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Flavours of life :)

Thank you for all favourites, comments, critiques and devwatches! :rose: It means a lot to me.

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Wow, this is just amazing! it's so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes (art doesn't usually make me cry). Stunning piece of work, just remarkable.

Vision: I've never seen such a beautiful fractal design before in my life! I love how you've chosen the most vibrant colours and worked them alongside the less vibrant ones for a truly unique combination. While others may try to copy this style of fractal, nobody is ever going to do it as wonderfully as this. 5/5

Originality: As I've said before, I have never seen anything like this anywhere. Your fractals are set apart from everyone else's in that your work is vibrant, eye-popping and unforgettable. 5/5

Technique: Marvellous use of colour. As I mentioned earlier, the vibrant colours work really well with the less eye-catching colours. Love how the slight shadow makes the middle stand out more and how you've incorporated so many beautiful colours. Very intricate design, love how it reminds me of a stained glass window. 5/5

Impact: I've said it before and will say it again- art doesn't usually move me to tears. You have to be one hell of an artist to make such an impression on the viewer. Once you see this beautiful picture, you will never forget it for as long as you live. If beauty can be described with a picture, it could very well be described with this. Trying to get your head around the concepts of infinity and chaos when you look at fractals can be really awe-inspiring and may trigger something in people on par with a religious experience. It's awesome (in the literal sense of the word) how fractals can go on forever and also very confusing. 5/5

Overall, it is an amazing picture, nothing short of breath-taking.