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Yoinked Test...

Fri Nov 19, 2004, 12:54 AM
Stupid Fuckin' People Always Changing Trying to Make Other People Happy! Don't they know the key to making others happy is to never change!? ~Lucifer Apollyon Satan aka The Devil: About the sudden update to Deviant Art that makes it Hella Hard to find how to submit journals.

Yoinked from :iconvhendi: who yoinked it from :iconblademalfoy: who yoinked it from some one else. I meant to yoink it from Blade though. This test, by looking at it, is most likely meant for girls, but when has that ever stopped me?

[01] What's your first name? Lucifer
[02] Last name? Satan
[03] Address: Hell
[04] Nicknames: The Devil; Luck...etc.
[05] Do u like ur nicknames? Not the ones regarding me as some evil entity that can possess bodies and steal souls!  I only possess bodies to drink alcohol because angels are allergic. XD
[06] Gender: Looks down...way down...male! Definately!
[07] bDay: O_o I don't know!
[08] Your sign: I don't have one!
[09] Where do u live: Hell. Pandamonium tobe more exact.
[11] Have you ever been in love? Happily, NO!!
[14] Do you have any piercing? Nope! And proud!
[15] If no do you want anything pierced? I have enough holes in my body put there by other people...Thank you!
[16] Do you have a tattoo? No.
[17] Do you want one? Yeah, but this body has heart problems so I can't. :(
[18] Where do u shop at the most? where else to shop around here.  Yes, Wal-Mart is in Hell! That should tell you something!
[19] what color is your hair? *looks at hair* Black.
[20] What color are your eyes? Green
[21] How tall are you? I don't know...been a while since anybody measured me.
[23] Do you smoke? Um...I breath fire does that count?
[24] Do your friends smoke? No.
[25] Who is your best friend? Vhendi
[27] Who are your best friends online? Vhendi
[28] Do you like Bath & Body Works? Fuck no! Stupid Girly Smelly Frellin' Store!!!!
[29] Kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? VO5
[30] Is your hair short or long? Waist Length! I Will NEVER Cut It Either!
[31]Do you like to shop? If it weren't for all the people who I'd love to put up on stakes and burn them in eternal flames while listening to them scream in agony for all eternity, shopping would be a more enjoyable experience.
[34] What turns you off? This Quiz!!
[35] What place do you go for fun? The Unreal!
[36] What do you do for fun? Rain fire and brimstone upon the masses; play with dead bodies; rip people to shreds and imagine people on stakes burning in eternal flame screaming in agony.
[37] how many phones do you have in your house? think.
[38] How many computers do u have in your house? Uno mas!
[39] What's your favorite foods? Hmm...potatoes!
[40] Do you look like anyone famous? I'm The Devil! I'm imfamous!
[41] Do you think Justin Timerlake is attractive? Who the fuck?
[42] Who is the most attractive person you know? Me!
[43] Do u wish to be like your parents? No!
[45] What cologne should a hot guy wear? Nothing...I hate getting gussied up!
[46] What are you listening to right now? Silence! Nothingness! Even the little people in my head are quiet.
[47]What time is it? 1:54 AM. Hella late!
[48] How many hours per day do you spend talking on the phone? What is a phone!?
[49] Do you have your own phone line? Cellphone, I despise the little buggering bastard!
[50] Have you ever kissed someone (NOT FAMILY)? No, thank God!
[51] What are your favorite shoes? I prefer going around barefooted.
[52] What kind of clothes do you sleep in if any? Er...underwear mostly.
[53] What's your favorite soda? Root Beer! XD Been on that kick since the Civil War.
[54] What things do you say a lot? Er...
[55] Are you the serious, loud, happy, or shy type? Very serious around my family for the most part, but I can come off as a complete goober.
[56] Who is the coolest people/person in the world? Me!
[57] Do you think you are weird or funny? Both! I'm so weird, I'm funny.
[58] Who was the last person you called? Scott, a rep from a governmental agency.
[59] Where do you wanna get married? I have no plans of ever getting married. I believe that marrage is something that people do to prove their ignorant!
[60] Who is the finest guy in your school? Me!
[61] What are your favorite guy/girl names? Lucifer for boys, Yvonna for girls.
[62] What's your worst memory in the past 5 years? What was I doing five years ago?
[63] What's your favorite childhood memory? I don't have any.
[64] What is your favorite fast food restaurant? Guadalahara(sp?)
[65] Who do you really dislike? Everybody!
[66] If so, names? People I know?...Crystal Temple, the buggering bitch from the sespool known as Fuckturdia!
[67] do you have a pool? No. :(
[68] Do you have a spa? No! I want one though. :(
[69] Are you stupid? I'm filling out this quiz aren't I?
[70] What are you addicted to? Root Beer. The only reason you humans are still here is because if I killed you then who would make me root beer?
[71] Who do you wish you were like? I think I'd like to be more like myself. I'm confidant; loyal; strong in my own ways. Pessimestic about certain things, yet optomestic on others. I'm careful, but will take a plunge. I'm truthful and blunt.
[72] Who has it easier, males or females? Girls, most definately. They may have periods and have to carry a child for nine months, but they aren't stigmatized if they don't want to have a family. They aren't required to be the bread winner or have a job.  They aren't looked down upon for showing emotions and being "weak". Women have it made!
[73] Would you rather be short or tall? Nah! If I need anything high up I'll get a chair.
[74] Do you like to dance? Nope. Hate dancing.
[75] Do you like playing pranks on people? When is April Fools going to get here!?
[76] What's your least favorite subject in school? I like them all, I just have a hard time with foreign languages.  Math is a foreign language, trust me!
[77] What's your favorite subject in school? From the ones I'm taking now, all!
[78] What college do you wanna go to? I'm tired of school! Get Me Outta This Place!!
[79] What school do you go to now? Del Mar College
[80] Do you have a Playstation or Nintendo 64? Playstation 2.
[81] Do you sleep a lot? I'm up at 2:13 AM...What does this tell you!?
[82] Whats your favorite radio stations? Too many to name.
[83] Are you a night person? Night owl all the way!
[84] Are you a morning person? Shall I shove that bagel down your throat for you mister early bird?
[85] Whats your favorite tv show? I hate tv anymore.
[86] Do you shave? Under my arms mostly, I can't seem to get any facial hair going.
[87] How often do you shower? With at least 36 hours of my last one.
[88] What room do you spend most of the time in? None.
[89] How many rooms does your house have? 9
[90] What do you wanna be when you're out of college? What I am now.
[91] Do you curse a lot? I don't know.
[92] Are you ticklish? Not really.
[93] What's your favorite flower? None.
[94] What are you wearing right now? A t-shirt and blue jeans.
[95] Do you go to church? I'm The Devil! I think it would be kind of a bad idea wouldn't you agree?
[96] How many kids do you wanna have? None! Absolutely zip! I hate kids, they're the fucking plague!
[97] Do you believe in God? I have to talk to her every now and again, so obviously I know she exists!
[98] Do you believe in love at first sight? I don't look at people the same way as others, possible, but hasn't happened to me yet.
[99] What color tooth brush do you use? Green and clear with white bristels.
[100] How many times a day do you brush your teeth? Once or twice depends on how grungy I feel.
[101] who is you favorite cartoon character? Can't choose a favorite. I like anything Jeff Bennett, voice of Brooklyn off of Gargoyles, does though.
[102] Do you have a job? Nope!
[103] What's your favorite fruit? Um...any actually. I'm not too fond of kiwis though.
[104] What's your favorite vegetable? Potatoes!
[105] What's your favorite candy? Mini Milk Chocolate Reeses Peanut butter cups and any other dark chocolate or anything with nuts. I love crunchy stuff! XD
[106] What was the best day of your life? The day I was born...and then things snowballed and my lifes been going down hill from there.
[107] What are you gonna do today? Don't know...later I have bills to pay because humans require paper and metal to be exchanged to keep things as they are.  You humans are strange!
[108] Are you daddy's little angel? -_-'' I'm a GUY!!  Fuck NO!! I hate my father and I hope he burns in Hell and that I'm the one allowed to torture his dumb fuckin' ass!!
109] Do you wear body spray? Does deoderant count?
[110] Who is the sweetest girl? I only hang around vhendi. She's pretty sweet in her own way. :)
[111] Who is the sweetest guy? Me!
[112] How many rings or necklaces do you own? Lots, but I don't really wear them, they're just there because I like shiny things.
[113] Do you wear a watch? I own tons, but none of them work anymore.
[114] Did/Do you have braces? Nope never had them...and if it's up to me, will never have them.
[115] Do you have freckles? Um...I guess.
[116] What are you thinking right now? Um...I'm on autopiolet now, I'm not thinking.
[117] Are you having fun? *stares at you*
[118] What time is it? 2:31 AM.
[119] Who makes you laugh? Um...*shrugs*
[120] Who's your favorite teacher? *crickets chirp*
[121] Whats it doing outside right now? *looks out window* The lava is boiling nicely.
[122] What is your favorite dream? I don't have dreams or nightmares that I can remember anymore. :(
[123] Are you tired of filling this out yet? Not really.
[124] Who of your friends do you think will get married first? Let's see...vhendi wants to get married and she's my only friend really, so...guess!
[125] Who sent this lovely survey to you? I yoinked it! XD
[126] What's your funniest memory as a little kid? Nothing that I can think of.
[127] Do you believe in Santa Claus? Nope.
[128] Do you believe in ghosts? O.o' Guess!
[129] Are most of your friends music freaks? I'm the music freak of the bunch. Or as music freaky as I can get. :)
[130] What do you feel when you think about the person who sent you this? -_-'''''''''''
[131] Have you ever paid for a pay-per-view concert? uh.. no.
[132] Do you buy merchandise on your favorite group/singer/band? Only CD's
[133] What TV station is better mtv or vh1? Don't watch.
[134] What is the worst show on MTV? Don't watch.
[135] What is the best show on MTV? Don't watch!
[136] What is the worst CD you own? I throw them all away!
[137] What's your favorite movie? Too many to name.
[138] Friend(s) you have the most fun with? Vhendi
[139] Friend(s) you can do nothing with and still have fun? Jess--I'm chopped liver aren't I vhen? :(
[140] Friend(s) you've dreamed about? Vhendi. I've even been her once.
[141] Friend(s) you tell your dreams to? Vhendi.
[142] Friend(s) you tell your secrets to? Vhendi...yes, I am chopped liver. :cry:
[143] Boxers or briefs?
[144] Long or short hair?
[145] Dark or light hair?
[147] Mr./Mrs. Sensitive or Mr./Mrs. Funny?
[148] Good guy or bad guy?
[149] Dark or light eyes?
[150] Hat or no hat?
[151] Ears pierced or no?
[152] Tan or fair?
[153] Freckles or none?
[154] Stubble or neatly shaved?
[155] Rugged outdoorsy type or sportsy type?
[156] All american, homie G, or grunge? Ack! No fucking homies!
[157] Mt. Dew or SURGE? What the fuck is SURGE? I hate Mountain Dew, too sweet.
[158] McDonalds or Burger King? Burger King!
[159] Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi!
[160] Rather marry the perfect lover or perfect friend? If I had to marry...both.
[161] Sweet or sour? Both.
[162] Mr. PiBB or Dr. Pepper? Dr. Pepper
[163] Tea or coffee? Decaffinated Tea or coffee that I fix myself.
[164] Sappy/action/comedy/horror? I hate live action! But action and comedy in a cartoon is fine.
[165] Ocean or pool? Either.
[166] Cooler Ranch or Nacho Cheese? Both.
[167] Mud or Jello wrestling? I'm watching, right? XD
[168] With or without ice-cubes? Must have ice! Most of my drinks are hot.
[169] Milk/Dark/White chocolate? I like Dark.
[170] Shine or rain? Monsoon!
[171] Top or Bottom? Top!
[172] Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall? Summer!
[173] Vanilla or Chocolate? Either.
[174] Skiing or boarding? Huh?
[175] Biking or blading? Don't know.
[176] Cake or cookies? Both.
[177] Cereal or toast? Toast! Toast! Tooooaaaast!!--Depends on the cereal, other wise I agree.
[178] Car or truck? Truck--unless it's my car.
[179] Night or day? Night, duh!
[180] Gloves or mittens? Neither, I like hot climates, so they aren't needed.
[181] Pager or Cell phone? Neither! I don't want people to be able to get in contact with me.
[182] Bunk bed or waterbed? Regular bed!
[183] Chewing gum or hard candy? Neither, both rot your teeth!
[184] Motor boat or sailboat? I hate the ocean!
[185] Lights on or off? Let there be LIGHT!!!
[186] What's your favorite color?!
[187] What's your favorite Drink? Alcoholic drink? I can't really drink alcohol.
[188] What s your favorite Animal? Shorter list...which animals do you not like? Cockroaches; certain spiders and...I know there is another one...I'll think of it later.
[189] What's your favorite Holiday? Halloween...I'll make it better than christmas just you wait and see. :)
[190] What's your favorite Quote?
[191]What's your favorite Ice cream flavor? It varies, I'm in the mood for banana nut right now.
[192] What's your favorite Song?
[193] What's your favorite Book?
[194] What's your favorite Place?
[195] What's your favorite Game?
[196] What's your favorite Food?
[197] What's your favorite Shape? This is stupid!! :[
[198] Do you like to call or be called? Screw this! I want a muffin!
[199] What time is it? 2:54 AM!
[200] Are you glad this EXTREMELY long survey is over? *twitch then dies*

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Well, mom supposably forgot to pay the electric bill or the electric company says she of the two. So, I'm here at school typing away because obviously my home comp ain't going to work with out electricity.  *sigh* Anyway, I'll be here for a while. Oh well. :(
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Recently, I've taken to doing, the ultimate procrastinator! I have school; a novel I'm suppose to be writing in a month and only because I had started on it before I knew about Novel Writing month I've got 4,000+ words on it; a few drawings I want to do of my eyries (Demon and Phoebus); and another drawing of my satyr garg for this month's MGC.  Though, since I know nothing of India, I think I'll let that slide. :P

I've been doing the math here, God my brain HURTS! I'll have to write more than 2,000 words to reach my quota and to be honest, I don't even know where to submit what I've written. :(

I'm getting really frustrated because on top of all that: I'm bombing my French class and there is no way I'm going to make it!  Geology and Sociology though, seem to be working in my favor, so hopefully I'll pass those and be able to take another semester of French...all by itself.

I swear I'm not cut out for college.  I don't know what I'm doing there other than the real world scares the shit out of me!  :(
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:iconblademalfoy: has been putting her different neopets up so that people could see what each of her characters was like and so on so that they could then RP (role play) with her. So, since I've got petpages backed up to the wazoo! I'll be doing that as well.

First four...
Account Name: Lucifer_apollyon (-_-'')
Owner: Lucifer Apollyon Satan, the only male faerie left in Neopia after the first war with The Darkest Faerie. She had other bad-ies round up the male faeries and put them in bottles. Then she burnt them in a furnace.  All except poor Lucifer, who after being released by a rather niave green cybunny and granting him his wish he made the Faerie Queen quite angry and now resides in The Haunted Woods as a Darigan Draik.

Pet's official neopets handle (nickname)/age/eye color/wanted color/height/weight/gender/preference:*paragraph*Bio *paragraph* Description

Eyrie_Demon01 (Demon)/20 years old/red-orange/Maraquan/7 feet 1 inch, standing erect/220 lbs. *I think*/male/females:

Bio: Demon was found in the adoption center starved to insanity and has no real recollection of his past, which becomes obvious when Phoebus (his son) was left on our door step for him to take care of, since he didn't even know who the heck the mother was at the time.  Demon's current colorization is blue and there is art of him here done by both me (in my scraps) and vhendi (he's wearing clothes in that one, something he never actually ever will do voluntarily -.0).  He fought in the second war between Meridell and The Citadel, covertly for Meridell since he had been recruited by Lord Kass to be a Dungeon Guard.  After the war, which he refuses to talk to anyone about and will glare at anyone that asks, he came home with even more scars than the ones given to him by his previous owner.  He now is trying to be the best father to little Phoebus and his adopted daughter, Star_Dazzleers.

Description: He's blue. He's 7'1". He has a foot long yellowish-gold beak and dark, almost black, blue foot long tufted ears.  The most striking thing about him is his eagle looking taloned "hands".  He has three scars running from his right shoulder to his left hip from being thrown about by spyders; smaller (almost unnoticible) scars on his arms from Phoebus' tiny claws; five on his back, running parallel to his spine and a few others up and down his torso that we're unsure as to what happened.  He has the standard lion like tail and the standard broad eagle like wings. He sounds like Jeremy Irons doning either Scar from The Lion King or Aramis from The Man in the Iron Mask.

Bellaskan_agent009 (Bellaskan)/17 years old/yellow/skunk/5 feet 4 inches, standing erect/Haha!! I ain't asking!/female/males (Lucivar in particular, XD):

Bio: Bellaskan is a green eyrie that will gladly take anyone apart who dares to call her Bella, unless it's Lucivar (or L'hindo, but that'll be explained later...when I get to the lupe).  She has much promise with being a beauty contestant but dreams of bigger glories in the battledome. Bellaskan's name is derived from Belladona and Skandranon ^_^

Description: She is of a osprey look and has dark green plummage where a osprey is black and lighter, almost white, green where a osprey is white. She sounds like Kate Mulgrew from ST:Voyager

Brooklyn_Wyvern01 (Brooklyn or Brook)/13 years old/deep sapphire blue/red/5'4" at the shoulder/150 lbs/male/males:

Bio: Brooklyn craves knowledge like anyone here read this would crave chocolate.  He read every book he could get his paws on and then some.  With the promise of neoschools still unfullfilled he set out on a long and parilous journey to go seek assistance from King Hagan, he almost made it to Brightvale when he was swooped upon and taken to the Citadel Dungeons where he was imprisoned next to Prisoner Number Five and raped by the guards every chance they got, which was when Demon was either sleeping; fighting or eating.  He was soon driven insane by these two factors and if it wasn't for the clever work of Demon; Ahkanth; Raziel and Ecks he'd have stayed there until it killed him.  Later, after he was safe at The Majicou's place, his preference for males became apparent when he kissed Ahkanth.  Of course, Ahkanth prefers females and didn't take it quite as well as one could hope.  Brook then ran all the way back to The Haunted Woods and after the war was escorted to Brightvale by Demon to become a scholar and librarian.  There he met Twiddles, a female red (pink) lemur/vixen kacheek and her personal body guards.  She has become his hands since he no longer will take an anthro form.

Description: Red in summer and spring. White in winter and fall.  He's my avatar so that'll give you an idea of how he's colored. He sounds like a rather young Brooklyn, I'd say the one from first season Gargoyles since second season he sounds deeper; richer and fuller.

Hecates_Battle_Song (Hecate)/4 years old/grey/Darigan/2 feet 5 inches, standing up right/50 lbs/female/N/A:

Bio: Um...not much to say

Description: Red Darigan eyrie with wings attached to her forelimbs (arms). Doesn't have a voice that I can describe as sounding like someone elses yet.

Account Name: Eyrie_Demon
Owner: Demon (see above)

Phoebus_Sun_Chariot (Phoebus)/8 months old/bright orange/baby/1 foot 10 inches long, he's still crawling around/15 lbs./male/N/A:

Bio: Phoebus is Demon's son by a girl he doesn't even remember from his time with his previous owner. Apparently, from what we gathered from Phoebus' mother was that their owner wanted to breed them, that being against neopets rule however, the owner dumped both parents in the pound after the young female became pregnant.  Sadly, neither Demon nor Phoebus' mother feel any real affection towards each other and when they do actually see each other they usually snarl and snap at one another.

Description: Phoebus is a bright gold color for the most part with pink-orange tints around his eyes and horse like ears and through his wings and horse like tail.  He is a hippoeyrie or a hippogryph. Either works.  His hind limbs end in hooves while his front end ends in eagle like taloned hands like his father.

Star_Dazzleer (Star)/8 months old/ baby blue/baby/1 foot 9 inches long, still crawling/14 lbs./female/N/A:

Bio:  Star is a foster child Demon pulled from the pound for fear of what would happen to such a tiny thing.

Description:  She's a typical baby uni. Pastel pink, little wings and a tiny golden horn.

beautybird100 (Beauty)/54 years old/ dusty orange/plushie/6 foot 3 inches, standing up right/210 lbs./female/male:

Bio: She is an old eyrie and Demon's biological mother.  When he saw her in the pound he had to get her out.  She is very sweet and is the best grandmother for Phoebus and Star

Description: Plushie colored fur with grey beginning to show around her mouth and ears; in her hair/mane; tail tip and wings.  She sounds like

Account Name: Bellaskan_Agent009
Owner: Bellaskan (see above)

Vlendril (Vlend'ril said like Vlindarel)/36 years old/ pale yellow/purple/7 feet 5 inches, anthro no non anthro form at all/350 lbs, pure muscle/male/female:

Bio: General Vlend'ril is like Riker on Star Trek:TNG. Second only to K'ledin, his wife. While most male pets would take this very offensively he's actually quite happy that he's just a second rate general and not the Commander of the whole VirtuPets Space Station.  He has a nasty tempter though and is not afraid to use it.  Since I'm writing up his character and the other three on this account as a Neopian Times submission.  Sadly, in the story he is suppose to die when Dr. Sloth returns to The Station and blows a giant gaping hole in the side where he's at.  K'ledin of course morns his passing, but not until after the day is won and Dr. Sloth is beaten back to the slimy depth from whence he came.

Description:  Big purple eyrie without orange spots. He sounds like Jonathan Franks (Riker from ST:TNG)

Kledin (K'ledin said Kaliden)/36 years old/red/orange/6 feet 7 inches, no non anthro form/230 lbs., mostly muscle/female/male:

K'ledin is the Commander of The Virtue Pets Space Station and in charge of it's day to day routines. She is actually far more laid back than the Vlend'ril despite all this and therefore smiles more.  She; Captain Z'nifity and Private L'hindo are just a few of the crew that reach Kreludor after Dr. Sloth attacks the Space Station.

Description:  K'ledin is the color of a pumpkin with blood red eyes. She's a rather broad shouldered; broad winged; well endowed eyrie female.  She sounds kind of like Nichelle Nichols from the original Star Trek.

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Okay I've still got quite a few of vhendi's art in my devWatch fact 54 of her drawings and sketches. The problem is...I can't see them all.  There is only one site page of drawings and there is no link to flip the page to see more even though the number is still 54, all I'm seeing is 25 of her drawing after I've deleted everybody else. Is anyone else having this problem? And does anyone know a way I can get a hold of the creators of DA to ask to fix this bug. O_o
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XD Well, she's posted here in my scraps! My little gargy character Nos Fnar! :bouncy: I hope I get at least some votes, I'd hate it if I didn't get any. :(

Her name is, as of right now, Nos Fnar and she has hooves. XD  She can fit into two clubs I support, :iconplantigradestyle: and :icongargoylesclub:.  ((hopefully these two icons will work.  Nothing ever does when I touch it. :P))

So, hopefully, you'll like her and if you want to vote here is the link to the MGC:
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Er...I suppose an update would be nice...I'm going to see if I can't win a contest for the MGC <>, but as I have pretty stiff competiton most likely I won't win since the dress on my NOS FNAR character came out all wrong...though I think it's way more tastful than these other people, but what do I know? O.o  Anyway, if you liked the show Gargoyles when it was on tv....December 7th the first season completely unedited will be coming to DVD. :D  And if you want and have the time, I'm sure the MGC would love to have entries by everyone here. XD

P.S. If you buy the DVD, please buy it on Dec. 7, if you do fans everywhere will glomp you because Disney will know that they can make money off of Gargoyles and therefore will hopefully cause new episodes to be created.  Though, the way the new episodes of other shows have been going maybe it's better if we let Gargoyles "die" as a show. :/
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I'm Fucking Sick!! Not fun!! :(

Fri Oct 15, 2004, 6:34 AM
*sniffle/snort/ACHOO!!* DAMN IT!!!! :pissed:

Well, I went to bed at 8:00 or 8:30 last night, I just felt really groggy.  Anyway, woke up at midnight with a pounding headache and took two Tylenol...then I woke up at 6 and just lyed there cause it's freakin' 68 degrees and just the other day it was 98. O.o  South Texas weather, isn't it grand? *sarcasm*  People from up north laugh at us for wearing sweaters and long pants when it's this cold, but the thing is is that it's such a shock to us that it feels colder than it really is.  I'd love to see these Snowbirds come down when it's summer and the heat and humidity ranks up in the hundreds. 100 degrees/100% humidity. Would be interesting hearing them complain about how hot it is down here cause then I could tell them "See!!?? Now you know why we wear long stuff in the winter. Cause it feels colder to us! :P"

Anyway, I hate being sick!!  So, I'm going to haul my happy ass into the bath and see you people later. :)

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Okay, I feel much better. ^_^ I took a nap in mom's bed which is ultra comfortable and since it is a king size verses my full size there is plenty of room to stretch out, even though I do usually sleep in a curled up ball of fluffiness! *chuckles*

Okay, I'm happier now. :lol: I had a nap and something to eat that didn't make me want to retch. I had had a banana nut muffin; a wild blueberry muffin and chocolate milk at school and I'd forgotten why I only eat the banana nut, the other flavors aren't all that great and make me feel aweful afterwards.  The chocolate milk didn't even taste all that great and I ended up  throwing most of it away. Anyway, mom had made sausage; rice and beans...putting them together to make a sort of stew. Yum!! It is the only way, besides chinese rice that I'll eat my rice...unless you count the totally unhealthful way of pooring a bunch of sugar on rice that has tons of melted butter in it. A yummy treat that I'll have for desert when we have plain white rice. Anyway, I'm feeling much better and I'll leave now before I depress someone or something with my ramblings about food. :)

Life is just one big Ding-dong today!

Thu Oct 7, 2004, 12:13 PM
Note that I'm very depressed right now and probably need a muscle relaxer; two tylenol and an asprin just to make me feel better and take a nap. My views and opinions will probably change tomorrow or with in the next 6 hours at the absolute latest today.

WTF happened today? I knew it was suppose to rain. I knew things were going to be a bit more hurried, but God Damn It!!  My day more or less started at 6:45 this morning. I got up earlier, but as until I get my little brother up it's pretty boring so I don't state that it begins until I wake him up.  Anyway, I feed him and go to relax because he's twelve and can get his ass ready himself...except today, he got sick. Knew I shoulda warmed up those waffles properly. *kidding* Anyway, I have to leave him here while I go to school...the house is still intact, so I guess he really was sick.  Anyway, I send him back to bed after calling mom at work and letting her know that he's sick and what not.  So for the next 50 minutes to an hour I contimplate calling up my friend who goes to school with me and see if they don't need a ride or whatever. I'm glad I didn't!  After finding out that my friend got a ride over from her sister.  BTW, I hate her sister, as far as I'm conserned her sister is just taking advantage of her, with the excuse of "I have to work, can you do this for me at/for school."  This is why you are suppose to get your education out of the way before you start a serious job OR become an insomniac that never EVER sleep ever again.  I do know some people who can work and go to school and all the other things that it involves without becoming an insomniac, but they know how to pioritize their scheduales and cudos to them cause they totally rock! :D Anyway, I go to school, after sociology I see my friend sitting at a table that's outside, I should have passed her by and let her become one of those egnimadic faces in the crowd, but I didn't instead I stopped to talk to her.  Problem is that lately, we haven't had much to talk about and she's the only one I really talk to at school, so otherwise the day is pretty lonely and quiet.  So, we're just sitting there not talking about anything and as far as I can tell the silence isn't one of those calm silences.  Don't know, but it just felt like we let something go by unsaid. Anyway, I leave go to geology, which had I not had this horrible headache, probably would have been interesting class. Anywho, go to my car afterwards, get in, go to pull around and see my friend walking on the side walk to a class. I can't really honk my horn unless I actually don't mean to do it don't know why that is so I attempt to wave at her.  I do understand why she didn't see me, but I woulda thought that the fact that she was about 2 feet away from my car at one point and I'm pretty much the only black Buick Regal down there, that I'd be pretty hard to miss. Besides the point, she was watching other things or think about something else, though I'm tempted to make her read my sociology book because it has an interesting thing in there about this refugee man who thought that he would be allowed to "capture" a woman and have sex with her without her premission over here. O.o Dude! I don't think so! Anyway, it starts raining, drizzling actually as I'm trying to get to one of my labs after I park (obviously).  I've then decided that I've had it!! Fuck this! I ain't staying any longer so I drive home and come complain to you lovely few people who watch me and are going to shake your heads and either reply or not and that'll be the end of that.  And tomorrow if I get around to it, I'll post something else. :P

I am a fanatic...big deal! The new neopet looks like a armidillo! :D I think I'll make another account just to get one, or maybe just wait until I get rid of this evil three eyed usul that I adopted. Don't know why I did that. O.o
Anyway, I've got shit in my scraps if anybody here is interested to go give them a look and let me know what they think of them.

Respect II

Wed Sep 22, 2004, 1:58 PM
Okay, for who ever read my last journal entry titled respect...I realized that I was ruffling quite a few feathers with it and yet not allowing Pu or SS know and defend themselves about what we were discussing, which is one of the reason's I posted it here...because they'd never know. Yet I don't wish to make anyone angry at either of the afore mentioned parties so, I'm going to let you judge the journals of theirs' that set me off.

Okay, here is Pu-Sama's journal for Sep. 15th, titled: Since I'm sick of hearing it. (At least the major part of it anyway)

Alright, a brief lesson in would-be defenders of the small, weak and unfortunate underdogs and heroes of the modest art world:

Calling someone you have never met and have no idea what they are like beyond what they draw and what they write in image descriptions or online journals egotistical, childish, stuck up or any variation of this or informing them to 'grow up' or 'learn some respect" does not make you sound any more mature than the supposedly immature child you are at randomly insulting on a vague guess.

In simpler terms: Jumping to conclusions and insulting a stranger is just as childish and egotistical as whatever act they are supposedly doing.

:DI thought you might like to know that. (No, I'm not upset or angry or mad or whatever and I don't want pity- just a brief rant after having yet another defender of the underdogs pipe up and assume they know me- just the cherry on top :sweating a little:)

Now, here's the journal, also by Pu, for Sep. 18th, titled: Eaten Alive.

Note to self: Draw something post-worthy.

I have not felt like drawing anything to post here. I am tired of people fighting on my deviation comments.

I am tired of not being able to upload without someone bitching or bossing me around.

I am tired of people assuming they know everything about me and know what sort of a person I am just from the pictures I post here.

I am tired of being bitched at and belittled for only posting my fanart here despite how many times I explain my reasoning.

I am, especially, tired of repeating myself.

I am tired of these holier than thou elitists bossing around people because they do not think what the other person is drawing is art.

Traditional artists vs. digital artists vs. abstract artists vs. surrealism artists vs. anime artists vs. anthro artists vs. comic artists vs. photgraphers vs. photomanipulaters.

Honestly. Just Shut Up. Your art is no better than anyone elses just because of the subject. Let people do what they want to do and do what you want to do - all of this petty fighting on DeviantART would be so much better if you just seriously shut your damn pie holes and stop bitching out other artists for what they do. I don't particularly care for abstract but I would never have the nerve to go to an abstract artist and tell them that what they do is "meaningless, effortless and shit" (note: I am not saying it is, but some people do give these comments)- they put effort into their work and its just as important to them as anyone elses work.

I browse the deviant forums and all I see are people bitching about who's art is art and who's isn't. The "anime kiddies" are ruining the site- "anthro" is a bunch of sick animal fucking BS... "photography" isn't any work, you just point and click.. "traditional" doesn't exist anymore!... "digital" is a lazy man's tool

honestly, listen to yourselves. People who do this sound like children fighting over who's G.I. Joe figure is better and why.

Just because you don't like how or what someone draws or creates- be it emotions from the deepest pits of their soul or things they do just for fun - does not mean you have a right to go swinging your ego around on the internet and belittling other people.

I am not speaking for myself on this but EVERYONE.

And for the love of god, learn how to critique. If you critique an artist by saying "that looks sutpid. fix it" then be prepared for the artist to bite back at you- and don't dare hide behind the "you can't take critique" excuse... Learn how to tell someone what is WRONG and how to FIX IT. Just telling them it sucks and to "fix it" is not a critique. God.

What saddens me is it isn't the younger deviants I see doing this, its people who are 16 -30 I see swinging their big internet-balls around all high and mighty the most.


Traditional art is just as important as digital

Digital is no easier than traditional and has its own merits

3d and vector are stylish- they are not shit.

Photography is more than just pointing and clicking.

Anime is more than just big eyed KAWAII pictures

Anthro is more than animal-fucking smut.

Abstract is more than just random splatters of paint.

What people draw is their priority - so learn to respect that. I know it's absolutely pointless to write this since people will never grow up, but good god, its a vague chance someone might listen for once.

This is directed to no one in particular, so please don't ask "are you mad at me?"- no. This is just an observation Ive made after my time here at DeviantART. An observation at just how cruel other "artists" can be to one another over petty indifferences.

I'm going to go draw some of my unartistic and uncreative anime art now.. and then I might even do some fan art to post here. Because god forbid that's what I do, since I find it fun.

((Now, make note that I didn't comment on either one of these...because of some odd reason or another. However, I had most definately intended to comment on Sep. 18th with an honest..."You should draw whatever you want, Pu. Don't listen to the idiots. :D" How I messed that up, I'll never know. O.o))

Now here is snapesnogger's journal for Sep 19th, titled: I Feel Sad

hello every1.

im feeling very very upset and hurt and sad.
some of you may know that my picture "painful memory" got the daily faves. i was quite pleased, though i dont think it was very good. anyway, some guys came on and ranted about how crap it was and how it doesnt ever deserve to be on daily faves.

i replyed with fire. and on one reply i typed.
"i am a good artist and u will not crush me!"
anyway, someone replyed to that saying
" thats a good joke, tell me another"

god i feel like screaming!
i have worked so hard to be a good artist all my life. i am GOOD for a 16 year old!

why do people have to kcik me when im down? why do i have to put up with dumbass shit when im a very fragile person?
its making me wish i didnt draw! i got called phsyco, talentless and undeserving.
i wanna scream so much!!!


((Here is my comment on this one: "I'm 21 and I can't draw near as well as you can. Those bitches can go screw themselves and each other!  How dare they, who can not probably draw to save their own lives, put you down!!"))

::Here is Pu-Sama's: "In all honesty, i like your art and your sytle- I think I have one of your pieces in my favorites... however, it does pain me a bit to say I'm kind of turned off by what you're writing. Yes, you are a good artist- but don't let it go to your head. There's always room for improvement. telling a critic to "fuck off" (unless they honestly were rude, then by all means cuss back ) when they had offered you honest criticism is no way to behave in an artist community- turning around an insulting someone who is also trying to learn (I know puck a little, she's a nice person and she tries very hard) is downright mean. She gave you an honest critique- yes you ARE a good artist, ESPECIALLY for 16! But to turn around and behave like this? Its truly a bit saddening and its honestly a bit of a turn off. You will find that people will be more open to be nice to you if you're nice in return, else you probably would not have gotten the "right, tell me another joke" comment :

I know that sometimes you might not want critique, especially on a finished picture- I feel that way sometimes as well, but as an artist you need to be able to listen to critique when its being given with the honest intention to help you improve. You're already off to a very good start, just keep practicing and maybe learn to cool off a little before you reply to others. ;)::

Now here is snapesnogger's journal for Sep. 21st, titled: The new me


thankyou everyone for your reply to my journal. i appreciate your comfort but it was wrong of me to swear in the first place (though others came on and made the situation worse)

so now i think pu-sama dislikes me. and that sucks.
she is the most popular artist on devart. and when i see her work, i feel so mediocre.
so i have decided that it is time that i pulled up my socks and got better and drawing!
the next picture i submit will be my best ever!

and i wont overreact to stupid people anymore. thats why i dont get along very well in life. when i very young i used to let people sink deep and upset me greatly. now i put up a barrier which bounces off hurtfull comments, but soemtimes that is not such a good thing.

like this situation for instance.

pu-sama is right, i have to grow up.

though its still hurtfull to be called imature.

im not always like that u know!

i hope to be as respected as pu-sama some day!

though my style isnt quite so rich wih detail. but it does have an accent that reaches out to people (i hope).

so be prepared to see a change for the good in snapesnogger!


:: Here is Pu-Sama's comment: "... Oi, I never said I disliked you ._.;;;;;;; *sighs*"::

((Now here is mine: "Okay, I hate to Pu bash here, but it is going to happen. I remember I was looking for a pic that I had intended to fav but never did, it is really good...the title is "Sexy Red Ridinghood. It is so good in fact that I thought Pu was the one who drew it. However, that was not the case. The fact is, dear, I can shift through all my faves all this dumb shit that gets put into a folder I hardly ever look at anymore and I can only tell you with accuracy only a few of the artist that did which piece. You, vhendi and blademalfoy. You guys have a style that is in an essense all your own. You draw, not to mimic some one or something, but because you enjoy drawing.

Yes, become better, but don't try to be like Pu. If you do that then I can tell you you'll be one of those I'll be writing to Pu..."Did you draw this?" if I forget to fave something awesome of yours.  As for her being the most popular...sheka! Maybe, but not in my book. I throw most of her stuff out because it's always of vampires and shit, but I always give my time to comment on something of yours...because by the time I get to it I know there won't be a bazillion comments on it so I've got a better chance of at least getting a thank you from you verses Pu. Sure, you mainly draw Snape, but at least you draw something other than Snape. Pu it's vampires and demons of manga and anime that I don't even know and don't want to know about!

Besides, why would you want to be that popular? To where your box is so full from one pic that you would probably have to throw most of the junk out? I'd never want to be like that...but that's just me."))

Now that you have the journals that caused my little rant and the comment made by me and Pu-Sama on SS's journals. Perhaps you can better understand what's going on and perhaps less feathers shall be ruffled. Hopefully anyway.
WTF is up with everybody all the sudden?  Okay, I'm going through my deviant art shit and deleteing useless, worthless crap...which most of this shit is! (Yes, including mine!) Anyway, I run acrossed a journal by snapesnogger...wonderful artist, BTW...and she's complaining because somebody told her that one of her drawings that got on the main board was crap. Jealous most likely. Whatever. Well, she complains in her journal...then Pu-sama, another great artist by the way comes along and comments in said journal.  Which she said something to the effect, if you can't take a critique then don't comment on it and what not...blah, blah, mature because saying your good isn't mature!  How mature do you expect a sixteen year old to be Pu?  And so what if she's tooting her own horn by saying she's good? It means she's not fricken' Chinese and that she knows she's good.  Better than thinking all her art is shit like me. I think all my stuff is crap!!

Anyway, what bugs me about it is that Pu wrote a simular journal...only with out saying she was good, yet implying it instead...that had somebody saying that all her fan art meant that she had no talent. O.o  Okay, people!  Put down the fucking knives, because I'm the only one allowed to carry around sharp objects, and shut the fuck up!  You don't like how a person treats your art...fine!  But, just don't post about it in your journals whining to us about this mean person and then being hypocritical when another person does the same thing!  It's getting fucking old!  I've decided that if I know you, have "talked" to you recently be it here (or at school if you're vhendi) or if I really like your art I'll watch everything of yours.  Snapsnogger and Pu-Sama are being taken from my watched journals list...not like they care...and I'll only be watching Pu's scraps and SS's finished works and scraps.  Everybody else is getting shoved to finished work. Unless you are the following artists...Vhendi; Tallonroe; Blademalfoy; Hypadawg...Shit!  Just anyone on my stalker list!  If you aren't blademalfoy isn't...then I got to really like your art and rapier wit!  If you want to be added to that me back if I watch you!  Comment on something of mine!  Fuck! Say something more than "Thank you!" when I comment on something of yours!  Try to get a discussion with me going.  For crying out loud!

There is some stuff up in my scraps if any body is interested. Yes, that sespool of lost and never to be recovered drawings! :)
So, I finally got my lazy ass up and became a Deviant Subscriber.  Why?  Because I was tired of seeing all this crap at the top of my pages about porno lingerie sites. :P  I don't need that kind of aggrivation right now. :pissed:

After six months of sitting on my butt and letting it get fat, I'm finally going back to school.  Yay!! :D  Why am I so happy?  Because, believe it or not...I like school!  I adore school, all those eager little minds to drain clean mind!  It breaks the monotony that is my life.  You'd be surprised, or at least I was, how monotonis your life can get when there is no school to break it up.  Even getting a job is monotonis because you get up; get dressed and sit there in front of the computer or whatever and do the same thing everyday.  You never learn anything intentionally new.  Boring. :P  Anyway, today's my first day back and I'm rather thrilled at the concept. :D
Okay, went up to the school I go to yesterday to register for classes, I'm a Studio Art Major, but that'll soon change to Drama, I swear!  Anyway, I'm taking French; Geology and Sociology(sp?).  Anyway, go register...go take care of stupid stuff at school.  Go to casher at school to pay for classes, say they need a fax from TRC...Okay, go fax stuff to TRC expect fax back in a few moments...go to casher again and stand in line, expecting fax to go through easily.  HELL NO!!  Anyway, get tired of being on college's Carousel OF Hell!!! and go home until tomorrow, which is now today, I go up there again early, still no fax.  The cashier's office faxes it for me, telling me that I should have taken it over there and blah blah blah, If I knew where the TRC office was I'd be happy to take my scheduale to them and shove it up their asses!  Anyway, the cashiers call TWICE and finally get a fax back. YAY!! So, now I'm in and I'm tired and This is what I get for depending on DUMBASSES in the government.

Something that has bugged me recently as I've come on to this site and looked at my own page.  In the Devious Information they ask for a personal quote...the one I have isn't complete, so I'm going to complete it here.  :P

Here it is:  "Look!  I'm just the Archangel of Temptation and Revelry, in other words Lewd Women and Booze!  I had nothing to do with you getting tossed outta Paradise!  Now, come drink with me and stop all this nonsense about wanting to beat me up!"

Anyway, that's it...I'm out!

I hate sinus headaches.  They are probably the worst headaches I've ever exprienced.  My stepsister often complained of migranes, truthfully she was just hungover from another night at the bar. :P  Anyway, this is about me and mine, not her and her weird shit.  I have a headache and my head feels like it is about to explode.  I've tried taking a zertex(sp?) and nasal spray, so far.  I'm probably going to see about getting a hold of one of my muscle relaxers and see if that doesn't help.  Anyway, this is random, but I'm getting tired of wanting to drill a hole in my left temple to drain all the snot out.