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I've got so many of Hilary's fractals saved in my fractal resources collection because they are all fabulous and great source of inspiration! :love: Last night I got lost in a tweaking process for hours and liked one of the fractals I made but it didn't look quite the way I wanted it to. Today I got up and opened Apo first thing in a morning and bravely faced the 3D settings which remained untouched during the night session. I am cautious about these because DOF effect puts some people off and it bites me in a butt in critiques ("that blurry side of the image looks weird, you should correct that mistake" <--- this kind of comment usually comes up). If anyone cares to see the tweaks I made in the morning, here are the images compared (left is the one I made during the evening, right is the version I came up with in the morning):
Futures Crop Compare by lucid-light
(Basically, I applied some depth blur and perspective, making the jagged lines smoother but losing some details in the bargain.)

I suppose that crediting pillemaster's tutorial is due, since plangkye's flame is kinda based on that style. It's interesting how both their galleries showcase fractals that breathe surgical precision, a neatly ordered chaos in decisively structured patterns. I like to respectfully dissect and gut their flames because I can almost feel the brilliant mind behind the intricate structure, plus I get to learn so much during the process :nod:

P.S. Higher resolution for bigger prints is coming soon!

Thank you for all favourites, comments, critiques and devwatches! :rose: It means a lot to me.

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Thanks to:

Phoenix Grove by plangkye by plangkye and Circular Flame Tutorial or Unpolar+GlynnSim by pillemaster by pillemaster

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When I was little I remember watching that Disney movie called Sleeping Beauty. In the beginning there were three fairies that each casted a spell on the baby princess for protection in her future. Each time a fairy would begin the casting of a spell I would see something like this in the Disney movie. So when I look at this picture, apart of me could think of this as being symbolic of a spell being cast on a large plot of land so that a village or town will have crops abundantly for as long as the spell is good for.

In the actual background, it is black with star bodies; the background has a likeness to something that you would see in space. In the actual fractal itself, I see figures that strongly resemble a species of wheat or some kind of grain. From the bottom to the top of the picture I see green lines that ascend in a curved path. These lines make me think of how smoke ascends up in the air from a burning incent stick. The colors of the actual fractal are bright, vibrant, and give off a positive energy.

So it's easy for me to see this fractal as being symbolic of someone or some people that offered up incense and prayed fervently in faith for an abundant harvest of wheat or grain. The incense had a very sweet smell to it. It's spiritually positive to see someone pray fervently with faith for something they need or to just see a whole village of people unite to pray in faith for an abundant harvest.

I see this picture as being spiritual, serene, positive and hopeful, with a quiet vibrancy.

Nice Work! Keep Going!!!
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I'm glad you liked my critique.  Thanks for seeing me as a good writer.  I also appreciate it how you picked up on it that I like to "be in the picture."  You are correct, my critique gallery is my art gallery. 

Thanks for the compliments. :D (Big Grin) :) (Smile) Huggle! 
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Thank you for your feedback! :) I really like your analysis, it's very imaginative. It's hard for me to express how I feel about it. You should consider writing short stories based on people's artworks, you have a great gift of diving in the image, coming up with vivid visions and putting them to words. Your analysis is a piece of art in itself!
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Very beautiful!
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So elegant!! :heart:
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Oooo how pretty!

I really love the colors and the glow you used in this! 
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woah! O_O looks like a peacock feather! :D
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gosh, so pretty again ... lovely colors - like a digital forest :D
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This is outstanding, Ellie. I really dig the subtle perspective. 
I've fallen in love with your art (ergo, your soul) <3

PS: Thanks for the llama. Don't know what it is for but llamas are cool!
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Thank you!

Beware, pretty art may not always reflect pretty soul.

PS: You are welcome. You can ride the llama or eat it or use it as a weapon - I hear they spit rather nastily! :D
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Stunning, Love ! Thank You
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Am honored to tell you that :iconsharpenededge: is featuring this image this week.  you can find it here,…
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Thank you so much!
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