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Will you ever draw a picture with Ethan and the daughters of dimitrescu?

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Oh I don't know, this Countess is probably one of the weirder Vampire villains.....mind you she would make chase scenes in a film different from the old Dracula films

Imagine the hero being chased through the castle and then suddenly "BONK!" the Countess has brained herself on a door frame.

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Oh, Lady Dimitrescu is different. She very gracefully walk through small door frames, holding her hat, like a proper lady.

Especially funny if player left land mine on her way. BOOM! She stops for a second, dusts her dress off and carries on :D

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Time to bonk the internet

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We will need VERY huge bat for that :D

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with her attributes in todays culture and hype build she hits a certain level of status and reverence that im sure will outlast the game by a bit. Also hard to focus on anything else

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Reminds me situation with Amazon and Sorceress from Dragon's Crown.

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its a fascinatng phenomena

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Indeed. Capcom made a history.

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As an historian, i find very interesting this result, then again just out of curiosity i found out that she is practically worshiped as a goddes in Tumblr (specially for the LGBTQ comunity, have no idea why) and her fandom is bigger in Archive of our own than in Fanfiction(i always thught that their fanfic writing base was similar).

unfortunatly i don't have the tools to do the proper research

I don't use Tumblr so I am just guessing but I think lesbians liking hot women likely plays a big part in her fandom in the LGBTQ comunity.

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isn't tha a tiny bit shallow?

Some characters just have the right mix of traits that make people very horny. Even before Dragon's Crown came out people were making fanart of the Sorceress.

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Well, regardless of her being evil in the game. People do like a strong woman. As long as they are done good. The alluring power is what people want/like. Not a garbage story, or badly drawn character. The Amazon, in Dragon's Crown, is their main mascot on everything for a reason.

Ethan in the story has his own reasons and goals in completing the journey. The people playing it have other reasons. And the creative team knew what they where doing. They included a recap of RE7 in the game. Because they know lots of people buying this. Didn't play the last game. Where picking it up for this one part of the story.

Q Hayashida, the creator of Dorohedoro takes advantage of this all over the place. With her character Noi. Even Zelda Breath of the Wild featured this with guys trying to find a way into the Gerudo village.

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Huh, I didn't know about that side of fandom.

Mostly see that all artists I know think it's their duty to draw Lady Dimitrescu. It's literal avalanche of fan art (naughty and not).

Even Dragon's Crown, which also was quite a phenomena in its days, can brag about such success.

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take a peck.....

is something that like you i never expected (and dont quite understeand why the rationalize she as a lesbian so fast)

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