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Hello everybody! :wave:

First things first. I have promised to feature the winners of the Fractalize your Xmas Holidays Contest (and I am sorry to do it so late :ashamed:).

First place:

Christmas time by manapi
by :iconmanapi:

Second place:

Christmas wreath by alchem
by :iconalchem:

Third place:

still there by monsan
by :iconmonsan:


by :iconyurykyssa:

and my humble:
Christmas by lucid-light

"Modern" schooling system doesn't suit me very well. Neither my dear brother, now when I think about it.

I have no trouble with studying. I am perfectly capable of attending lectures/seminar and participate actively. I love to discover and learn new information. It's the way they test and grade my knowledge. It's the way I'm treated like one of the crowd of students, a little ant in the giant ant nest called university.

I express myself face-to-face with much difficulty. I even have hard time talking to my friends sometimes because my words tangle. My mind is clear and sharp but trasferring my thoughts verbally is difficult for me.

Imagine me being treated like an idiot at this history oral exam I took few months ago. The examiner bluntly laughing at me, repeating my "errors" and not even letting me explain that I was talking in general and I am happy to provide specific information.
It is so NOT rewarding after 2 months of constant studying to fail just because the examiner is unable and unwilling to accept "different" way of answering his questions.

I don't ask for "special treatment" just for me. I ask for special treatment to everybody. Design people's study plans according to their capacities and capabilities. Design the exams accordingly. Which is ofcourse impossible with thousands of students :(

6 months left and I can finish the school with bachelor diploma but I might have also wasted 3 years of my life if I happen to fail to do the history exam twice more. I'll have to revisit those 3000 pages I learned months ago and try again soon. I'm also writing bachelor thesis, I'll make a journal about it in next few days because I need to do my own research as a part of the thesis - I am going to need a little bit of your help...

The good thing is that when I started studiying at the university 3 years ago, I didn't know what I am gonna do for living. Now I know because it's already happening. I'll continue doing fractal art.

The bad thing is that I will much probably never ever need the da*n diploma and now I feel like "why bother anymore". Just 6 more months and I can finish a goal that I no longer need to follow... I know that I will do everything I can to finish the school.

Although I don't know why anymore.
Do you?
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Don't let someone judge you or hold you back.

You are smart.

You know what you are doing.

You know where you want to go.

If you get the same douche bag as an examiner...

ask him to stand up "to prove he is a man"

and then kick him in the ball's and ask him how it feels...
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Thank you for your support! :hug:

That is an excellent idea... I only thought of punching him until now :D
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:hug: no problem :)

well you can punch him under the chin if he is a ball chinian :)
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Well education can help finding a real job, but I understand your frustration
I never got the chance to get a decent education, so I can tell you to not give up :hug:
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Thank you :) Yeah the problem is when the education makes you educated (in my case in number of social sciences such as psychology, history, economy, philosophy etc) but it does not guarantee a decent job (other than being somebody's assistant) :/
I mean, I am so grateful for this school. I've learned so much, not only in terms of information but also in terms of perception of world and perception of people... but basically one can't get a job based on this education, the only good thing about it that we get a shiny Bc. degree to CV, proving we aren't absolute losers...
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Ouch, I don't have much on my CV/resume either :(
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