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Marvel s Voices


This one page story I wrote and drew is part of the Marvel’s Voices special, published by Marvel Comics last week and focusing on diverse authors.
As a queer southamerican artist, this is super special for me. I was invited just as artist, but I ended up pitching and writing my own story, the one I needed to read.
For the first time ever the LGBT+ superheroes gather to celebrate themselves, honor the history of our fight and make a metatextual statement. We’re here in and out of the page.
(I might write a panel by panel commentary with all the details and narrative decitions I made)


Esta historia de una página escrita y dibujada por mi es parte del especial Marvel’s Voices que publicó Marvel Comics la semana pasada, poniendo en foco a autores diverses.
Para mi, como artista marika y sudaca es algo mega especial. Me invitaron a participar como dibujante y terminé proponiendo también escribir mi propia historia, la que yo necesitaba leer.
Por primera vez lxs superhéroes LGBT+ se reúnen para celebrarse en comunidad, homenajear la historia de nuestras luchas y hacer un statement metatextual. Acá estamos, adentro y afuera de la página.
(Capaz en algun momento escriba un comentario cuadro a cuadro detallando todo)
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Lovely page!

Glad you got your own word out!

I especially like the bearded "D" man in the last panel ... Demolition Dan, isn't it?

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Now this is a great piece of art, and decent short story.

It's people like you who should write comics. People who can give the characters and medium the respect they deserve. Keep up the good work.

that's beautiful!

Darksun28's avatar

This was an amazing piece, Well done Luciano!

thallidia's avatar

That is truly beautiful in sentiment and execution.

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Beautiful work! Hope this gets published ^_^
Phenometron's avatar

This is a pretty epic page you made here, Luciano! :D

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I wish I could favorite this more than once!
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so very good. a message for everyone with the boost we all need esp. right now. I love this piece

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:iconrainbowplz:ALL (GAY) POWER TO THE (SUPER) PEOPLE!:iconrainbowplz:
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Great art/story! Thank you so much for bringing this kind of story to the Marvel Comics!
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Looks good.

Just wondering: any reason nobody is stopping Daken and Lady Loki? It's not really good for publicity to have known supervillains marching with you after all.
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I didn't know some of them were LGBTQ, though, (not doubting you, just a gap in my own knowledge), and I don't recognize everyone...

I know Striker, Wiccan, Karma(?) Hulkling, Nico Minoru, Doctor Voodoo(?), Karolina Dean, Flatman, Moon Dragon, America Chavez, Angela, Iceman, Koi Boy, Lightspeed, Northstar, Anole, Bling!, Living Lightning, Prodigy, D-Man, Alloy, Loki, Rictor, Shatterstar, Viv Vision, Daken and Enigma, but who are the others? I'm curious.
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I think I saw Dylan Brock in panel three, but I could be wrong. I know I saw the Moloid kid from the Future Foundation that realized she's a girl in the final panel juuuust in the shot, you can only see less than half her face.

Channelsurfer42's avatar

Wait I think that might be Cullen Bloodstone, Elsa Bloodstone's little brother.

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