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:bulletred: Software used: Apophysis
:bulletred: Please full view

:bulletred: Edit: Higher resolution picture uploaded (also for print purpose), this one is just a bit brighter than the old version.
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inspired dmdiaz?

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After 11 years, it is still pretty :heart:
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Thank you :hug: Gosh, sometimes I forget I've been doing fractals for so long :D
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You have been having fun all this time, so it is okay.
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"Most people see time as a parade, one thing passing by, right in front of them. I see the prade, from above; all the twists and turns it might... or might not, take." I thought of this when I saw this beautiful thing. Good job. For making this sentence come alive.
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Oh wow! Thank you :)
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Who can't love lines, grids and intricate details?
Great Work!
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good work :)
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Cool. Time is a good name for it.
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this is pretty awsome hun!!

i love it and wish i was as good as you are at this!!

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Almost a religious pattern.
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wow! i didn't see the title, and i thought "hey, that looks like time..." and then i saw i title. sweet!
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