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I seriously wished this era of marvel comics lasted longer, the mighty Thor especially. Jane was pretty badass during her run. Vision had a pretty good series for a while. Miles was kinda meh in his own books, but was great in team up stories and champions. I honestly don't have much to say about nova. I only read a handful of captain America "Sam Wilson" books and my only regret is that I hadn't picked up more because I really liked the idea. Iron man I didn't care for that much and I honestly didn't read that much of iron heart. I'm not crazy about her new suit, but I have a feeling that it'll grow on me sooner or later. And last, but not least; ms marvel was hands down my favorite new character of this era and she's still going strong, I try to read as much as I can, I'm actually playing a bit of catch-up with her new run, but so far so great am I right? There's no really structure or purpose to this comment I just wanted to talk about how everything kinda went downhill afterwards. I don't think downhill would be the right term it's more of a rollercoaster down instead of straight down. After this the x-men were seemingly excluded from the books or just rendered to team ups and cameos, so they brought young versions of the original x-men from the past or was it an alternate timeline? I'm not too clear on that part. Then they revealed ice man was gay an I was thinking to myself "ok this can be pretty interesting...kinda sloppy presentation, but could be better in execution...nope it's worse in execution" and it's not like making him gay was a bad idea it was just written poorly. I read about eight issues of ice man and that was all I could take, the grand majority of his stories revolved around his sexuality without providing any substance or meat and was just boring in general. Marvel went through all these tricks to try and get more readers to like their books, like bringing the x-men back, or bringing Steve rogers back, which didn't make marvel look confident or bold, but rather cowardly and submissive when it comes to whiny fans on the internet. In my opinion they should have stuck with this status quo for just a little longer to really marinate until people get used to it and THEN you start bringing back all the classic heroes, showing that nothing really changes when it comes to marvel, there's always gonna be Bruce banner as hulk and Steve rogers as captain America and Thor as Thor. So this was my quick comment which turned into my thesis on the state of marvel comics. To whomever read this comment, congratulations and thank you for taking time out of your day to see me rant about nothing and have a nice day.