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The Hitman

By Lucid-Grey
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Hey all, heres an older work of mine,
100% 3D
Took me a month.. more than anything this was a study of light and surfaces!
I want this to give the feel that we are looking into a professional killers sanctum or home, Where everything is clean, cold and calculated!

software.. maya, nuke, mentalray.

Heres my demo reel "video" of other work. creatures, robots, explosions all that good stuff.. [link]

Cheers for viewing!
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no pic but the job will be done ( should have no ser. # for a hit man )
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I don't even think this is a 3d.

It just looks too damn real for it to be a 3d.
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I work at weta now :P
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I'm sure I wasn't asking where you worked.

I was just commenting on how good this looked in 3d.
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im sorry. I interpreted that as you didnt believe it was 3d. Thank you :)
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how did you do the bumps on the case? 
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Jesus! If I hadn't seen the rest of your gallery, I'd call bullshit on the 3D render. This is just so flippin' real. From the scratches, nicks and dings on the case and gun to the wrinkling of the paper notes.
That month was definitely worth it. Although, I'm pretty sure that the end of the barrel protrudes from the gun...
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haha.. thanks man :D. and you are right. The barrel normally does protrude,.. But I was using my bb gun for reference and that part had broken off of mine :(
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Ah, ha ha.
Still, fantastic piece of work.
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the place that, words has lost its meaning!I just can say,Outstandingly excellent!............. :-)
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Sweet version of a Beretta!
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awesome image! love all the little details and notches in the suitcase, making all the maps for that piece must have been fun haha
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This has to be one of the best, if not THE best, M9 model i've ever seen. Hot Damn!
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Kick ass work! well done!!!
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Man, I put it on full view, and it /still/ looks just like a photo...amazing
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its like a photo! Amazing work! +

Its a beretta? Sweeet..... :icondragoneat:
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what are your usual settings for mental ray to get such high quality renders?
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I havent used mental ray for some time, But its all in the lighting..
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OMG no way!! this is just amazing! :wow: You have talent with 3D art. ;) keep up the great work!
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They're just 20s. I'd imagine that a hitman costs at least $1000.
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