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100 Swords: 61-80

This is the 4th set so feel free to comment away, point out your favorite, critize, implicate, and sugest. I enjoy feedback, so don't be shy!

The others are here:
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61. Sword of Eternity – A sword that can manipulate the flow of time and space, allowing the wielder to either heal them self or injure enemies. The sword belongs to the Eighth Keeper of Space and time.

62. Magma Draco: Infernius – A sword with the powers of a Ancient Fire Dragon bound to the sword it breathes molten lava upon its edge, yet to its wielder it’s cold to the touch.

63. Z.I.C. – (Zero Ion Cyro-blade) A advanced blade that builds up negative ions within the blade, causing the sword to radiate freezing sub-zero temperatures.

64. High Knight Sword – A Sword given to Knights of Elite status, and is a symbol of respect amongst the Arkulian Knights.

65. Ninja Sword – A single edge straight blade with hollow slots made to cut down on wind resistance.

66. Vinnellok – A special sword that Is the symbol of fertility amongst the natives of Quia Island.

67. Swordbreaker – A sword with slits in one side of the blade, which catches on coming blades and with a twist either snap the caught blade or disarm the opponent.

68. Mark of Lurian - The noble sword of the House of Lurian, and can only be wielded by a person with their bloodline.

69. Hoarfrost Haze – An arctic sword that radiates an icy mist from its edge and with a few swings creates a thick blanket of white fog.

70. Kriistar – A sword made as a key to open the ancient door to the resting place of the warrior of Galies.

71. Zaedu – A thick poisonous blade created from the acidic Zes’ of the Vestine Swamp.

72. Earthbreaker – A earthborn sword made to shatter earth and stone with little ease.

73. Requiem’s Edge – A sword that rings with a bellowing tone upon striking something.

74. Seal Weaver – A divine sword that writes holy seals by swinging the blade. It was used to seal Obsession.

75. Mauvelet – A sword made from focused kinetic energy imbued into the blade.

76. Blazing Star – A sword forged from a supernova, It releases small flashes of exploding light as it swings.

77. Stormbringer: Zerafis – A sword made by the master of storms it holds the fury and wrath of thousand thunderbolts. The sword grants the wielder power over electrical impulses it causes lightning to jump from one enemy to the other upon striking.

78. Divinity – A sword made in the Holy City of Arkriss, which was specially made for the city guard.

79. Dim – A sword that devours the essence of light around it while glowing faintly.

80. Purgatory – A sword that is made from hellfire, its edge can never cool so long as it never touches sacred waters.
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Sword of Eternity & Divinity

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Making a game and i could use someone as crative as you to xome up with weapon designs
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i love them all Clap! 
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I love number 66 :) <3   
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I'm surprised you didn't make the sword of fertility number 69! Ayyye!
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Hi there! I am a perler bead creator and I was hoping it was ok to use your designs to make 3D copies from perler beads and post them to my account on Instagram 
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Do you take requests for weapon drawings?
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Oh my, this is exactly what I was searching for!
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*Dunks Purgatory in sacred waters.* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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oh dear... now you've gone forged the key to hell... nice job.
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*Shoots you with Sky Soul*(…)
Malevolent being! What are you thinking, forging the key to hell?
You have a sick sense of humor...that it doesn't resemble humor any longer!
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No, you ain't.
I'm hunting you down!
*Fire a few more arrows at you position*
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XD *Gets hit.* *Dies.* *Ressurects self.* MWAHAHAHAAHHAHHAAHAHAH!!!!!
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Ugh...are you are Sue or a Lich?
In that case...
*Fires a freezing arrow*
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At first when you described #74, I thought you were talking about the animal. XD
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hahaha that would be funny... weaver seal wielding seal weaver...
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XD That would be HILARIOUS!
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These are really cool.
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The Swordbreaker weapon is real and is meant to bend and Pierce weapons
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hi LucienVox, i have a game that i was making, can i use some of your sword designs, and don't worry i will tell them that it was you sword idea, and i will put your webisite link on my website. if you don't allow, then don't worry.

p.s nice drawings.
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does #67 also lacerate its opponents?
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