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Through Time and Space

Software used: Apophysis

Long time no see, right?! :party: I'm back for 2016 with new goal of uploading at least 2 artworks to DA per month, yay :D (Plus new stuff on my Patreon every week!)

This artwork was inspired by Doctor Who, I posted a free artwork commentary here:… - where you can find out more about the artwork theme and more about the process how I created the artwork.

Yes, I'm also reviving my Patreon account, nobody seemed particulary interested in it about a year ago when I created it (but then again I haven't really advertised its existence :D). Now I have 3 patrons, so I guess some people might be interested, after all. For those who have no idea what Patreon is or how it works, in short: it's a platform where you can send monthly donations to your favourite artists (from as little as $1/month, for as long as you wish) and in return you get various rewards from the artist - usually access to exclusive artworks that aren't posted anywhere else. It's a little bit like kickstarter, only for artists.
I mainly post articles/commentaries about my artworks there, where I explain ideas behind the artwork or I show my creative process, as well as some patron-exclusive artworks etc. Sometimes I post exclusive stuff for free there too. If you have any suggestions what other rewards would you like to see listed, feel free to comment or send me a note. I will continue posting art for free here on DA, as I have been doing for past 10 years - my Patreon account is for people who would like to see some extra stuff, get to know me better and support me beyond kind comments/faves. 

Thank you for all favourites, comments, critiques and devwatches! :rose: It means a lot to me.

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Thanks to:

Nebula by mahaon and Painting a Fractal, Part 1 by ChaosFissure

© Eli Vokounova (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) - Sharing my artworks with attribution (link to the image and my name) is allowed. Commercial usage of my artworks is forbidden. Altering, transforming or building upon my artworks is forbidden.
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That red streak in the middle irritates me a little, it doesn't really seem to fit, but it's still beautiful!