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The Praecepti

By Luches
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This is a request from :iconkaotikdawg: for his Chapter the Praecepti Humanus

The Praecepti Humanus are the newly formed chapter of Space Marines founded by Phael, in rememberance of the Thousand Sons he used to belong to. Their numbers are only known by them, and perhaps those are close to them. The Chapter hails from Innovo, a planet formerly of mostly desert terraformed to be a virtual paradise.

Far more often rather than going by the full name they refer to themselves as simply Praecepti. Teachers.

As much as the information might suggest they put an emphasis on the mind, such destructive power is only used during wartime and to practice in order to ensure it's full use will not end in disaster. Wanton use of one's power, or conceit about one's knowledge and/or infallibility are severely frowned upon and likely to result in censure or worse. Arrogance concerning ones power is considered among the worst offenses one can commit.

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How do they deal with the Flesh-change?
ArtemisBailey34's avatar
Just looked into the whole Frontierofthelost Wiki. I must say, it seems really interesting!
Princeps7's avatar
Is this fan-made?
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Loyalist Thousand Sons?! Sweet Emperor, I'm in love!
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They are the Thousand sons redeemed incarnate XD :D
Luches's avatar
Yup, according to the client who commissioned me, they were indeed part of the Thousand Sons
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Loyal Thousand Sons themed Chapter? SOLD good Sir you take all my Imperial Gold Credits!
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Amazing art work.
zillafire101's avatar
The Blood Ravens and them must get along well.
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There is something very appealing about the traitor legions being redeemed.
Sticks9875's avatar the the an actually chapter of space marines that I can actually call human?!
clawhammr666's avatar
Sweet, especially since see very few art with pink horrors =/
jailgurdnegative's avatar
AHH, awesome to see the beloved thousand sons!! :D Oh wait, they just look like them. Oh well,the armor of pre heresy thousand sons look great, and its great to see them fighting against the enemies of man. :D 
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Nice image and cool background for them. :) (Smile) 
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So, tell me what the Inquisition says about them? Their chapter master once belonged to the traitor legion of Thousand Sons, worshipers of Tzeentch. No Inquisitor would let them exist without a reason, solid like the Imperial Palace.
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Well most of the founding members of the Grey Knights were Loyalist Marines from the Traitor Legions
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Well, yes. But it happened during Horus Heresy, when things about terms "heresy" "heretic" weren't SO set up.
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