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At least they don't call me "scum".
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glad to see more of your works!, also happy new year Lucid!!!

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Thank you :D And Happy New Year! :)

Their armor is pretty rad too.

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Indeed :) And game is nice enough to give players opportunity to get one for themselves.

Tribunal had some nice armor sets. Adamantium armor which is really good medium Armor that will not get you attacked if you wear it and the Dark Brotherhood Armor is the best early game light armor.

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Technically Adamantium armor was in quite earlier, pervious free-to-download plug in. Same as LeFemm armor.

But Bethesda being Bethesda botched that plug in :D and it was fixed only in Tribunal.

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"City of the Great Bazar!"

"Well, yes, but I fail to see what that has to do with anything."


"But... light and magic."

"Shopping is magic."

"You're going to have me carry all your stuff, aren't you?"

"I'll make it worth your while."

"Oh? How?"

"The Great Bazar does armor and weapons for sale."

"Definitely worth my while!"

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Ha! :D Yes, shopping IS magic. Mournhold establishments have quite a selection to waste player's money on.

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I like your drawing. Its very interesting.

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