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Bokeh Brushes

I made those for a project I was working on, I thought they might be useful for others too... There's 6 dynamic brushes in the set, approximately 900 pixels wide.

Made in CS3 not too sure if they will work in previous versions and/or other programs...

No redistribution and no other restriction besides that...

Have fun with them! :)
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Great brushes! They're awesome!

can i use your brushes for commercial purposes?

muito top, parabens

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Thanks,  this is definitely going to come in handy! 
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Beautiful !! Thank you so much.
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My pleasure, hope you find them useful.  :)
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Lovely job, I`ve been looking for some of these, can`t wait to play with them.
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That's great!  I hope you enjoy them!  :)
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I used your brushes here.

Thank you :thanks:

Kind regards,
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Tenkiu gringo culiao♥
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Thank you very much!
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Just trying out the brushes but seems to make sharp spots, and the hardness slider is greyed out is that normal (Thanks for making it available!)
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I'm not sure I understand what you mean when you say it makes sharp spots... The hardness filter as far as I'm aware is always greyed out when the brushes are custom and not made with Adobe's basic brushes. If you find them too sharp though you can always try to blur them a bit with the gaussian blur filter? That's what I do when I use them, I'll use the brush on 2-3 different layers, on one layer I'll keep it as is, on the second layer I blur a little bit and on the third layer a little bit more. You can also try playing with the layer's mode for even more effects.
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Ah ok, Thank you! I will give that a go! Thanks for the response! (I am a bit of a novice when it comes to photo manipulation!)
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