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Software used: Apophysis

The title. Read Mira Grant's Newsflesh trilogy and you'll get it. Or not. It's a tribute to one of my favourite characters.

Aaand back to my comfort zone! Anyways, I borrowed katdesignstudio's splits/elliptic flame to learn new coloring technique, cause her coloring style is like ALL OVER THE PLACE :squee: while mine is like standing stoic back in the corner and watching you with dead eyes :| The sparkles, must not forget the sparkles! Kat is genious, no time to explain, check out her gallery now!

Oh, man, which reminds me. I had this most unpleasant encounter with some fractal dude on facebook who was like super rude about people who use scripts in Apo. I should write a journal about it but ain't nobody got time for that! I just remembered it cause I used Tom's gradient and Tom has some awesome scripts in his gallery, too. So, I wanted to say fuck you, awful fractal dude, and anybody else who usurps the right to decide who is "true" fractal artist and who's not. Like we didn't have it hard enough back then in 2007ish when DA community was all over our asses cause "fractal art" ain't no "art" cause we all just mash random buttons and see what happens. Jesus, I am so angry, ugh! Point is, we gotta stick together! No arbitrary lines between "true" and "script" artists or other bullshit like that. Just make art and respect each other. Why is this so hard for some people?
/rant over

Thank you for all favourites, comments, critiques and devwatches! Rose It means a lot to me.

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Tutorial - Splits elliptic by SaTaNiA by `SaTaNiA's and *Fiery-Fire + The Butterfly's Dream by katdesignstudio by katdesignstudio + CabinTom's gradient pack - prolly this one: Modern Gradients by CabinTom but I'm not entirely sure :D just check all of his gradient pack because they are all very nice

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Since this will be my first critique, it probably won't be that accurate but I tried.

As far as vision is concerned, (and I don't know what all is includen in this term) i'd say your picture looks harmonic and calming. The resolution is great and there is not really anything I have to criticize.
About the originality I have to say that it is quite similar to what you see when you look through a kaleidoscope or the flower shapes you can draw with compasses. It is none the less original in the way the colours fade into another colour and how the golden lines interlace.
I'm afraid I can't say a lot about the technique since I'm not really familiar with this technique but (in my inexperienced opinion) I think you did a great job.
About the impact I want to say that this picture really caught my eye. It reminds me of something mysterious with the golden and violet colour slowly fading into darkness and spots of light. That's why I think your picture should be rated this way.

I hope this critique is helping you and I hope there aren't many mistakes (I'm not a native speaker but I tried really hard). I'm looking forward to seeing your deviantations!