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LOOKING FOR EXPOSURE? these wonderful places have been set up outta the kindness of their hearts to help both new deviants and deviants who feel they arnt getting the exposure they need!

:iconda-x: --------------> devART Xposure - a place aimed at giving and recieving comments. With members from a whole range of art, your bound to find someone you adore!

:icondaac: --------------> DA Adoption Centre - looking for someone to adopt you? maybe you want to adopt someone else?(must have over 3000 pages views). This place has been running from April and has a huge following. A very well organised place aimed at giving 'adoptees' more support in there devArt early years by pairing them up with a 'adopter'.

:icongalleriada: ------------> Gallery Review - gives gallery exposure. Set up in July, one of this places features is a 'gallery' of the month. None discriminative, they do not grade your gallery, simply review it, and let the world see it!
if you want me to check out your work, just leave a link in this journal!
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Mathieux12Student Traditional Artist
check my gallery
thanks! C:
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nariko828Student Digital Artist
ah.. hm ... here's my... link... to my gallery...


I like the links though, I'm going to check it out >u> ...
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Wow, thanks for the links there
dAx is dead but there's also :iconunseenartists:
Would you mind taking a look at my gallery please?
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AvarielleFayeStudent Photographer
Thank you for these links! However.. is dead but theres a new group that sounds really functional which is <3
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Thanks for the links. Very helpful for n00bs like me. :D Gallery exposure would be awesome - I am a writer. Constructive criticism greatly encouraged.

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steveman2000 Photographer
hi there,

I came to ask u a question regarding exposure and although i got very side tracked (looking at you work) I'm finally here.

I've fairly recently started photography (seriously) and am moving my pics to a community site (rather than their own site). Flickr.com is figured to be the best place (where more people will end up looking at them) but I don't know perhaps deviantart.com would be better.

Your stuff is so good it probably wouldn't matter. But otherwise where would you generally put your stuff?
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lucias-tears Photographer
i'v just started an ephotozine account which is good, because the community there likes totally different photos to here. and i really must start a flickr account one day soon!
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thanks for helping new DA artists
and, please, check out my gallery and tell me what you think abouti it ^^
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MyschiefStudent Traditional Artist
i would love to hear what you think of my gallery, your contests and community participation are incredible!
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romirose22Professional General Artist
your first link says that it has died...just fyi:)
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romirose22Professional General Artist
Hi, just like to say that your account rocks! I have found so many wonderful things through it. Keep up the good work:)
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olospoProfessional Interface Designer
Can some people please check out some of my photos please =]
Denmark Holiday pictures especially.

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I'd love for you to have a peek at my gallery. And I hope you don't mind, but I posted these links on my journal page for anyone else who really wants the exposure they deserve, with reference back to your user page. By the way, I love your two accounts. ;)
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Im really happy you put these up in your journal because I am really not receiving the exposure that I want.. and it is depressing. I even tried on MySpace, but no takers... Though I checked these groups that you listed and they are currently not running at this time. Do you know of any more that are still running?
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lucias-tears Photographer
none come to mind right now, but if i come across any good ones i'l let you know :)

have you tried the thumbshare forum?
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I have a couple of times and people do exchange but there is no really big outcome of people watching me.

Oh and.. Lol I just sent you a note to ya stock account.
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I'm glad I checked out those links. I've been wantintg someone to help me out with some things. And hey, if you'd like to poke around my gallery if you get the chance, that would be grerat! :)
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poetically-inclined Photographer
Got some spare time? I'd love for you to come by my gallery and perhaps even send me a note with a few tidbits of advice.

Thank you ,
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not only do u hav such a splendid gallery
wher all the greatest of manipulators
would gather to work on,

u also have a heart for all of us
struggling to get exposures.

Thumbs up to u lucias-tears.

i hope one day u'll make prints frm my future manips of u :D

now den...
would u like to peek into my gallery?
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MantoriProfessional General Artist
Hi, would love it if you can check out my galary... Comment on especialy my sunset, and how i can get a bit more exposure for especially my 'sunsets'...

One of your faithful fans

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OnyriaProfessional Photographer
Hi :) I'm really interested in getting exposure of my work, although it's not very good. I'm starting you know :P
But it would be great if you could check out my gallery and comment something about it...
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I don't know if you're still doing this but, if you're ever willing to look in on my gallery, and share any insight or advice you might have (and I can take real constructive "hard" criticism!) please know that I'd be more then happy to hear from you!

If not, then I do so understand... I can only imagine how busy you must be! :)

Thanks in advance,

my gallery --> [link]
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We think this isa great journal and we would love it if you could add our icon to your list :)
We are a new group set up to give exposure to unknown prints artists. If you have any questions about us then please visit our FAQ or send us a note.

Thank you.
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I think it's so very sweet of you that you look after others, make sure they get the attention and appreciation they deserve and long for. :heart:

I love your gallery, it's so full of sparkliness and magic.

You're a sweetheart. :frail:

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