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Okay! I'd forgotten how to use this feature. :P

Anyway, June 30th I got into a wreck.  I just want to tell everybody...I'm okay!  I just have some really ugly bruises on my knees that's all that happened to me.  Except, I lost my car!  It was totaled in the accident.  I was turning left and this SUV came barreling out of no where...anyway, this will let you know how dumb some people are...I was actually asked, "Didn't you see the cars?"  O.o  Gee!  If I did would you think I would have made a left turn and totaled out my car that I had a year more to pay on?  I don't think so!!  Not to mention the fact that the SUV hit a pedestrian, luckily...except for a compound fracture...he looked to be okay!  Bleeding, but okay, none the less.  It coulda been a hell of a lot worse for him!

So, July 3rd comes around and Vhendi tells me she's going to stay in Houston another week...break out the taquilla!!!  Whoo!!

I did not need to hear that!!  I really didn't!  One, I have b-day prezzies to give her.  Two, I need her support.  She's more like family than my real family is because all my little brother could do afterwards was ask..."Do you want me to break your nose?"  Like that wasn't a possibility already!  Moron! *rolls eyes*

Anyway, hopefully, she'll be coming home soon so I can get away from my family before they all end up tied to trees with socks stuffed in their mouths and me dancing naked and drunk out in the front yard!

Which NOBODY needs to see!

How is that, Vhendi, for a new journal entry!?
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TallonRoe Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Car wrecks are scary. Hopefully no one involved will try to pull you into a frivolous lawsuit (*grumblegrumble*). Well, if you do start a drunken nudist colony on the lawn, be cautious of police. After all, while your drunk, naked ass might be able to outrun the cops, you can't outrun their german shepherd. :wtf:

Excuse me, I'm going to run far, far away now.

Lucifer-Apollyon Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2004
LOL!! Well, luckily, I decided against the nudist coloney. :) We were suppose to get the police report today, but for some reason mom forgot about I can go get it myself...*sigh* Well, if anyone wants to try to sue me they aren't going to get much...I'm a poor 21 year old college student. :D Sometime being pathetic is a good thing.
Vhendi Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
dear god, i said write a new entry... not start a nudist colony in your front yard, dude!

lol, anyway... i've got some other stuff to tell ya but it can wait, talk to you later!
Lucifer-Apollyon Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2004
ROTFLMAO!!! Yeah, but I thought you'd better know that you being here affects my sanity, which is slowly slipping! :D
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Submitted on
July 10, 2004