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I watched it.  For months, I had planned for my very first adoptee to be painted his dream color.  I raised up the funds and vhendi lent me some to help cover what I needed when it came out a few months ago in the editorial that they were going to create a Maraquan eyrie.  I'm pretty sure now that I think about it that it was my question that got it's named left off...I don't care who's particularly, it spurred TNT into action, finally.

They released the color on October the 9th at 9:30ish pm Neopian Standard Time or Pacific Time.  I had been watching that color for days since it came out on neocolours.  It was beautiful! Not what my eyrie looks like in my mind, but that's only a picture...I don't care.  It's the color and the name of that color that matter.  I stalked the rainbow pool tonight.  I stalked it and kept refreshing and at around 9:30 pm of October 9th of 2005 my eyrie, eyrie_demon01 or Dameon Edward Deserthawk as I prefer to call him, finally became Maraquan!  He cried tears of joy!! Only vhendi and her pets as well as my own were there...they were the only ones we wanted and as he slithered out of the Rainbow Pool I felt so elated.  He's beautiful. Long and sleek.  He's calicoed like a koi.  I wanted to rush off and tell everyone who would listen, but I couldn't...the people on the boards are savage creatures and will tear me apart in under six seconds for such a gesture.  I might get told off. I might get n00bs begging me for my pet. And worst of all, I might get people who will try to hack into my account.  He's the first as far as I know or care! He is mine!  So, I hide my pride to keep him's all I can do.

However, here...I don't have to hide my elated feelings over my virtual pet getting painted...because I feel safe here.
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Vhendi Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
YAY Dameon! XD *throws confettii*

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

:boogie: :dance: :boogie:

:airborne: :highfive:
Lucifer-Apollyon Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2005
Yep! Thank you!! :D Now, all I need to do is create his petpage and a neohome for him and his family and customize his look up and he'll be finished...and get him a maraquan gallion though he's had Archer for two years. I wish it didn't affect the PPL if you changed him to something else with petpet ray or potion...though the potions have yet to work.
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Submitted on
October 9, 2005