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Texans-A little tribute

Mon Sep 26, 2005, 5:33 AM


We're an ubberly nutty bunch we know.  For us old families, we came over in covered wagon; horse back and even some on foot.  Our ancestors survived the long haul through the other states; the blistering cold and the scorching heat.  Survived rattlesnakes; coyotes and God only knows what else!  We've fought for our independence from Mexico (take it how you will).  We fought for both sides in the Civil War (before Sam Houston died we were a Union state, wasn't very long really). During both World Wars Texans stepped up to the plate, but never as much as they did during World War 2.  Before America was even in the second war ex-Texas Rangers (the real deal, not the baseball team) were making plans to go over there to Europe and kick Nazi butt and Hitler was afraid! During all the wars inbetween then and now we've had warriors and protestors.  During 9/11 we, like the rest of the nation watched on in horror, and like the rest of the nation we were ready to make the bastards pay. The 2005 hurricane season begins and a hurricane of monsterous proportions screams into Lousiana, Mississippi and Alabama.  With New Orleans flooded and Biloxi nothing really more than a memory and thousands left homeless and over a thousand dead.  Texans, even the poorest of us, knew we had more than those people did at the moment and so we gave up what we could.  We took strangers into our homes; took in pets that were not our own; were at the relief shelters waiting to help and were ready to do what we had to to help.  When we found out Rita was coming, another monster by the looks of her.  Stronger, really, than Katrina.  I've never felt such fear coming off my fellow Texans!  We evacuated the coast and most of us about had a long horn calf when we saw it was headed towards Houston (the city that currently holds the most Katrina refugees, my God the horror they must have felt).  We weren't just afraid for ourselves, we were afraid for the refugees. We were afraid that they might not make it intact.  Silly, I know, but you try relocating thousands of people who have no where to go and then millions more that technically don't have anywhere to go either.  It was very scary!  The bus that burned, wow was that driver ever brave! If he isn't an official bonified Texan then by God he should be made one because, Damn! I swear I don't think anybody but a ubberly nutty Texan could rush into a burning bus full of explosive oxygen tanks several times just to get people out. When we found out Rita hit land as a catagory 3 we were so releived.  While our govenor says stay where you are, many are not.  Not because we're stubborn, though I'm pretty sure that's part of it, but because those people that were hit need to see what's left.  Need to salvage what's there.  In all due honesty, even if Rita had hit us at her full strength they'd still go home because no one knows how to rebuild like Texans.

I wrote a little thing on September 11th of this year and posed the question, "Are we strong enough to survive this catastrophe that was Hurricane Katrina.  And I got my answer...In a strong, clear and insanely arrogant voice with a slight southern drawl, the answer I got was, "YES!!" and ladies and gentlemen, I'm very proud of that fact!

Note:  Don't take this personally, those from other states, I'm just really proud to be a Texan right now and I honestly think that those that did all those things in the above mentioned journal are worth the time and effort to type this little tribute up. :D

My Prrrrrecioussss--:iconvhendi:

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September 26, 2005