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100 Swords: 1-20

This is the start of my 100 swords display i finally was able to make and as such this is my first 20 so feel free to comment away, point out your favorite, critize, implicate, and sugest. I enjoy feedback, so don't be shy!

The others are here:
[link] 21-40
[link] 41-60
[link] 61-80
[link] 81-100

1. Azure Dawn - A divine blade that creates a wave of blue light as it cuts.

2. Viper’s Wrath – A poison-dispersing blade, with the ability to change the type of poison by inserting the type via the bottom of the hilt.

3. Obsession: Sealed – A demon sword sealed because of its incredible power to turn its wielder into a mindless killer and only a person with a strong spiritual power can wield its sealed power.

4. Diamond Edge – An entire blade made from diamond cold to the touch.

5. Crimson Twilight - A divine blade that creates a wave of red light as it cuts.

6. Conductor’s Blade – A blade that creates a rhythm of music as it swing through the air and can be played like a flute with the handle.

7. Peacekeeper – A sword with no edge made to disarm opponents, though it cannot kill it boosts the magic power of its wielder.

8. Fire Lord – A blade with a super heated edge that commands fire with a swing.

9. Fleshrenderer – the blade segmented blade that tears flesh from bone.

10. Silverwind – A runeblade that emits a magical edge of air made to cut through anything solid.

11. Chainsaw Blade – A chainsaw made into the form of a blade with an ignition trigger, and runs on solar power.

12. Blood Sword – Just as the name implies the sword is pure dragon blood formed into an edge.

13. Phoenix - A curved blade that has the power to revive the wielder and those it cuts and can kill any undead, ethereal, or non-living creature with a single slice.

14. Obsidian – A sword made up of blue obsidian, polished and enchanted with the power of shadows.

15. Hollow Fang – A sword made to cut and pierce; it has holes in its blade to reduce wind resistance and increase speed and endurance.

16. Screw Blade – A sharp edge blade

17. Bone Sword – A sword made from the spine of a demon, with the ability to call forth skeletal minions, the quantity and quality depends upon the power of its wielder.

18. Dire Edge – A sword made specific for desert warriors.

19. Crusher – A heavy sword made to smash, cut, and split with extreme prejudice.

20. Crystal Saber – A sword that has its blade made from magic crystal that can absorb and disperse energy at will.
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These are awesome, just wondering what it would cost to get a bigger picture of one and if I can use it as a tattoo? Happy to pay to have a picture commissioned.

oi, mind if I MAKE some of these? ill give u a pic

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11. Chainsaw Blade

fantastic work

Hey dude me and my friend are trying to do a comic and I was wondering with your permission can please use your weapon and pick only 8 of your sword list for my 8 worlds that I'm creating or probably use them for my characters

thank you for bring us this beauty dear :)

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This is Awesome  
! :nod:
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if these swords here real that would be freaking awesome right?
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Awesome work,and with your permission,can I use these along with the rest of 21-100 for a roleplay I'm part in?
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sure, that's alright.
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Hi, may i use your texture for my 3d model?
Where is the Lettuce Magisword?

the Tomato Magisword?

Or the
Zombie Pumpkin Magisword?
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These are so amazing!!! Can i please use a few of these for my art? I just really love the design and i cant really ignore it. I feel like i could come up with a story just looking at them!!!
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This is some Rave Master sheot here, and I love it! If these could be implemented into a story of some sort, that would be highly amazing!
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1 is just so perfect.
It blows my mind!
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OK, I'm a bit of a medieval arms and armor nerd, so I'm gonna give the best critique on these swords that I can, excluding any magic powers unless it refutes one of my points. I'm going for practicality here though, so no nonsense.
1: the protrusions at the base of the blade seem superfluous. The hilt also seems to be completely smooth, which would mess with the wielder's grip. removing those protrusions and adding a little leather would make this an excellent sword.

2: Jagged bits on the front would catch on stuff and make for a rougher cut. The curve of the sword looks nice, but it's probably too shallow to really add anything to the cut, like a curve is supposed to. hand guard is curved inwards, guiding blades towards the user. Doesn't have a pommel.

3: blade could probably be slimmer. Needs a pommel. better curve than 2 though, would make it better at cutting.

4: GIGANTIC blade, Slim it down and it'll be just as effective. flared tip wouldn't really add anything. no guard to speak of. pointy bits facing the user. Diamond is hard, yes, but heavy and easy to cut along cleavage planes, so not a good material for swords.

5: Hollow blade would make the blade too light, also easy to grab and immobilize. superfluous crossover in the middle. Blade is also too wide, making the cross guard too small; could do with slimming. bottom bends in the cross guard are pretty superfluous. the hilt is also smooth.

6: Flute sword? that sounds like an accident waiting to happen. This would probably work just fine as a sword, I don't see any major problems with it; It's the flute bit I have a problem with. Can you imagine cleaning that? Jesus...

7: Completely blunt? begging to be grabbed. That useless circle in the middle of the "blade"? That'd be an excellent handle! (And that's not a good thing.) also, smooth grip.

8: the flared (heh) tip wouldn't help with thrusting, and the prongs on wither side just make it worse. Another smooth grip.

9: "segmented blade"? Yeah, no. you're more likely to kill yourself with that than your enemies. Remove the "Segmented" bit, the gold things along the blade, and the crossguard above the green crystal but below the blade and you'd have a perfectly good Estoc.

10: what's that big circle doing there? This sword also really needs a guard, on account of the fact that the blade is made of air.

11: Chainsaw! useless against armor, gets tangled on cloth, gets jammed with gore, no thrusting capacity whatsoever, tendency to "kick back" when cutting anything harder than wood... This is a deathtrap. Not for your enemies, but for you.

12: ...I have no big complaints. Normally, I would talk about how the hand guard is curved inwards, but the spikes would probably stop any blades. You might poke yourself though. maybe put a bit of leather on the hilt for a better grip.

13: Shallow, useless curve. Blade is far too thick, would probably be too heavy. If those feathers are solid, I'd poke myself when holding it, if not, I'd get tickled. I don't know which one's worse.

14: another gigantic blade. slim blades are your friend. Also, obsidian is glassy and brittle. It'll cut like a dream, but only once. Then you've got a chipped, useless blade. another smooth grip.

15: and here's another gigantic blade! I keep saying you should slim the blades down, but there's a reason behind that. The equation for kinetic energy is 1/2 X Mass X Velocity squared. If you triple a sword's mass, you triple KE, but if you triple it's velocity, you nonuple (X9) the KE. Lighter blades are easier to swing faster, ect, ect, slim your blades down. More holes in the blade, easy to hold, easy to control. The points the sword ends in are also very thin, and probably stand a good chance of getting bent.

16:you could stab someone with this, but once you get to the "Corkscrew" part, you have to start turning to get any deeper. The hand guard is much to thick, and would probably be very weighty; Half that size would be plenty. Another smooth grip.

17: the spikes on the side of the blade mean it would get stuck, if it managed to pierce anything at all. No cutting or slicing power whatsoever. Honestly, if you sawed off all but the bottom spikes, you could probably mount this on a pole and make an extremely effective spear. Provided, of course, the spine is completely solid and won't bend or anything (as spines are meant to do).

18: The curve is shallow, and the protrusion isn't doing anything back near the hilt. If you want a real desert sword, make it curve WAAAAY back and move that protrusion up near the edge, and you'll have a perfect scimitar (well, perfect except for the chipped blade).

19: I don't think those rings are really doing anything up there, besides making noise. making a weighty sword would probably mean moving most of the mass near the tip, a la a falchion. Handle's slightly off center.

20: I don't think there's any crystal that grows like that at all. there's that smooth grip again! Hand guard sloped downwards, directing blades to the user. seems relatively fine other than that

Well, that's the first 20. I'll probably try to do the other 80 later. Please note I'm not trying to be overly negative, and I enjoyed your designs a lot.
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yes i tend to make the smooth grip sense laziness on my part, most would have leather for grip, and of course some of the blades were ment to be quick shallow cuts rather than deep gashing cuts. yeah some are fantasy blades without and logical sense but i do love your critique the most informative and detailed cant wait to see more comments from ya! 
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Hmm, I actually see all these swords being used in a couple of the web browser games created by Artix Entertainment; as something about the art style reminds me of them.
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Ah, my apologies, there was an error in the wording. I meant I could see them being used in the games developed by the company. Sorry if you got concerned in any way.
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Lazy here but alright if I use sword 2? The "Viper’s Wrath" one?
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Thanks. XD Was wondering if you were gonna reply.
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i normally reply to most things heh
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