies, one to the proprietor. If you want to make a pity purchase, you can find it Lulu dot com. 

My site's been glitchy as hell, and I'm thinking of abandoning it, because I'm tired of paying a dude $50 to declutter all the bugs. For now, Facebook (as much as I hate it) is the best place to find new stuff and follow my ... ahem ... "progress."

My thanks to my handful of followers. Yeah, I do it all "for love of the game," and all that nonsense, but let's get real. If NO ONE read the damn things, I'd give up cartooning forever and watch Marvel movies all day.
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