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Types Of Weapons

These are the more known classification of weapon types. Personally, I want to create a general perspective on how many different type of weapons there are and well let’s just say this is only scratching the surface… >.>

And before anyone says anything:

Yes, I know these are just simple illustrations and are not anatomically correct but I plan to create more detailed and better weapons.
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Where are katar, scythe and polearm ?

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This looks really good, and has a good mix of fantasy, eastern, and western weapons. I would like to point out that the grip for the chakram should be on the crossbar in the center and weaponized armor would be less effective at actually protecting you. It looks good though, nice job!
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well that charkram is more for melee, but i do know about the center throwing disc one (thank you Xena: Warrior Princess)  and as for the weaponized armor its more or less like deterrent to keep things from grabbing onto you, the spikes i admit are a tad big and should be smaller and spread out to allow more of a spacious movement. 

Thanks for pointing them out, oh and if there's any weapon i forgot to add please feel free to add it in a reply. 
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Well, there are the pole arms (Ex, glaive, naginata, partizan, pike, halberd, warhammer etc) The japanese kusarigama, ninjato, chokuto, wakizashi, and katana. Caestus and takagi shuko are both hand augmenting weapons. Besides that, there are a near infinite number of sword subtypes  but I think you hit on a lot of the major classifications.
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Quite informative. 

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This is cool Nod 
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I always liked slings.
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slings are great! just pick up a rock and chunk it!
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I've been trying to practice using one but I can't get the technique down. XD
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hmmm... try looking for a smooth type of rock first, the less resistance against the sling the better. Do that and practice getting the right swing and momentum, and then then pull the sling in the direction you want to throw the stone. I find that the over head throw tend to be the easiest to use.
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Thank you very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very  much for this list!!!!!
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thank you now i have my final weapon idea for my rwby oc's
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ohhh which weapon inspired you.
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shield and throwing stars
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yay throwing shield that's uses a blade!
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yup, throwing stars. That's for the Snow Queen. Here's for the rest of the team... the mermaid has a parasoul that when you press a button, a small sickle would pop out the bottom. My sleeping beauty has a rapier sword with thorns by the hilt, and my sweets-eating gretel has a M1905E1 Bowie Point Bayonet with a Jambiya knife on the end of it. This will be fun to draw -_-
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sound like a party of fem-fatalist fun. 
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well ... Um. sorry your gonna have to dumb it down for me -_-
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fem-fatalies, fatal females a whole team.
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The throwing weapon are called shuriken. I like this it's really cool.
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Why no scythe? I guess the sickle works.
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The bow and arrow is my favorite. :D
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