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Okay, I understand...change is inevedible. (sp? who gives a fuck?) Still, this new layout hurts my eyes...literally, it burns! I can't pay attention to the art, so I'm not sure if I'll be sticking around or not.  I'm really rather unhappy with the new chat feature. This is an art site not a let's talk about shit site.  If I wanted to talk about shit I'd go to the ever decreasing number of Gargoyle Fan sites to do that. :P  All in all, I'm not happy with Deviant Art.
Okay, today I've got to go take care of my ticket that I got from getting into that wreck!  Big Deal!!  That's not why my life is screwed!

My life is screwed because I intend to do this on absolutely NO sleep!!  I need coffee :coffeemachine:!!  Badly!!  Main reason I didn't sleep was because I wanted to get Vhendi some last minute birthday presents, No Big Deal!!, I pick up a couple of things and as I'm going to look at all the Neopets stuff this little girl comes down the aisle. Okay, note: For some strange, inconcievable reason that has yet to be revealed to me, all the Neopets crap is down the girl's toy aisle...O.o Anyway, this kid is screaming at the top of her lungs, and not for the reasons you may think, she wants a toy.  Her mother is an aisle or two over and this kid is Screaming!!? WTF!!?  Big No No around high-pitched screaming children, my ears are very sensative, too sensative in some cases!! I couldn't handle this kid's screaming!! Everything else I put my ears through; music turned up too loud; tv turned up to full volume on now one would think that I should be deaf...Hell no!!  It would have been a blessing yesterday, but I'm not deaf and I actually said several things that got some rather strange looks from the people around me.  One:  "Shut the Hell up!!" and Two:  "I'm really considering hitting this kid!"  Loud enough that the kid could hear it, had she not been screaming.  Truthfully, now that I think about it, a good spanking probably woulda helped keep her closer to her mother and helped keep her dumb mouth shut.  Though her mother appeared to be on of those tab A- slot B people...*sigh*  Some people should have their ovaries/balls taken care of right from the get go so they can't have kids!

Anyway, there is my little rant for the day!  Hope y'all will enjoy!  :D
Okay! I'd forgotten how to use this feature. :P

Anyway, June 30th I got into a wreck.  I just want to tell everybody...I'm okay!  I just have some really ugly bruises on my knees that's all that happened to me.  Except, I lost my car!  It was totaled in the accident.  I was turning left and this SUV came barreling out of no where...anyway, this will let you know how dumb some people are...I was actually asked, "Didn't you see the cars?"  O.o  Gee!  If I did would you think I would have made a left turn and totaled out my car that I had a year more to pay on?  I don't think so!!  Not to mention the fact that the SUV hit a pedestrian, luckily...except for a compound fracture...he looked to be okay!  Bleeding, but okay, none the less.  It coulda been a hell of a lot worse for him!

So, July 3rd comes around and Vhendi tells me she's going to stay in Houston another week...break out the taquilla!!!  Whoo!!

I did not need to hear that!!  I really didn't!  One, I have b-day prezzies to give her.  Two, I need her support.  She's more like family than my real family is because all my little brother could do afterwards was ask..."Do you want me to break your nose?"  Like that wasn't a possibility already!  Moron! *rolls eyes*

Anyway, hopefully, she'll be coming home soon so I can get away from my family before they all end up tied to trees with socks stuffed in their mouths and me dancing naked and drunk out in the front yard!

Which NOBODY needs to see!

How is that, Vhendi, for a new journal entry!?
Okay, as anyone who has read Vhendi's journal knows, she got a couple of rats.  They smell least a snake doesn't smell so funny. :P  Anyway, I went over to Vhendi's to go check out her new rats.  Which they are adorible, smell funny, but adorible non the less.  While I was headed over there to her house, I saw a turtle in the middle of the road.  What do you think I did?

A. Drive over the turtle really slowly so I wouldn't hit and just kept on going, hoping that the little guy would make it across the road to safety.

B. Run the turtle over and laugh maniacally while going over the speed limit by ten MPH in a school zone


C. Stop. Get out of my car.  Grab the turtle off of the road. Put it into my car. Drive to Vhen's.  Check her rats out.  Talk a bit, then leave to release the turtle into the wilds of a swamp we have in one of our town's parks?
Well, I finally had it.  Eating art was one thing...eating blank paper that I was trying to print on, is quite the other.  Note to self: Specify the price of the damned piece of equipment you want when asking for Christmas or birthdays. Yes, it is rude, but it assures that you get what you want, exactically as you want it.  Mom and Dad got me an all-in-one.  It's one of those that you scan stuff into in much like a fax.  Anyway, biggest problem I have is it is possessed.

Anyway, I unhooked the bugger and hooked up my old printer. *hugs*  Good printer! :D