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Swan Lake Ballet by Theressa
Summer by lostknightkg
Keep Breathing by fourteatwo
Urban Exploration
Tranqiliity (WAB8386) by WayneBenedet
Watermill by Spiritofdarkness
Hauntedmanufactory_11.10.2019_(48)_7 by AliceGothic
Bridges over Water and Time by Spiritofdarkness
Abandoned and Decay
Home Service by Spiritofdarkness
Hauntedmanufactory_11.10.2019_(39)_6 by AliceGothic
Day After Day (WAB8230) by WayneBenedet
Farmer Vision (WAB7857) by WayneBenedet
Symbiosis by Spiritofdarkness
presence of silence by ionWill
At Peace by ShveniVa
A ghostly sun by baroquedoll
Flower Crown by LOLAandLAIMA
Jiu Thai forms by IntuitiveMoth
You Used To Run Through My Veins by AdaEtahCinatas

Mature Content

#4Dollperfectbride_begin2021 by AliceGothic
Photo Manipulations
Radiant Twilight by ionWill
The Sun at night - when I was 12 years old by baroquedoll
spaceStudds by tea
Around the World in 80 Days by Pajunen
Evening by the pier by Pajunen
April Evening by Pajunen
railway mesmerizer by ionWill
Civilizations Meal by Spiritofdarkness
BW and Colorsplash
The edge... by thewolfcreek
End times had come... by thewolfcreek
Per aspera ad astra by baroquedoll
Melancholic... by thewolfcreek
Horror and Macabre
Inverted Bird by Aesolei
Mother come back to us... by IntuitiveMoth

Mature Content

Eating Fish in a Room by Aesolei
If I Was Your Vampire by AdaEtahCinatas
Drawings and Paintings
Rose Petals by ShveniVa
Floral Bliss by ShveniVa
Sand Fish by Aesolei
Eats Redraw by Aesolei
Steel Wool by RobinHedberg
The Wrong Calls CallingYou're following the wrong calls callingAlong with the others who do the sameAlways feeling a little bit strangeBut feeling like it's easier to do so'Cause you're a weak shameThe wrong calls calling you everywhereNo day is passing without giving inTime only makes you forget to guessYou're choosing the safer way to breathe'Cause you're nothing but a weak shameThere's the kid who got beaten by parentsBlack and blue colours of a joyful youthBut the wrong calls are calling to numb you cold'Cause even if you were experiencing the sameYou're an adult now, nothing to do with itWhat a weak shame!There's the woman who got raped again and againAn unwanted kid looking at her sad faceBut she's brave to speak and start her life anewAs you're reciting such condemning phrasesThe wrong calls calling in your brain'Cause you're a weak shame and don't wantBelong to the undergroundThere's the man who's bringing up his kids aloneThrown away his masculinity and roleTrying his best he's becoming something newWhile you're just letting the wrong calls call you once moreAs you're letting your meaningless laughs leave your mouthsBeing nothing but a weak shame...Don't tell me there wasn't even if one timeWhen you were holding yourself backFrom hearing the wrong calls calling youTo finally do something rightBut I'm seeing only soulless figuresZombies pulling themselves further in lifeWeak shames finding it easier to followEven knowing how it has hurtWhen the wrong calls were calling against youAnd there was no one left on your side but hurt...
Zombies n Skeletons
Bokeh Xmas XXXII by mitoXD
Statues and Graves
Voglio tornare indietro by baroquedoll
Until Never by DPasschier
Digital Art
Pushing Through by Aesolei
Artistry and Carvings
Finished monster sculpt by xanthnimby
Past Contest Entries
weep by Lucid14Havoc
Kaelan Mikla I by yume-no-yukari-photo
Feeling The Rain by isischneider
Maisa by Pajunen
Food, Drinks, etc
Nepalese Food by Pajunen





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