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Sun Apr 24, 2005, 5:29 AM
Okay, so there's a 3 Doors Down Concert said I could go, even if I don't have anyone to go with. XD *is all estatic because mom never let's me go to these big ol' things by myself usually* I'm still going to see if any of my friends want to go because well, even I'm a bit wary about going by myself as at the Nickleback Concert I went to a while back there was a fight and I got shoved into and the lady behind me was knocked down and she was pregnant...O_o'''  Anyway, there's that.

Also, it took me a while to figure out Zing's (that male faerie ixi's) personality out...still haven't really figured it out yet, but whatever, I'm keeping him anyway...just cause male faeries are cool and motivational plot tools for role plays. XD  He'll be a big assed military man, though a total prissy momma's boy and he'll get his ass kicked on most occassions by my other ixi, Fireworks (who's a girl; suppose to be grey; a hard rocker and his little sister XD).  Probably for something extremely being all protective and junk against the guys she hangs out with, one of which is a pirate that Zing and his shipmates hunt on regular occassions. :) Val (said pirate) laughs it up when Fireworks kicks Zing's ass too because he doesn't really like Zing for obvious reasons.  Val also makes lewd and lecticious comments to Zing when ever he gets the chance, even though Zing is 100% straight, which of course causes the ixi to blush profusely and just adds fuel to the raging inferno that is Val and his rather assinined since of humor. X3

On that note: Val may be staring in some short stories for the NT, of course...some might be co-staring Zing, if I can just figure out how to get them out of my head and onto paper without being extremely too adult with it. XD

Anyway, thats a wrap people, I'll post later about how the concert went.

My Prrrrrecioussss--:iconvhendi:
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I have a male faerie ixi now...O_o

Fri Apr 22, 2005, 1:11 AM
Ah, the role play potential this little guy has. He started off a female blue ixi (note: my lab hasn't given me a species change in a while...I kind of hope it never does again) and she turned into a male faerie ixi. O_o Anyway, his name is amazing_gracie754 or just Zing for short. I'll think up some cool background for him later and I'll need :iconvhendi: to help me move him from my lab account to one of my many other accounts. ^_^ I am very very pleased with this. :D

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The lengths one will go to...

Thu Apr 14, 2005, 10:08 PM

...for a decent tooth brush. X3

I was cleaning my room, so I didn't know that my tooth brush had been thrown away until I went to brush my teeth and there was this new tooth brush in the holder.  Most people would shrug and start brushing their teeth with the new tooth brush...not me, I'm weird. I have an emotional attachment to my tooth brush. Part of the reason being is that even before I had worked it in it had soft bristles (which are now really soft. X3) and I have really sensitive gums. *shrugs* This tooth brush is the only one that won't tear my mouth all to pieces, so instead of going for the new tooth brush (with the bristles that when I moved my thumb over them wouldn't even budge) I went outside, grumbling and cursing under my breath, went through the recently thrown out trash (who the fuck told my parents they could throw away my tooth brush?) and while I was showering my tooth brush spent 30 minutes soaking in bleach water, then the bristles were soaped up, rinsed and dried had this new tooth paste and put that on there and popped it into my mouth like always.  Maybe I'm weird and gross, but come there isn't some sort of inadimant object you wouldn't risk life; limb and infection for either? O_o

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Friends List

Fri Apr 8, 2005, 6:48 PM

If anyone goes to my main DA page, they'll notice that I deleted all of my friends...except one.

The ones that watch me and will get this journal and therefore know that I've deleted everybody sooner must try not to take offense. It was in no way intended as an offense after all.  I only know one person on my entire friends list in person.  I know absolutely nothing about the other people.

Though note to all those that were on my friends list: I'm still watching your art and scraps. :D  So, no real worries. :)

[Edit] Those that watch me have now been added back to my friends list...even if I don't know you in real life. XD

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Going Crazy...

Tue Mar 22, 2005, 4:50 PM
"Dude! Where the f**k is my coffee!?"~~Me

I am some how still awake after getting up at 2 in the morning. @_@ A grand total of sixteen hours...I went to Hobby Lobby, they're having a 50% sale on all Prisma Colors...I've never tried the markers before so I bought a couple. I'm going back with mother and maybe I can talk her into a whole box set or something. O.o

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I said I might get back to this...and I did. I'm that bored. XD

The man looked at the rutabaga for a moment. After bringing it home at the little girl's insistance he had begun to hear a tiny voice come from the passanger side of his car. A voice that sounded as though it was coming from a small something...about the size of the rutabaga.  To make matters only talked in numbers...

<center>::to be continued::</center>

Yes, I'm nutters! I had a lime for a pet for three weeks, his name was Spike...if that doesn't proove that I'm nuts...I don't know what will.
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*foams at mouth* This is what happens when you don't go to school; you don't have a job and everybody else you interact with does! That and I need chocolate! I'm feeling down for no real good reason other than I've been sleeping most of the day because there is nothing else to do and in order for the day to go by quicker, I sleep straight through it.  I think I'll get out and go pay my car payment today...maybe go see a movie, if I feel like it...get an ice cream cone from the place right next to the theater in Rockport. Yum! Ah, the possibilities. :D My mood is shifting slightly. :)
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Okay, I'd been eyeballing this stray dog for about a week...I really really wanted him and my mom and step dad finally consented in letting me have him. I figured, he'd be here today and I'd finally put a collar on him and take him to the vet...well, he didn't ever show up today. O_o Apparently either the old owners of him showed up and took him to where they lived...highly doubtful or the guy at the pound took him which I didn't want because if I get him from the pound I have to neuter him. -_-'' Good God people, if we can't neuter human beings that commit crimes then why in the hell should we neuter animals who haven't done anything at all. It's stupid! Anyway, I'm just pissed...
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Dear God! We're all going to DIE!!  At least, all Americans anyway...we might take out a few other "minor" countries along the way.  Yet for the most part, I can't see America getting through the next four years, in tact, with Bush as president.

Yes, I have every right to complain, I'm 21 and voted. So, if I hear any shit from damned Republicans about it. Two words! Fuck Off!

Bush's budget cuts will take $4.3 billion dollars from education...meaning, "
Nno body, but my rich friends' kids should have decent education. Besides, it isn't as though any of these other people would do anything with it."

$1 billion from health...I'm screwed! Meaning: "No one, but my rich friends deserve the best in health care.  Besides, it's not as if these other people really mattered anyway."

$1.5 billion from law enforcement...Let the rioting in the streets begin anew in California!  Meaning: "No one, but my rich friends who can afford their own personal armies should be protected.  Besides, we can loose a few of these people to crime anyway. No one will miss them."

A few other plans were taken; agriculture; small business...these just don't hit me quite like the first three though. :(  Tis a sad day.
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I can't draw males worth a crap. So, I'm working on them, don't expect to see any up though as I'm getting a lot of ideas for poses from fellow artist on DA and. Also, my scanner does not work properly for me, because it's possessed by a Demon of God and thereby hates me because I am The Devil. *grumbles* Can't they leave me in peace?

Feh! If I decide to scan any and put them up, they'll be going straight, colored or not, to my scraps because I'm not finished with my Harry Potter/Gargoyles Cross over and until I finish Year Six up, I'm not posting any art in my gallery. :D
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A heads up to anyone on this site that plays Neopets...if you are thinking of adopting out a pet or role playing on the FC, not that I ever did, well, don't! You can no longer transfer; put your pets up for adoption through the boards or anything that has to do with neopets on the Neopet's Fan Club Boards. :P Go figure that one out. O.o Anyway, I'm now pissed...
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Usually I don't do this, but I needed to have something to cover up my raving lunatic side. :) Has anyone here ever tried Poppycock? Do you even know what it is?

Well, for those who don't it's like Cracker Jack's (popcorn; nuts and carmal all mixed together) only ten times better. Yum!! XD The gewy sweet spred is a buttery concoction made by The Devil himself to tempt us into being his bidding slaves. :D I have tried the original and am now trying the Cashew Lovers...Dear God!! *hugs can* It's mine! It's all mine!! My own! My Prrreeeciousss!!!

I love cashews!! Anyway, if you haven't tried Poppycock, I suggest you do. Ask your grocery store clerk where it is, threaten them if necessary!  BTW, for all of you evil *cough* one *cough* people who are thinking about getting me birthday presents...Poppycock will work. XD
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Okay, this is such a lovely way to begin the New Year...  As most people know, my user name is technically the name of The Devil and depending on your interpretation of that fucked up book known as The Bible (no offense to you people who are religious and haven't tried to force that shit down my fucking throat!) you can say that Lucifer fell from the grace of God by sinning and will be destroyed at the end of the world. Or that a great war went on in heaven and all of Lucifer and his angels were beaten back and cast down into hell for all eternity until The Devil would break free and wreak havoc upon the land...

Of course, since I chose that name as my own, obviously my view on it is quite different and while I'm going to tell you all about it, I'm not asking you to agree with me nor am I saying that you are wrong in your interpertation and that I'm right and I'll say it right now, I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but when your mom announces at the fucking dinner table that I was a pagan in a sea of fucked up; Bible thumping assinine Catholics! Yeah! I'm going to rant because I was just told how wrong I was and even though they didn't come out and say it, the general idea was "If you don't convert to Christianity, you'll go to Hell and burn."

The point is, I always thought that if you were a bad person and killed for pleasure and to cause pain to others, then you'd go to hell. No matter what religion you belonged to. I also thought that a simple minor offense such as believing in something that you can't see; hear; smell; touch or taste...something that you and you alone think to be right...and when you find out that it's wrong wouldn't God who is all loving and all forgiving, forgive you that offense?  Would he or she (as the case may be) forgive you just because you didn't know and like a child trying to latch onto someone's hand for guidance that you latched on to something that sounds and feels right at the time. As long as you aren't trying to committing acts of theft; murder and rape, I pretty much think you're okay and that God would forgive the other minor sins that you've committed that have nothing to do with the rest of the world as a whole.

Now, I'm not exactly a good person...I find violence and sex to be rather interesting to watch, but that doesn't mean I'm totally evil.  For one thing, if somebody's begging for help, I'll probably be the first to try to help. I think spousel abuse/child abuse is the sickest thing that humanity could ever do. You're suppose to love your spouse and your kids and love is suppose to be a gentle emotion. Love isn't about domination, it's about equality. You love your spouse. You fear for their safety every time they leave the house because something bad could always happen to them. You'd rather die than be without them and you'd rather kill than let them get hurt. You'd rather lie than see their world shattered and most importantly you'd live just for them if they demanded it!  The same goes for your children. Trying to dominate either through abuse is just wrong because you don't really love them. They're just there to help with your ruse to the world that you're a typical avarage person, with a typical avarage life and that there is nothing wrong with you at all.  If you're one of those types of people, do yourself and the rest of the world a favor and go get some serious counsilling.

Another thing is well thievery, I've never stolen anything that belonged to another...or if I did it was something kinda minor and it was because well, it was my brother and he got better shit from my grandparents than I did. I still want a plastic white tiger from Las Vegas! :( He did get it back eventually and he more or less mutilated it with a pen. The tiger is now several shades of black; red and blue.  The thing is, if you steal something you're hurting the other person because you steal their nice things, but even that as far as I believe is a minor offense to God as comparing it to killing some one in cold blood.  Things can be replaced...a person or an animal can never truly be replaced. As long as you don't kill when stealing something, then that's a little better. Stealing just because you find it thrilling...well, you definately deserve your fine and your sentence because let's face it, if you want a thrill watch a horror flick or go to an amusement park and get it there and actually PAY for your thrill. Trust me, these people that work at Wal-Mart who sell the horror video to you or the people who sell the tickets that you try to sneak past, they don't really get paid a whole lot and having somebody enjoy a "free" thrill doesn't help matters. The less money a company has for certain things, the less employees it's going to hire. The less employees means that there will be more people out of a job and the amusement park/theater staff will be short while they attempt the upkeep of the place! I'm sure your local library has books on economics that will help you understand what I'm talking about.

Now, killing someone with the cold maletious intent of hurting them and/or their family is wrong and that's probably the only thing that saved my step sister from being beat to death by me with a shovel.  The simple fact that I'd hurt other people in the process. First off, I'd hurt my step father (one of the assinine Catholics that started this rant) and all of his family that are actually decent people when they aren't discussing religion. I'd also hurt my mom. Obviously by getting caught and going to jail where all sorts of shit could and can happen, which would in turn make her worry and probably drive her to the brink of insanity.  So, yeah, that rules me out as a serial killer right there because I'm too busy thinking of how many innocent people, who've done nothing to me, would killing what I consider to be a piece of crap hurt in the end.  Now of course, if this person is a piece of crap to not only me but to their family...such as spouse/child abuse...then all blow their brains out!  No point in letting a piece of crap live, even though I've hurt them. Crap doesn't learn lessons! Crap stays crap...especially if it's crap to everyone around it!

Now, I've been talking about abuse, yes that lovely four letter "R" word is going to come up! Rape is most definately a form of abuse and one of the worst ones! It isn't about love or even sex, it's about power and no one deserves that kind of full out brutal assault on their body and mind! And, I'm sure that if a rapist were in the shoes of the victim...they'd most definately agree.

Now, that I've ranted about trivial stuff and have rid myself of most of the anger that was built up inside of me over what was said to me earlier...I guess I'd better get back on topic. O.O''

My religious view is this (agree with me or not, this is what I believe and don't tell me I'm wrong because I never said that you were) there are three gods. One for Creation (technically the Christian God), she (yes, I said she. I can't see myself giving birth anytime soon, can any of you guys see yourselves giving birth anytime soon? So, the God of Creation must be female.) takes the unfinished soul and molds it before the child is born.  The God of Life (aka Satan) walks with us, invisible and as we are met up with a fork in the road he gives us choices. He tempts us with the bad choices, hoping that we will choose the path that is right, but knowing that it is to judge the will of the person is greater than his tiny shove in the wrong direction. This in turn prepares one for The God of Death (aka Azriel). Death takes our soul and depending on how our soul was judged in life either rips appart, taking away the experiences that we've had and gives it back to Creation for another go at life if the soul has been demeed unworthy of entering the phase of the Afterlife, which is controlled by Death.  There is no true good or evil and there is no hate or animousity between the Gods. Life is merely a shrewd prosecutor in this court room we call life and your the least that's what I believe. *shrugs* I could be wrong, but I believe that it's right, so there you go.
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Yeah! It's sorta snowing in Texas, something it doesn't normally do.  I've never seen snow before so this is pretty monumental.  To all those little kids in Texas wishing for snow this year from Santa. Thanks! :D To all those BIG kids that have always wanted it to snow and sent in letter after letter to Santa when you were little...Well, apparently Santa had some problems all those years, but at least we finally got our wish.

Too bad I don't have anything to wear in this weather. XD
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Okay...I've been role playing with blademalfoy over DevNotes and hopefully I'll have a pic of my character, Valcoreon, in scraps if nothing else.

Been playing Petz5 and have now 29 petz, mostly dogz as they apparently breed like rabbits. That and I had two pairs of dogz when I started and only one pair of catz.  Going to work on it I promise. The reason for only 29 is there is one infant...have to wait for Eden to become a puppy before I can adopt a male that'll go with her.

Neopets...shoot the site please!  I love it to death I really do and I love my neopets, since I have horrible luck with real pets I have to go virtual, but seriously...the fact that everything that you must buy is so inflated is depressing and Demon still wants to be Maraquan and personally you know you've been on the site too long when you're having a dream and your neopet is berating you for buying and being scammed out of two paint brushes and then using the rest of the money to buy a lab map and a lupe transmorphing potion. Not my fault L'hindo had to be mutant and I just happened to pick him out of the box over all the others.

Anyway, that's why I haven't been replying to these comments, why I haven't been putting up my writing, which I still don't want to do  but will because let's face it...18 chapters and it still isn't finished...shoulda left the whole story on my PC, but didn't...anyway, I should be uploading at least two chapters a day and trust me, you'll know when the ending comes up. :)

Merry Christmas!  Or whatever you celebrate this time of the year, I'm a I don't know all the holidays.  I swear if any body starts caroling outside...Haha! We're suppose to get snow for a change! No body sane is going to be out in this weather...I intend to pelt them with fruit because personally, I'm not in the holiday spirit...:P  Anyway, Happy Holidays! XD
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Well, I got a lab map for my eyrie_demon account...Dear God!! O_O It turned Star, my poor little blue uni into a yellow moehog! ;_; Well, at least they don't look bad and I got the pwned avatar on that account in the first shot. XD So, not too bad. I'm a moron though, I traded the Lost Desert PB and the Halloween PB for 150,000 neopoints; a MSPP Pen and a yellow korbat morphing potion. :( That's why I bought the lab map, to recover from doing something so stupid!  Also, on a note, Phoebus_Sun_Chariot's new Wuzzer needs a name. Any ideas?
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Well, as I have my Pack Rat Avatar, I'm attempting to sell everything in my SDB. No big deal, except I have some really high dollar stuffage in there. For example two paint brushes and four lab map pieces. O___O Yeah! Anyway, I've got a buyer for one of the paint brushes, it's the Halloween one I can't sell. Mainly because I bought it before Halloween. :/  Now the price has gone down from what I "paid" for it and no one wants to even give me what I paid for it. I measly 360,000 neopoints. It's enough to drive anyone insane.  To make matters worse, I have people begging for it.  So, I've decided to post the almighty questions here.  What should I do with it?  Should I...

a) keep it until next Halloween, hoping the price goes back up and sell it.

b) Sell it for what everyone wants me to sell it for.

c)paint one of my pets on another account with it.
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So, the rudibega finally came up with eleven? Interesting!  And what else does this mighty rudibega have to offer as wisdom?

The child thought, she had thought that all adults would have gone along with her talking rudibega, since her parents did quite frequently for her amusement.  However, this man wasn't in any way buying it.  She sighed and handed the man the rudibega.

He said he'd rather live and grow moldy with you.

A bit of dribble I wrote up...don't know why.  Might expand on this. O.o  After all I must let you all know of The Rudibega's adventure if the man takes him or if the man leaves without him.  One's going to be really fairly shorter than the other. :)  Just...bordom.
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Stupid Fuckin' People Always Changing Trying to Make Other People Happy! Don't they know the key to making others happy is to never change!? ~Lucifer Apollyon Satan aka The Devil: About the sudden update to Deviant Art that makes it Hella Hard to find how to submit journals.

Even though they were tests I noticed something, I'm in one of my violent moods again. -_-'' *sigh* I expected this actually since I haven't been sleeping too well at night; I sleep most of the day away and I'm disgusted with solid foods at the moment. Yep! Semi-vampirism at it's finest. Do I drink blood? Nope! Give me purade(sp?) veggies or fruits during this time and I'll be your friend for life! XD

I don't know why I actually go through this phase. It completely baffles me, so, I thought I'd ask my fellow artists...does anybody else have this problem? Or something simular(sp?)?

What really bugs me is that I have violent thoughts yet would never actually carry them out on anyone...though I have considered other things a lot more painful, yet less permanent than roasting somebody over an open fire on a spit and could probably carry those out.  Also, wtf is with me being a vegan all the sudden during these bouts?  I mean, if I'm more violent; enjoy the sight of blood; and cuss at anything and everything that moves or otherwise...wouldn't that be reason for me to like meat more?  O.O I'm confusing myself. :P I'll let you counsil me you wonderful art degree people who can become counsilers when necessary.  And where the fuck did my grammer skills go!!!!?

:iconblademalfoy: is excluded from this due to over working her ass off for the good of the coloney! Unless she wants to comment....All you other drones out there. Hop to it! Make me Happy, damn it!
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Yoinked Test...Part 2

Fri Nov 19, 2004, 11:34 PM
Stupid Fuckin' People Always Changing Trying to Make Other People Happy! Don't they know the key to making others happy is to never change!? ~Lucifer Apollyon Satan aka The Devil: About the sudden update to Deviant Art that makes it Hella Hard to find how to submit journals.

Yoinked from :iconvhendi: who yoinked it from somebody else.

x - yes
empty - no, duh lol

[x]been drunk. (I'm a very happy drunk!)
[ ]smoked pot.
[ ]smooched a member of the opposite sex.
[ ]made out with a member of the opposite sex.
[ ]done more things with a member of the opposite sex.
[ ]rode in a taxi. (Rode in a limo though)
[ ]been dumped.
[ ]gotten your heart broken.
[ ]shoplifted.
[ ]been fired.
[ ]had a job.
[ ]been in a fist fight.
[x]snuck out of your parent's house. (To get Whataburger XD)
[ ]been arrested. (Like I'm going to do something stupid!)
[ ]stole something from your job.
[ ]celebrated new years in times square.
[ ]went on a blind date.
[ ]smoked a cigarette.
[ ]gone on an airplane by yourself.
[ ]broken a bone.
[ ]had sex in a car.
[ ]White lied to a friend. (I can't think of any white lies...)
[x]had a crush on a teacher. (Kinda...)
[ ]celebrated mardi-gras in new orleans.
[ ]been to europe.
[ ]taken caffiene pills.
[ ]been to disney world/land. (So damned close to Disneyland though. :()
[ ]had a crush on someone you hardly knew.
[x]been to california.
[ ]been skinny dipping.
[ ]regretted something.
[x]peed on someones lawn. (My own. I couldn't get into the house and I had to go to the bathroom...bad!)
[x]skipped school. (Lot's a times! Especially during 6th and 7th grade)
[ ]thrown up from drinking.
[x]lost your sibling.
[ ]smooched a member of the same sex.
[ ]made out with a member of the same sex.
[ ]done more things with a member of the same sex.
[x]been in a car accident. (Yes, it wasn't pleasent.)
[ ]partied for days and days straight.
[x]stayed up all night with a friend.
[x]had a family member die.
[x]played 'clue'.
[x]had a sleepover party.
[ ]went ice skating. ( I have no corodination at all.)
[ ]dropped xtasy.
[ ]been cheated on
[ ]had a boyfriend/girlfriend.
[ ]had a threesome.
[ ]had a quinceanera.
[X] have a car.
[x] drove.
[x] had a conservation with a police officer
[X] have grey hair (If I do, I don't know about it. XD)
[ ] do prank phone calls (That's childish! Putting popcorn in the back of someones pick up truck or rapping said truck in pink toilet paper is way better!)

Do you...
[ ]have a crush.
[ ]have a dog.
[ ]have a cat.
[x]have your own room.
[ ]paint your nails. (No and I don't like women who do! I like natural nails thank you!)
[ ]play a sport.
[ ]play more than one sport.
[x]watch sports on tv.
[x]have a fav. group/singer/artist.
[ ]have more than 1 best friend.
[x]get good grades. (Depends on the subject)
[ ]play an instrument.
[x]have slippers. (I collect! I have several pairs and none of them are suitible for wearing since they're covered in dust. :P)
[x]wear boxers.
[ ]wear black eyeliner.
[x]like the color blue.
[ ]like the color yellow.
[ ]cyber. (WTF!?)
[ ]claim.
[x]like to read.
[x]like to write.
[x]have a cell phone. (Annoying Buggering Baster!!)
[ ]have a laptop. (I wish!)
[ ]have a pager. (No!)
[ ]have a boyfriend. (Dude! I'm a GUY!!!)

Are you...
[ ]ugly.
[ ]pretty. (I mark this one so 'certain' people won't throttle me later ~vhendi) (Like me! XD)
[x]ok. (Feh!)
[ ]bilingual.
[ ]white.
[x] ???
[ ]mexican/puerto rican. (My dad's... brown)
[ ]asian. (I'm a sick asian groupie... beware! lol, kidding ~vhendi) (Dear Lord! I hope not!)
[ ]short.
[ ]tall.
[ ]grounded.
[ ]sick.
[ ]scared to die. (I've thought this over plenty of times and truthfully, I wish my time would come just so I could slip into peaceful oblivin)
[ ]sleepy.
[ ]annoyed.
[ ]on the phone.
[ ]in your room.
[ ]drinking something. (I need more tea!)
[ ]eating something.
[ ]in your pjs. (Yep!)
[ ]ticklish.
[ ]listening to music.
[ ]homophobic. (Homophobs are stupid)
[ ]racist. (Racists are sonsofbitches)
[ ]Emo (doesn't this mean gothic or something? o_O)
[ ]in love (Thankfully, no. Not anymore!)
[ ]recovering from heart break
[ ]straight (As much as some of my 'friends' ask me *gets pissed* I'm very certain I'm straight) (*laughs at pissed vhendi* You're cute when you're pissed! That's why we ask.)
[ ]bisexual
[ ]gay
[ ]friendly (ROAR!!! DIE EVIL FUCKS!!)
[ ]known in your area. (The enigma.)
[ ]considered "normal" (Bullshit!)
[ ]glad this is over (Awww! I was just getting warmed up!)

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