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Draw something, you lazy bastard.

No thought whatsoever was put in this.
...Ok, maybe song "Angel Witch" in speakers helped.
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I like how lecherous the thicc dark elf is. Makes you wonder how long it's been since someone has tasted her flesh. I'm taking a guess that it must have been some time, a woman like her could have any man she wants. Or maybe, she bought/captured this fine specimen of a man, and is keeping him for her pleasure. Maybe is even looking for a strong mate to breed with, so that her own children would be as powerful as they are beautiful. 

Either way, I hope you have a follow up to this fine piece. Quite a remarkable duo, I'm curious to know what will become of them.
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"You and I are going to have so much fun." Nice Work.
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It's  kinda  weird  seeing  an  elf  THAT  beefy... Welp, more  fun  for  the  Drow  I  guess. :D

Despite  having  no  thought  in  it, it  still  looks  damn  good!!!
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LucidARTDVC Digital Artist
In my world... it's like in Texas - everything is HUGE. :)
Elven wenches are THICC and elven blokes are buffed.

Thank you :D
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Levi-K-WhitneyHobbyist Writer
Elf Prisoner: "A cat o'nine..  Snakes?"

Drow Captor: "It's a play on the Staff of Serpents.  We're still figuring out names for it...  Personally, I like the Motive Adder..."

Elf Prisoner: "Motive adder?  Really?  A pun on 'Motivator?'"

Drow Captor: "And adders."

Elf Prisoner: "Adders?  Oh...  OH!  Well...  Crap..."
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LucidARTDVC Digital Artist
Motive adder? Love it :D

Alas D&D Drows are not that creative.
They call it pretentious and boring - Scourge of fangs
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