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Sulfur Crested Cockattoo

By LucieOn
Just a small little quickie to rest a bit and make my creative energy flowing. Plus I really wanted to test my new watercolor paper. It will need further testing, but for now it seems pretty great.
I really love splatters :D


Watercolor, 30 x 21 cm
Reference: [link]
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© 2010 - 2021 LucieOn
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This is an increadible piece :) If i may ask, did you use a masking fluid to separate the bird from the background?
LucieOn's avatar
Thanks! Yes, I did, I usually mask the foreground objects in my paintings (especially if they're light and the background is dark, as it is in this case).
Alrynn's avatar
Thank you for the answer :) i really need to try masking fluid then!
LucieOn's avatar
Depends on what sort of painting process you prefer. I know that some artists prefer not to use masking fluid at all... If you decide to try it, however, I'd sugest to try it on a scrap piece of paper first, as some watercolor papers don't handle masking fluid all that well and can get torn up.
Alrynn's avatar
Oh, thank you for a very useful advice :) I'll make sure to try it out first! I indeed heard a lot about using it right, otherwise a lot of paintings were lost...
I guess it just sounds easy to use so people take it lightly. Thanx again! :hug:
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Hi! :meow: You have been FEATURED in my journal... Magic of watercolors #7 :iconjoyloveplz:
LucieOn's avatar
Thank you, that's very kind of you :hug:
Frozen-City's avatar
I love the atmosphere in this one!! And the cockatoo's expression is so adorable!!! :love: Amazing job, and use of colors, once again!! :clap:
LucieOn's avatar
THanks! I can't take credit for the cockatoo's expression, that belongs to the photographer which photo I used as a reference. He is awfully cute though, isn't he? All parrots are :)
Frozen-City's avatar
Yeah, he's such a cutie!! :heart: Well you maybe can't take credit for the bird's expression, but you can take credit for recreating it perfectly and adorably ;)!! :blowkiss:
Nyffetyff's avatar
oooh, I like the contrast to the background
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rawenna's avatar
The spatters are great :) I'm glad to see so many new, fantastic, paintings from you!
LucieOn's avatar
I'm glad that you're glad :)
ayuICHI's avatar
Amazingly fantastic.
ZsofiaGyuker's avatar
I simply love this painting :) Great how you created the soft light and the movement. I really like the colors too. This painting has such a peaceful athmosphere :love: Very lovely :)
LucieOn's avatar
Thank you :hug: I'm glad you like this - I had lot of painting this :) I wanted to be kind of a happy picture :)
meihua's avatar
This is simply beautiful! Great work! Was it by any chance referenced from this?
LucieOn's avatar
Yes, I did! I forget to put the link into description :( (But it's there now) Thank you for your kind words :)
Jajka24's avatar
Ooo, ten je krásný.. :aww:
LucieOn's avatar
Děkuju :) Kakaduové jsou fešáci!
Paralyzedhearts22's avatar
This is ridiculous! The colors are so pretty!!
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