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The wizards table by OSW a City at Night by pesare SeaGate by SnowSkadi How Flamingo Keeps his Pink by cypherx Hippo :bookmark III: by trenchmaker:thumb89288083: Bunny :bookmark I: by trenchmaker Amber by dark-spider the dog and the bath by samuel123 The Lady with the Dog by ma4u4a the musician by samuel123 old womans room by samuel123 the mystery of andrew gomes by samuel123 Equilibrist by pesare:thumb87935385: sea by ma4u4a:thumb86389015: Punk Love by 2dforever:thumb87574392: The Biting Pear of Salamanca by ursulav:thumb87464710: mortal wombat by trenchmaker Jim by Snugglestab La Motocicletta by noMirar

Mature Content

s m o k e by noMirar
A Wizard of Tea by ursulav i lied... by loish pinup by loish otter goes to the moon by samuel123:thumb85667238: sp - old street + vid by spyroteknik remember me by spyroteknik mr twister by spyroteknik exit scene by spyroteknik docs by ma4u4a bird by samuel123:thumb72465746::thumb76306464::thumb76350095::thumb84599153: Of Faeries and Old Wizards by OchreJelly:thumb63511848: otter goes away by samuel123 210_2 by SnowSkadi:thumb83266747: A Field of Remembrance by Si2 Book cover 1 by Si2 A time to reflect by Si2 Just Practicing by trenchmaker autumn by loish:thumb82295165::thumb53690736::thumb60819574::thumb69228164: Tree Sunset by sinrevelar Vince Action by Spysheep Lagoon by Sadir89 otter-helper by samuel123 Sabbath at twilight by nicolas-gouny-art why i love coffe - by Otter by samuel123 Long way home by Sadir89 life has its own melody by junest Commission :for pantunes: by trenchmaker:thumb78323548: dog in a kebab shop by samuel123 Powerless by Adelaida ...tHe..UnforGiveN... by Anotheroutsider:thumb74776181: Tame by Sadir89:thumb77362991: Loretta by alexiuss:thumb76302092: Comfort by Adelaida Anuks home by Anuk:thumb75668123: 234 by SnowSkadi

Mature Content

Underneath it all by Zephyri
:thumb49665921: tomorrow is another fine day by BlackCat-dd:thumb66822320::thumb65004725: . dear friend . by srtapolyester in my strings by hannsaki snowstrings by hannsaki:thumb52264998::thumb66409074::thumb71658079::thumb70660375::thumb71027540::thumb74794157: cybele's reverie by cocinando-colores dandruff girl by cocinando-colores le cirque imaginaire by cocinando-colores can you see them? by cocinando-colores +Never Look Back+ by ellaine Seduction by IreneLangholm

Mature Content

101 Uses For The Human by IreneLangholm
kotence by ma4u4a:thumb70039782::thumb36917328: Sowing The Seeds by gorjuss Jabberwocky of the LeglessLamp by cypherx Where The Paper Boats Sail by pesare Illuminated Dream by lucidreamer20 good morning otter by samuel123 Mystery of the Tooth Fairy by jermilex rosinenbomber hippo by trenchmaker a tree. by Karamula Dragon by cypherx Dream Chaser by cypherx Damien's Kiss by cypherx Cotton Candy Carousels by cypherx Skyy Love by cypherx Moonlight Wishes by OchreJelly Save Me by yuumei Desire by d-liliane:thumb73115233::thumb69996998: flames. by Karamula BasisBank background by Anuk Mai by thienbao Left Behind by thienbao welcome to the Fun Fair by Bakenius What happened to Amsterdam by Bakenius Uncanny Jars by Bakenius underground plans by samuel123 Whassin? by trenchmaker Our Town by pesare e0a. by Karamula walk. by Karamula standing. by Karamula snow. by Karamula whisper_oekaki by Karamula:thumb71668581: 0 by aglayan-agac family by samuel123 Make a wish... by celesse Choco de Bunny by celesse Amethyst Chill by katiedesousa Lighthouse by YagaK Window of the Soul by liiga:thumb65990783: the apple by d-liliane House of Dalgon by YagaK Raven's deepest slumber by jnurp:thumb71165374: Faerie February by katiedesousa Time to say goodbye by OSW:thumb54511623: LittleDeadGirl by MySweetDarkness +Dark Cabaret+ by ellaine Be my date? by arwenita Lunatic Tales p.02 by arwenita:thumb47221809: Book's inspiration by missdine Froggy hood by Adelaida nuit d'hiver by mikakoO Le pont du diable by nicolas-gouny-art Another twilight by nicolas-gouny-art Twilight in Winterland by nicolas-gouny-art The moon dawn by nicolas-gouny-art September Wind by nicolas-gouny-art Bather by pesare Twilight on hearts' orchard by nicolas-gouny-art Exorcist by Karezoid Velesvarun by Karezoid All Is Now by Karezoid Ultima Thule by Karezoid In the Forest of Ancient LIght by Karezoid Chosen by intao Coffee for Mister Klein by Floriandra Heaven here by dianora Witch Sanctum by ClaudiaSutton we ve only got 1 earth by jsmonzani 210 - Swamp Town by SnowSkadi 212 by SnowSkadi dinner time by samuel123 The Fallen Star Seed by jermilex muffin-fight by ligreego Lost in a reverie by designslave:thumb25759287: Serpent Knight Project: BG 01 by maina . heavy hearts and umbrellas . by esscoh vdsvdssdvds by argylekidd Pumpkins WIP by RadoJavor ish me alike a bit by trenchmaker +Air stands still+ by ellaine Snow Island by Anuk:thumb67460885::thumb69219259:purple hippo by shadowgirlUrsa Major by shadowgirlHaunted House by shadowgirl:thumb69033915:lovebug by ma4u4alovebug2 by ma4u4aLarger than life by delilah20:thumb68971688:otter feed by samuel123:thumb47478623::thumb25182725::thumb24710148::thumb31437335::thumb40481642::thumb61072819::thumb65030633::thumb67695877::thumb68655951:On the rooftop by BakeniusRed shirt by BakeniusWarped Amsterdam by BakeniusFinding peace in solitude by Si2Korthusmakaren vinter by yonazlady at break by kiyaaaour place by kiyaaalike stars by kiyaaadirty clothes by kiyaaacoffee couple by kiyaaainstant happiness by kiyaaanakedguitar by kiyaaaBedridden by pesareotter theft by samuel123The Pumpkin King by RadoJavorHaunted House by TinyPilotHans And Grete by TinyPilotNight training by kisskornelStop looking at me Swan by stuntkidHappy Friends Day :D by SoLbizaRk+Long ago and far away+ by ellaineSadness by dhollYou Make Me Sick by dhollWish upon a star by ellaine+Not her+ by ellaine+Carousel+ by ellaineBeautiful lies by ellaine+Come In From The Cold+ by ellaineThe ghosts.. by staje- Flowers for breakfast - by stajeRocking Horse Logic by stajeThe Proof by stajeThe Pirate's Wife by stajeUmbrella Sky by dahligraiding2 by samuel123Family Holidays by Anukgetting cold by ma4u4aAutumn by CutterozThe Carrier by pesare:thumb67648248:oil brush by tahradead cat by tahraSleeping Lion by pesare:thumb43709363:happy birthday by samuel123Flying with the Figglymuffs by RYE-BREADinto the dark by ma4u4abaloon by ma4u4ano name by ma4u4akitty 2 by ma4u4aschool girl by ma4u4aDusk City Street by jermilexThe Solar Marshes by jermilexTangle Forest Dwellings by jermilexThe Village Fountain by jermilexLe Violoncelist by fotopsia:thumb15722020:baloon mouse by samuel123my underground living room by samuel123horror filming by samuel123:thumb63913712:the underground trap by samuel123suitable work ... by mohamed77the ultimate master by vertebraawaiting the king's cart by vertebraThe Noose by Lizzy-JohnI Luv Halloween vol. 3 by FabianMonkold martin by cusonIndian grocery by CtrlZzzzzThe carpet trader by CtrlZzzzzCountry side week-end by CtrlZzzzzSwamp by asialivGoing To Sleep by pesareEmerald by gladlydriving home by quemas21 by SnowSkadi176 by SnowSkadiElven Town by SnowSkadiElven Town - night version by SnowSkadiThe Winter Bears by pesareI Found My Family In A Book by gorjuss:thumb48919573::thumb65844277::thumb36900702::thumb44927174::thumb56407877::thumb62968300::thumb63751042::thumb13951425::thumb56706075::thumb9456842::thumb59659208::thumb62338452::thumb56406259::thumb59409528::thumb54508439::thumb59620066::thumb51868071::thumb50216102::thumb48620105::thumb63546652::thumb50692722::thumb55005366::thumb55361883::thumb53443229::thumb59696773::thumb53891816::thumb64666677::thumb62213323::thumb50794843::thumb60880277::thumb63643065::thumb60689506::thumb48781951::thumb50364967::thumb45957820::thumb61229940::thumb44333824::thumb59561626::thumb63552811::thumb50026412::thumb42716306::thumb45096767::thumb44867673::thumb62818466::thumb58499908::thumb57292177::thumb54416107::thumb25031884::thumb55810182::thumb55647199::thumb51912233::thumb62207330::thumb62569348::thumb54304675::thumb53010585::thumb51339610::thumb64855406::thumb41497500::thumb41548645::thumb42212833::thumb42979342::thumb44924783::thumb48221884::thumb58335554::thumb64820618::thumb45495035::thumb64636920::thumb15000193::thumb7854916::thumb35233389::thumb44105662::thumb62422930::thumb59786789::thumb42253646::thumb30295546::thumb11699366::thumb30295386::thumb45939947::thumb55772928::thumb29281328::thumb50146077::thumb58163271::thumb42374913::thumb44543019::thumb44543238::thumb50846152::thumb30676643::thumb39191193::thumb43587285::thumb58323476::thumb57045427::thumb55877945::thumb59515483::thumb61669645::thumb61751703::thumb37595237::thumb33989868::thumb32819386::thumb8695516::thumb60039770::thumb54923197::thumb51938411::thumb54218920::thumb34130178::thumb33845491::thumb34332393::thumb37705196::thumb38043635::thumb38228732::thumb38301090::thumb40158487::thumb41962261::thumb42289723::thumb43478271::thumb44840199::thumb45424345::thumb46095874::thumb46555100::thumb50560109::thumb51152347::thumb53747072::thumb53828182::thumb53927853::thumb32670389::thumb40214782::thumb1453910::thumb59030757::thumb46352220::thumb54053078::thumb58431963::thumb59123751::thumb24230072::thumb58903645::thumb23939872::thumb20277628::thumb35290364::thumb26588623::thumb45234778::thumb48248115::thumb26887681::thumb20612605::thumb6857947::thumb52485751::thumb55172767::thumb58485751::thumb57172892::thumb58709108::thumb28390785::thumb45172842::thumb43982527::thumb47445450::thumb57146974::thumb30020455::thumb40851067::thumb43325997::thumb43847639::thumb45433461::thumb49822087::thumb50767547::thumb51098279::thumb51976965::thumb58085282::thumb55354212::thumb27256644::thumb57040455::thumb19145695::thumb42828640::thumb44610559::thumb47966082::thumb50720819::thumb39470286::thumb54979378::thumb34484730::thumb39257779::thumb42892356::thumb46358967::thumb54771326::thumb55055412::thumb5631174::thumb6628793::thumb26209125::thumb26403814::thumb30854013::thumb41286004::thumb26366201::thumb22819074::thumb25958377::thumb30666513::thumb45152759::thumb43708984::thumb24508969::thumb31257394::thumb31284450::thumb31061403::thumb38880136::thumb44753504::thumb54071298::thumb21159481::thumb21599891::thumb40840822::thumb46650408::thumb45210890::thumb53284590::thumb13827759::thumb18839312::thumb18914327::thumb4806942::thumb22540021::thumb45851441::thumb11193216::thumb43918410::thumb26126185::thumb28800055::thumb49156666::thumb42137533::thumb4086100::thumb4143143::thumb7072004::thumb7719350::thumb8490963::thumb12065749::thumb15134465::thumb16220716::thumb19375976::thumb19657083::thumb21495620::thumb21805383::thumb21991119::thumb40097254::thumb25254771::thumb46751783::thumb17102710::thumb15878245::thumb17421751::thumb18432092::thumb25419242::thumb13359768::thumb14212325::thumb16104534::thumb16128301::thumb17482210::thumb18986280::thumb19146441::thumb24940166::thumb28988861::thumb27377556::thumb28537921::thumb29203100::thumb33663658::thumb33721643::thumb41912497::thumb9447296::thumb9996821::thumb10612362::thumb11112464::thumb12471249::thumb13139656::thumb14766901::thumb15691241::thumb16927664::thumb22047667::thumb24994816::thumb27079556::thumb429068::thumb28722251::thumb29713467::thumb31019753::thumb35279355::thumb1803068::thumb35992381::thumb4405722::thumb39317161::thumb41186962::thumb21941088::thumb43983725::thumb22273390::thumb45176254::thumb45759009::thumb28855928::thumb50353117::thumb23926556::thumb40643405::thumb50623443::thumb37112273::thumb32081143::thumb46175711::thumb40255872::thumb27584014::thumb43662468:
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Taboon1 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2008
WOW. so many... think I got brain freeze, lol.
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wow, its just to many to go through in one take
Spysheep Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
thank you so much for featuring my work. Such a great collection you put together, this will keep me busy for days :)
jnurp Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2008
thanks a lot for the fav in the gallery!
MintyFreak Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
really great feature!
i'm going to start watching a few of these talented peoples.
mikakoO Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2008
thanks for the feature !! =^___^=
nellis-eketorp Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Nice choice. I see some multi collection of anstonishing *AquaSixio for example. Thanks for that. :)
AaronPulice Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2008   Interface Designer
This is awesome!
TheTrashCaretaker Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2008
Oh wow...thanks so much for the feature and great article as well. Much appreciated:)
dholl Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2008
:wave: thanks for featuring.:hug:
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Thank you very much, i appreciate being put next to such great artists :) Thank you :)
SoLbizaRk Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
thank you so much for the feature!

my work looks like a ghost, surrounded by all those amazing pieces... LoL

thanks again! you made my day :)
LuciaConstantin Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2008   General Artist
you are all welcome and I thank you all for the comments and for faving this article! :hug:s for you all. I know this is a bit long..but it could've been longer :D
kittens43 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2008
ce lista lunga :)
OSW Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2008
Thanks a lot for the feature!
erikakochanski Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2008  Professional Writer
Thanks SOOO much for the feature! :hug:
fussli Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2008
Thank you for including my work:)
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Thanxs a lot for the feature!!!! Excellent Post!! =)
PhantomMisdo Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2008  Student
Woah. Brilliant collection. Took a while to get through it all but certainly worth it :)
cuson Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2008
hey,thank you for featuring me~~~~~=)
samuel123 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow, thanks so much for including me here :)
it feels great to be in such a wonderful collection !!
you obviously have great taste ;)

zancan Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What an huge collection of artworks! And the mood it conveys overall is fantastic.+faved
2dforever Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Cool, thanks for the feature and better still, exposure to some artists I wasn't aware of!
MySweetDarkness Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2008
Thank you so much for featuring me :hug:
lucidreamer20 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2008
awesome feature! thank you for including my artwork!
phatpuppy Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
Great compilation - and I see we share some similar tastes. :)


Chocolatita Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
thanks for the feature :)
osiris-xero Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
Thanks a lot this is really great!
aglayan-agac Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
this is a gorgeous collection! if i had prepared this news, i would have done almost the same. and thank you very much for including me. i appreciate a lot. :pray: :heart:
ClaudiaSutton Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
What wonderful artwork! Thank you for the feature.
missdine Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
Thanks !!!!
What a wonderful art factured !!! :)
noMirar Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
an awesome work, well done! :peace: I thanks a lot for the feature, i appreciate it :heart:
outlawserenade Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
Holy wow.. that's a load of artwork. :| I need to come back to check 'em out.
outlawserenade Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
Holy wow.. that's a load of artwork. :| I need to come back to check 'em out.
EhsanA Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
Thank you
Cutteroz Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
mersi :thanks:
IreneLangholm Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for featuring me among such amazing artworks. :heart:
gladly Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
Nice feature. Thanks for including one of mine. :)
junest Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
:kiss: thanks ;)
mmenathalie Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
Thank you so much!
LuciaConstantin Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008   General Artist
:D stiu ca ii mare, nu stiu cat o durat ...dar in mod clar pe mine m-a cam luat valul :lol:
Lost-in-a-day Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008 shpionat destul!!
Belial5 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2008
femeie nebuna :)) cat ti-a luat sa faci asta?:))
CrinaPrida Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2008  Professional Photographer
faina colectie, dar cam lunga;)
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