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My book "I'm an Idiot, You're an Idiot" is the funniest book in human history, even funnier than the "yo-momma's-so-fat" jokes found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. My cartoons currently run in the Zenith City Weekly in Duluth, MN. I'm also an amateur songwriter and stand-up comedian. My entire toon gallery is at Facebook dot com slash peanutgallerycomics.

Favourite photographer: The crew at Victoria's Secret. Bless em.
Favourite style of art: Classic 50s & 60s comics; glamour photography
Shell of choice: Um, turtle? No idea what this is.
Favourite cartoon character: Lucifer Sims (plug) of Lucifer for Congress
Personal Quote: "TREE is the ultimate fiber cereal, Muriel!"

Favourite Visual Artist
Jack "King" Kirby, John Romita Sr.
Favourite Movies
Favourite TV Shows
Daily Show; Rachel Maddow; Family Guy
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Beatles, Billy Joel
Favourite Books
Favourite Writers
Stan Lee, Carl Sagan
Favourite Games
I have no time for games!
Favourite Gaming Platform
Ah... a stool? No idea.
Tools of the Trade
pen, pencil, and Windows PhotoEdit
Other Interests
Comics, comedy, politics


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OK, here's a link.…

BOOOOOOOM!! Game over, loser!! Disproved all your shit with ONE LINK! BOO-YAH!! How's that taste, muthafucka?! How d'ya like THEM apples?! You like 'em red, juicy, and baked in a pie?! Cuz that's how you got 'em!

Man, you must feel really stupid right now. As you should. that I've convinced you that you're wrong, and you're fully won over to my side, I have a more serious quesiton: On a scale of 9 to 10, how learning disabled are you? Because you seem to have basically ZERO reading comprehension, along with your fundamentally flawed reasoning skills. 

I mean, wait... Did you just say Hillary won a plurality of the votes? Then it wasn't a landslide, doofus. Lord. You can argue for the EC if you want, but not if you're trying to say Trump won in a landslide. That's where the whole "lost by 2.7 million votes" comes in. Then you say the "majority of the popular vote" doesn't matter because Trump "won the majority of states"--which again, is contradictory. Which is it? Do majorities count or not?

Sorry, sorry, got sidetracked. Back to your learning disorder. Do you feed yourself? I'm guessing your momma cooks for you, but can you get the food in your own mouth without spilling? How about dressing? Again, I'm sure your mother dresses you, but are you allowed to pick out your own clothes? Do they match? I'm guessing they don't. I picture you dressed like a walking bowling shoe that's been barfed on by a circus clown.

Anyway, glad you've seen the light because I posted a link. Just the same, I don't think I'll come over for dinner. You strike me as the kind of person who eats with his mouth open and spits when he talks.
Nincompoop Haberdashery 60
HA HA HA HA HA! You know how some people say "LOL" when they're not really laughing out loud? You literally made me laugh out loud! The number of illegals is now 4 million! Is this because Hillary's lead is now approaching 3 million?! Yes, yes, I think it is!

There literally aren't 7 million votes left uncounted. That was in November. Check your calendar. You honestly believe no votes have been counted since mid-November? Well, of course you do. You're a schmuck.

Now, as for your links... First of all, unsubstantiated hearsay and conspiracy theories by Republican precinct chairs, supporters, whack-jobs, etc. ad nauseum, is neither proof nor evidence. A lot of them don't even provide THAT. (Why would you include Howard Dean talking about REPUBLICAN voter fraud? Never mind, you're a dolt. I get it.) A lot of your "voter fraud" links do nothing but cite random people's Twitter accounts. Yeah, that's proof of voter fraud, all right! 

You have several others that are absolutely irrelevant. Stolen voter signs? Misattributed fliers? Do you really think those don't happen on the other side? Do you really want to compare the number of dirty tricks played by Republicans? Because I don't think you'd like the answer. (Well, you would just dismiss it as "liberal propaganda," or some such.) Again, not voter fraud.

Secondly, let me talk to you like I'm talking to a retarded child. Not that I'm crediting you as being as smart as a retarded child, mind you. It's just as simplistic as I can put it: Voter registration is NOT THE SAME AS VOTING YOU IDIOT. It's not uncommon during voter drives to have some smartass sign his form as "Mickey Mouse" or some such. It doesn't mean Mickey voted. 

So, what have we learned this time around? We learned that you can't tell the difference between facts and allegations. You can't tell the difference between voter registration and voter fraud. You can't tell the difference between campaign dirty tricks and voter fraud. You can't tell the difference between a relevant link and an irrelevant one. You can't tell the difference between reality and fiction, either, but I knew that from your very first post.
Nincompoop Haberdashery 60
HA HA HA HA HA!! You moron. Pew Research Center was not talking about massive voter fraud. They were talking about voter-registration rolls that had dead people's names on them and had to be updated. I just talked about that earlier. You DO realise that, just because a person's name is on the rolls, it doesn't mean they voted, right? Right? Because they can't? Because they're DEAD?

Also, no. There aren't 7 million votes left. That was in mid-November.

You can't even read your own damn sources. That's just how stupid you are. Considering a misogynist, racist site like Breitbart as "good" or the flat-out insane "Infowars" as reliable... You continue to amuse! HA HA HA HA HA!! You are a fucking CLOWN!! Dance, clown! Dance for my amusement!!
Nincompoop Haberdashery 60
Breitbart? Infowars? These are your sources? Yet you don't believe "Old Media." You are not a serious person. I do not take you seriously. You are a joke.

You don't even understand how evidence works. It's up to you to prove that it happened, not for me to disprove it. I'm not wasting my time posting links showing that there are no such things as unicorns and minotaurs. I waste no more time with blithering idiots than necessary. The only reason I've put up with you as long as I have is because you amuse me. Like. A. CLOWN.

Btw, you see Hillary's lead is now 2.7 million? Even if you subtract 3 million--and again, voter fraud on that scale does not, and has never in modern times, happened on that scale--it still wouldn't be the laughable "landslide" you claimed. 
Nincompoop Haberdashery 60
You believe lies from fake news sites. Period. REALITY is my evidence.
Nincompoop Haberdashery 60