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Second batch of digital commissions done :)Thank you to everyone who got one.I still can add some to the list if you have patience. Inbox for details ;)
FINALLY I can talk about this! So happy to be joining the art team on IRONHEART聽馃挋聽Personally, this is a huge turning point for me and I couldn't imagine a better story and team to enter the main Marvel Universe with. Eve L. Ewing 's Riri is awesome a ...


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Hi, I had an idea of what I would do if I was given the keyes to Marvel. I would reboot the uinvers and with Spider-Man, I call the story Infinitypoint. Here are the descriptions of each issue.

Issue 1-The Avengers, X-Men, Inhumans, S.H.E.L.E.D and the Champions have fallen at the hands of Thanos and only one hero is left standing Petter Parker: The Amazing Spider-Man. But what chance dose our friendly nigborhood wall crawler has against the mad titan and his black order? Find out in Infinitypoint act 1-Flashpoint: The Infinity Parker 

Issue 2-Waking up from a dream Petter discovers he is living a normal life with out his powers and his Uncle Ben is alive and every friend and fellow hero's don't exist  in this new timeline. Can Peter find the answer's to this mystery or will assert this new life and finally find happiness? Find out in Infinitypoint act-2 Future Imperfect : Am I finally dead?

Issue 3-As he begins exploring this new reality, he discovers that Stark Industry is about to be baught by OSCORP and Tony is about hit rockbottom. To save his friend Peter must infiltrate Norman Osborn's company and prevent him from having the advannce tech of Stark Industry. So what is the secret of OSCORP's success? Find out in Infinitypoint act-3 Osborn vs. Stark: The Innfinty Hunt Begins 

Issue 4-After saving Tony's company and obtaing the power stone our hero travels to the ruined city of Ahatalan to discover it has been destroyed inn a war between Humans and Inhumans. As he seareches for the reality stone he meets an old friend in the form of Karnak. Can he help the last Innhuman alive or will he fail him? Find out in Infinitypoint act-4 No Surrender: Karnak's Last Stand

Issue-5 With his spider powers restored thanks to the Terigenn Mist and with the time stone in hand his next place is the jungles of Wikanda where a civil war between the royal family and the Erik Killmonger. With enemies on every side Spide-Man must help T'Calla find the strength within him self, but can he save the kingdom in time? Find out in Infinitypoint act-5 The Panther Reborn: T'Calla's Burrning Rage

Issue 6-The soul stone in tow and another friend saved Petter heads to the island of Genosha to save the mutant race from a secret concentration camp. There he discovers in this reality both X-Men founder Professor X and Brotherhood founder Magnneto are about to be executed for crimes the did not commit and the only one who can save them is a not blind Mat Merdoc. Can Spidey and Matt save them before high noon or will the mutant race be terminated? Find out in Infinitypoint act-6 Gennosha: The Mutant Death Island

Issue 7-Having saved mutant kind from seten death and the mind stone in his hand Parker heads to the stars to find the space stone. Insed he lands into another fine mess, The Watcher has decided to aid Peter in his quest for the stone. What chalange must he pass to obtain the stone and the gauntlet? Find out in Infinitypoint act-6 The Chace Into Space: Spider-Man vs The Infinity Watch

Issue-8 Victory Spidy has both the infinity gauntlet and the space stone at his side only one stone remains and it is inn the worst place inn earth, Hell. He knew he was going to be coming back one day since he made the trade with Mifistoe. With no magic, no map, and no friends Peter must finally confront the past and undo what had been done ten years ago. Will triumph over the forces of evil or will he die in a world that is not his own? Find out Infinitypoint act-8 The Point of No Return: Day of Sins Past

Issue 9-Peter has be thought hell and now he finally reached the end of the road. With only five of the six stones Parker finally confronts Mefisto and the armies of hell in one final battle to the death for the reality stone. No turning back now it's his last chance to put right where once went wrong, but dose he have the strangth? Find out in Infinitypoint act-9 Match of the Millennium Spider-Man vs The Forces of Hell

Issue 10-At last the gauntlet is complete and it's time to bring back the world he once knew. But Thanos  has retured and he is not happy(then again when is he ever happy). Determined to finish the web worrier for good not only for meddling with history and causing an intergalactic crisis, but for the greatest crime ever medaling with the most powerful item ever created. Can reset time it self or has his luck finally run out? Find out in Infinitypoint act-10 Fatal Attraction: The Wath of Thanos 

Issue 11-Befor the final blow could be struck, Peter once again use the the infinity gauntlet to save him self from the wrath of Thanos. With the gauntlet in tow he must now undo the damage he had done to the timeline but at the cost of his own life. Can Peter save the timeline and return home or will this be the of our friendly naborhood Spider-Man? Find out in Infinitypoint act-11 Farewell Ben:  For the Spider Who Has Everything

Issue 12-It is the year 2020 Petter has returned home to find the Fantastic Four are reunited, the Avengers reborn, the mutants and inhumans rebuilding relashonnships and the friends they lost back from the dead. It's too good to be true it must be a dream or is it? Find out in the final part of Infinitypoint act-12 Epilogue: The Voyage Home

What do you think and would you like to do some art for it?
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Ya vi tu galeria y la verdad me parece genial LucianoVecchio. Es estupenda y por cierto tengo que decirte algo, el Internet corre peligro.

Has ¿oido hablar sobre el Artículo 13? buen yo si. Es una ley de Internet y su objetivo es censurar fanarts, videos, memes y fanfics. No bromeo es verdad lo que digo, el Artículo 13 debe ser detenido a toda costa.

Estas son peticiones para firmar en contra del Artículo 13, yo ya las firme ahora firmalas tu y también debes a avisar a todos sobre esto y comparte las petiticiones y diles que firmen en contra del Artículo 13. Hazlo LucianoVecchio te lo pido por favor y disculpa si te moleste con esto.
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shanejayell|Hobbyist Writer
Love your art! :D
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Cool gallery
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Hi Luciano!

I recently decided to try to make a drag queen superhero OC, and one of my friends said that you might be able to help.

You see, I tried to do a drag queen superhero before, but I feel like I might could do better by using a element based or energy based powerset.

So what type of element or form of energy do you think would work best?
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Green-Dragon-Art|Professional Digital Artist
WOW! Awesome gallery man! :D
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Great works dude! Congrats on the comic book gigs
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