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So, I got laid off from the architecture firm I was working for about 4 months ago.  After a short "what the hell am I going to do?!", I went ahead and started my own company, Lucid Arts.  I'm taking all kinds of work.  Have been doing murals, commission paintings, album covers, architectural renderings, pretty much whatever comes my way.  

On a note, I got my websites up.

Check out my blog at:

Leave a comment or two.

Trying to make this work.  If I can do it a dream come true.  

Love you all, stay up and in touch.

I'm updating my journal entry because I hadn't in months.  The last one is now irrelevant.  So, to update you all, everything is beautiful here.  I have no complaints.  I'm still doing art for a living, and for myself.  That's all I need.  I have so, so, so much stuff I haven't posted on here, but it's all over the place, stylistically.  Maybe one day I'll get around to posting that stuff, but by then I'll have done more stuff, so probably not.  

Much love.
Yo, I've been steadily uploading work, old and new.  Drop me a line, I'll hit you back.  

Also, who knows anything about where to get more photoshop brushes, textures, any tricks of the trade and whatnot?  I know how to draw, but not really savvy on the digital techniques.  Help me out if you will.  

What the deal?  I just joined the community, so I'm still trying to understand what the full benefits of this site are, and how to utilize it the best.  Don't hesitate to correspond, I appreciate any and all comments/critique anyone might have.  Peace.