Bone throwing: Pitch an idea.
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Here is opportunity for my viewers to suggest an idea for new pic.
I am a li'l bit bored right now and I think you can help
Everybody is welcomed.


classic fantasy (elves, dwarves, orcs etc) or sci fi (aliens, planets, space ships, androids and stuff)
Theme for pic:
Be original. Suggest something that rarely was drawn. Something mundane. Like shopping, walking in forest, triggering trap in some dusty dungeon.
Think that your idea for pic is illustration in middle of fantasy/sci fi book. NOT epic battle, NOT climax of story, but way to those points.
Dos and don'ts
No your OCs, no copyrighted OCs. Once again - be original
humor - yes (but not necessary),
blunt frontal nudity - NO (skimpy outfit - yes),
senseless violence and gore - NO (or think of good reason for it)
Main thing: NO promises.
My working schedule is quite spastic and I do not promise that I draw your idea.


Have fun. :D
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kathebProfessional Filmographer
A Dwarven woman in normal clothes admiring a set of armour on a rack that she just polished, The armour looks like it would fit her boutiful dwarven figure.
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Фентезийный хомяк и Техно-жаба делят лут над поверженным демоном.
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maistromanuelStudent Traditional Artist
too late but here is a few ideas
two amazoness warriors enter in a cave to defeat a legendary monster but when they came in, the monster is already dead by sickness 

a female warrior armwrestling with a bunch of minotaurs in a "deadly" colosseum
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Why not an adventurer who's unintentional upskirt saves her from a trap?
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Ok... The four basic 'D&D classic' classes,  A Wizard, A warrior, a Cleric and a Thief, all in line at an outhouse.

One (of your choice) has stuck her head out of the outhouse door and is saying to the others... "It's been so long since my player declared that I'm reliving myself I've forgotten what I need to roll to succeed!"

A little strange, yes but when was the last time you can remember a player declaring that their character was 'going to the bathroom'?
I pity all those poor RPG characters hopping up and down on one foot.
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the green and brown thief...encased in a gelatinous cube monster...alive but "stuck"
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Walking back form the dungeon.  Smarmy paladin in the lead with all the riches, with the res of the party heavily injured, humiliated, and generally dishevelled. "Well. That went well."
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ILikeCommasHobbyist Writer
Two men, an older woman, a dwarf and a male elf are playing "poker" in a gambling house, with an attractive female dealer while several shady types watch or play their own games. Opium smoke fills the dimly lit room, muffling the clatter of mugs and chatter of its various patrons.

In the corner, a scantily clad gypsy fortune-teller teller reads a fortune over tarot cards to an elven girl.

A dirty halfling flits around picking pockets for loose change and opium tablets.

One man and the dwarf are cheating at cards, and the elf is out of collateral.

The other man playing has noticed the cheats and is drawing his dagger.
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A female thief, wearing tight but otherwise not terribly revealing leather 'armour', is prowling forward through a dungeon corridor. She's going slowly, carefully observing every stone, searing for traps or enemies. Specifically, her pose has her squat slightly, one hand on the wall, her rear thrust out behind her.

Which is where her other party member, a halfling, dwarf, or other short character (Of any class of your choosing) is appreciating the free show of the thief's toned butt presented for his enjoyment. The thief, naturally, is completely unaware of her party member's lechery, too focused on the path ahead.
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Actually I got a even better idea!

Skyrim of course because there isnt much sexy skyrim art... >.>

a Busty Nord has just put on a new set of armor from a black smith, but its way to tight on her busty body and is saying "are you SURE you don't have anything ... bigger"  and the blacksmiith (a woman or man) is pushing back a box of XL pre made armor as he or she eyes her tight cleavage. 

^.^ hows that? no nude, no gore, some humor and no OC. Just a Nord woman lookin to suit up. 
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MasterOkiAkaiProfessional Digital Artist
Something mundane and uncommon huh. Alrighty then lemme think.
A Dragon dentist - a dwarf or other smally inside a dragons mouth with a pickaxe or hook scraping away at the dragon's teeth.
Planetary Peeping Tom - A spacefarer (any) peeking into a bedroom window (non-specific) from orbit or a lightyear away (planning to warp away so they can watch it again)
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Internet-CancerHobbyist Traditional Artist
I dunno about specifics so I'll just leave this tiny snippet here.

Waking up in the morning in your stratospheric high-rise living space by the LCD blinds on the windows un-dimming and letting in the sunlight.
She's in the process of simultaneously getting dressed while a laser "net" burns off the excess oils and bacteria on her skin and in her hair. She coughs out ash as a laser brush dos the same to her mouth.
While else's getting ready for her day, the hovering microwave keeps her meal warm and even follows her out the door because mobile cooking is apparently the future.

Her cyber-implants begin to buzz with a stream of corporate spam in her mental inbox and she resolves to download some mental security software to prevent adware and viruses from getting inside her brain.
Walking down the street, no one uses vehicles anymore. If it isn't the expensive teleportation booths, it's the gravity highways in which people and their kinetic suits fly at breakneck speeds through the air like superheroes.

When she gets to work she finds that her breakfast has since burned and she reverses time inside of the microwave, restoring it to a decidedly less charred version of itself.
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AdmaniosHobbyist General Artist
How about a couple of fantasy girls in typically skimpy or skintight outfits, who have just defeated a dragon and claimed his hoard of treasure...

only to realize they didn't bring any bags, backpacks or carts to take it!
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Ох зря вы это написали, ведь на предложение нарисовать халявную картинку может внезапно слететься я. С какой-нибудь адской идеей и не менее адским ТЗ.
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LucidARTDVC Digital Artist
Ну в этом кличе "а подкинте-ка идею" масса ограничений.
Без персонажей с копирайтом, чтонить что похоже иллюстрацию из *середины* фентези книжки (то есть без особой эпики),  чтонить что редко рисуется.
Ну и за картинки с тучей персонажей в духе панарамы "Бородинская битва" я вряд ли возьмусь :D
А так - предлогайте :)
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Heavilly shielded service crew changing burned-out nozzle on thermal gas-core nuclear rocket yacht. Knee-deep in retro-future style.
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LucidARTDVC Digital Artist
How deep retro?
Flash Gordon retro, Gagarin retro, anime 80s retro?
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Wow, luxury of choosing!
Badass female 1980ies then. I grew up on them.
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Levi-K-WhitneyHobbyist Writer
How about a scene featuring a fighter character fallen off the side of a cliff, with his friends looking over the side.  He's not dead, instead his pants have been caught by a branch and he's being given a horrible wedgie.  His friends at the top of the cliff laugh and joke about how he's got to be careful about aiming his leap attacks.
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(Sorry for multiple post)

Or the DragonBorn shouts (FLASH YOUR BOOBS!) at a busty female (of any race, up to you) and it causes her boobs to burst out from her clothes. XP
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how about instead of shouting, he attacks her with a sword or axe and she catches it between her breasts. lol 
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Oh ! oh! I got a awesome idea!  How about something for Skyrim.

It will be of a Nord Woman in skimpyish armor going through a dungeon when she trips a trap, that causes a axe to swing down and cut perfectly between her boobs, cutting the armor and letting her breasts spring out.
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LucidARTDVC Digital Artist
Interesting... but rule is "NO copyrighted characters".
Find way to bypass this obstacle.

And I can't draw her nude. Another rule.
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