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This group is looking for more Admins/Contributors.

You have to meet our standards:

1- A general interest & knowledge of the Occult is always good, but not enough.
and you do NOT need to be a Luciferian or an Occultist to be a Contributor/member here.

2- If you have no "Dark" Artwork in your Gallery section, you won't be able to be a Contributor/member.
We will look at your gallery & favorite sections and I will make some judgment.

Your duty as an Admin/Contributor:

1- Accepting "only" submissions that fits this group. We do not accept everything. (Read the rules on the home page.)

2- Requesting/adding High-Quality Dark Artwork that you appreciate to this group.

PM me.

Written by the Admin.
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Group Info

Keywords: #Dark, #Occult, #Esoteric, #Witchcraft #Metaphysical #Mythology

A Luciferian group, created to celebrate the Luciferian aeon and the end of the old Age. We are Light-bearers. "Lucifer." is the liberator, the ancient repel, the Spirit of the Air, related to spiritual awakening, and higher consciousness.

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Founded 5 Years ago
Dec 22, 2013


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576 Members
587 Watchers
35,813 Pageviews
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The Luciferian Aeon

:bulletpurple: About the group:

Luciferic-Shadows is a home for High-Quality Dark Artists with tendencies towards the Occult. Check our Gallery Folders to see what kind of Art we accept then read the rules before joining. Luciferic-Shadows is a diabolic group, artistically.

:bulletpurple: Who/What is Lucifer ?

This group does NOT adhere to the popular biblical beliefs regarding a fallen "being" called Lucifer.

Lucifer is the Latin Luciferus, the light-bringer, the Morning Star, equivalent to the Greek Phosphorus-the name of the pure, pale herald of daylight.

Luciferic-Shadows is originally a group with a focus on the path of apotheosis, the esoteric religion, which is a collection of ancient pantheons. In Luciferic-Shadows, Light and Darkness are equally important, exactly like the Sun and the Moon. The term "Lucifer" is a Latin word meaning 'Light Bearer.' It is a term for the Morning Star and it is related to the Planet Venus and the Air element.

Inside the pagan circles, Lucifer is related to Aradia and Diana. We acknowledge this particular "Pagan root." which is often refereed to as "the Gospel of the Witches."

In Greek mythology, Lucifer is the Lord of Phosphorus; another manifestation of Prometheus. Lucifer in some traditions is a form of the "Adversary" against the Lords of the righteous. Lucifer is an enlightened rebel who opposes the jealousy and severity of Zeus-Jehovah. Lucifer manifests in the feminine masks as Aphrodite or Astarte; the primordial goddess of the planet Venus. In the Roman myth, Lucifer is the son of the Goddess Aurora. The Light Prince existed in all ancient pantheons. Neophytes are encouraged to find their "own connection" in any of these traditions.

We recognize "Lucifer" as the Spirit of the Air; meaning spiritual matters, and this Spirit is known in the Luciferian Aeon as a kundalini Serpent, the Daimon, or inner flame, which is the spark of consciousness. This Luciferian "substance" has been in existence in all ancient cultures. Some refer to Lucifer as the Acausal being in a theistic matter; a deity. Others see Lucifer as the “Higher Self” while others see Lucifer as an archetype, a metaphor, or a symbol of enlightenment, wisdom, and apotheosis. These are "models" to approach the same goal in the Aeon of light.

:bulletpurple: How to Join Luciferic-Shadows ?

This is an artistic and soical group for those interested in the Luciferian community.

Accepting members is based on your artistic style. We are looking for artists of a dark and surrealistic nature. You should be able to contribute to be a member here, but you do not need to be a member to discuss the Luciferian path or the Occult with the members.

:bulletpurple: Rules And Guidelines:

(Warning: +18 Content: Adults ONLY.)

1. Only Dark Art is accepted here. Non-Dark Artwork will be declined. We make some exceptions for Angelic Art.

2. You are allowed to discuss the Occult here, just be respectful to everyone (including people of any faith.)

3. We do NOT accept any "religious content" especially what opposes the Luciferian current.

4. We do NOT accept any political content; all things here MUST be artistic in nature.

5. No animal abuse of any kind.

6. We do NOT accept pornographic content.

7. No CD covers, 3D images, cartoons, Anime, Manga, guns, cars, fairies, extreme abstract art.

8. The group reserves the right to accept or decline the submissions based on their Quality.

9. You MUST give credits to your models or stocks.

10. Submit your artwork in the right folder:

• Angels Photomanipulations: Creatures of Light.

• Dark Angels Photomanipulations: Dark Angels Only.

• The Dark Goddess: Anything related to the "Dark" or Moon Goddess. (Ex: Babalon, Kali, Hecate, Lilith, Luna, Astarte, Selene...etc...)

• Dark Photomanipulations: Anything Dark. Usually your models are humans.

• Macabre & Horror is your Darkest artwork.

• Vampires Photomanipulations: Here is where you show Artwork with BLOOD.

• Emotional and fantasy Photomanipulations: Your work should have dark emotions, elements, or dark tones and colors. Because we are a Dark group, we may accept, or reject some of those.

• Dark Photography: It should have a model/person in the Photography. It can be stock, personal images, or haunted objects. It must be dark to be accepted. If you Submit images that are almost identical; we will make a decision to accept only one of them.

• Literature : Your Darkest thoughts, poetry, and Occult philosophy. (Please no real-life issues.)

• Occultus: the Occult: Anything occultish, surreal, esoteric, witchery, or related to Altars, Magick, Symbols, Crafts, or Magickians.

• Satanic Gallery: We are of the very few groups that will give you some space for Satanic Art.

• Demons Gallery: related to intelligent Spirits, beings, or forces.

Luciferic-Shadows Team,

Not all images here necessary represents the Luciferian Aeon. Luciferic-Shadows is NOT linked to any coven, lodge, temple, church, or organization. It is independent work made to celebrate the Aeon. For any questions about the group or rules, you can note/PM the admin, or leave a comment.

Written by Admin Lvcifera. ©2018 DeviantArt. Luciferic-Shadows. All rights reserved.




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